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Primarily Uber 420 73.68%
Primarily Ola 98 17.19%
Both in equal measure 47 8.25%
Other service (please specify) 5 0.88%
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Old 27th May 2017, 21:47   #91
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

, Maharashtra waives off taxes on EVs, OLA introduces all-electric mass mobility system in the city of Nagpur.


Nice initiative by OLA & Maharashtra government.
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I use both the services equally based on the availability of cabs (though i must say that uber cabs are better, mostly swift compared to wagon r in case of ola). Ola is usually available in my area during the morning hours but the experience is not very good. The ola share rides take eternity to reach you and surprisingly i have found ola pass to be costlier than sharing your micro ride. Uber keeps sending discount coupons so the uber go option ends up being more economical most of the time.
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Old 28th May 2017, 09:49   #93
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

Only Uber.

Actually never tried Ola, but have heard stories about their poor service. However, many of my family and friends only use Ola and are fine with it.

I guess people like me who have never tried one of the services need to try it to make a fair decision.
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Old 28th May 2017, 11:30   #94
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I don't find any difference in terms of cab quality and driver mannerism. It depends on the individual who is driving and maintaining the car. Both Ola and Uber are equally good and bad in terms of service as far as I have seen at least in Hyderabad.

In terms of discounts, a year back I found Uber to be much cheaper than Ola, even though I used to get more promo codes in Ola. I moved to Bangalore recently, and in Varthur Road, whenever I book a cab in Uber I am charged 1.8x irrespective of time, weather and cab availability. Ola seems to be better in that respect.

I am not sure if "Driver asked to cancel" has been newly added to Uber. But it happened to me that the drivers GPS malfunctioned and I had to cancel the trip and Uber charged me for the next trip.

For unknown reasons, Uber has blocked my friend's number and repeatedly contacting customer care did not help to know what went wrong and unblock the account.

So, altogether I don't see any reason to be polarized. Equally using both might help to maintain a balanced market too.
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Old 28th May 2017, 12:29   #95
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

My vote for Uber and my wife's vote for Uber and my sister's and my brother's vote for Uber. Uber runs in my family like our childhood fights. The cab, the driver, the sense of driving, the after sales, all are of top notch quality unlike the Ola, wherein one has to undergo hassle of cancelled cabs, driver being rude, dirty vehicle, and what not.

Ola does everything possible in their might to shove the use of Ola Money wherein, Uber gives you absolute freedom for payment. Hail UBER!
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Old 28th May 2017, 13:13   #96
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

Usage mostly in Bangalore - and that too 20+ KM generally.

Ola fares are slightly cheaper.
In both Uber and Ola
- reliability of rides has gone down
- both have ride sharing options, and have had bad experience with both. Take the chance of a share ride only when I have time to kill.
- condition of vehicles is a matter of chance.. from beautifully maintained ones to dustbins.

Nowadays, have almost swithced to meru because reliability is almost assured. Customer support is available to resolve issues. Cabs are in general well maintained. Only -ves are that they are priced slightly higher and cabs availability is limited in some areas.
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Old 28th May 2017, 13:24   #97
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I rarely have used cabs - be it Ola or Uber. But given a chance, I will always go with Uber in Bengaluru. Maybe because the recommendations for Uber is word to mouth from my peers. Heard that Uber's drivers are better behaved and have cleaner cars compared to Ola, but this may be subjective.
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I rarely use cabs. Go to work and back by my own vehicle.
OLA/Uber is used only when
1. I have to travel to/from airport/railway station
2. I know the place where I want to travel has no place for parking
3. When I have to travel intercity officially
4. When I plan to go to an occasion where there is a potential I consuming alcohol.

Between the 2 my primary criteria of choice are:
1. Price -rather should be listed as the only criteria
2. Payment methods- Uber has a lovely payment interface
3. Drivers- I have found Uber drivers more disciplined in their driving and being conversant in Hindi/English (at least one is a comfortable language- OLA I have ended up conversing in sign language and learning Telugu myself and my OLA drivers have scratched/kissed their vehicles om 3 different ocassion times while I was riding and on multiple times have scolded them for lane indiscipline- OLA guys if you are reading this please improve your driver onboarding process)
4. Vehicles- I have been given upgrades number of times by Uber than by OLA-called a micro, given a sedan/SUV though my wife has the exact opposite experience
5. I have found that the trip acceptance rate of Uber to be better than that of OLA

Hence, without a surge indicator, I usually close my booking with Uber without even checking OLA. If there is a surge, I check ola across the range to find the cheapest option.

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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

When Ola launched their services, I used them a lot in Chennai (no Uber then) and their service was really good. The moment they started growing in scale things went downhill very fast ! I've almost missed flights thanks to their last minute cancellations.

Thankfully Uber launched and I have hardly ever used Ola since. Uber's cars are so much better maintained, cleaner and backed by good customer service.

Of late though, i've noticed Uber is almost always on surge in Pune. Drivers say a lot of cabs have gone off the roads after the incentives were rolled back and as a result the demand vs supply gap has greatly reduced. I tend to believe this, since most times when I book now the driver is completing a trip and he always gets another trip before my trip ends.

Ola is my backup in case there is nothing else. Ola is also now more expensive than Uber.
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

100% lifetime Uber user, me - primarily in Bangalore, but of late a lot in Delhi/Gurgaon and occasionally in Mumbai & Chennai. A bit elitist here; but I always associated Ola with unkempt drivers and battered Indicas. I think their brand messaging went haywire with all those Ola stickers and livery on the Indicas which already had a bad reputation in Bangalore.

Recently while in Gurgaon I booked Uber twice from the Google Maps app directly; the good thing about this feature is that you need one location-aware hyperlocal application instead of two. The only downside I noticed is that the Uber app allows you to specify the exact pickup point whereas in Google Maps, small positioning accuracy errors would make you miss your cab.

It supports Uber, Ola and Meru at the moment.
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

Uber is slightly better off here in Delhi. The chances of an Ola cancellation for random or no reason at all are higher, atleast here. But personally, it's all about availability and price, both independent of each other. When both are available, I do prefer Uber simply for the fact that it's cars are better maintained (mostly, not always) and the drivers more well-versed with the multiple routes to a destination (it's almost a prerequisite here given the fact that any one route can quickly change from traffic free to jammed within minutes. The good thing is there are always multiple options to reach a destination in Delhi).
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Old 29th May 2017, 10:52   #102
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I used Ola initially. But then switched to Uber. I always noticed that Ola rates are higher than Uber whenever I have checked them both.

At the same time, the offers that Uber often sends (mostly Rs. 50 off, here in Pune) are not always that way. Yesterday I took two Uber rides and both the times used the promo of flat Rs. 50 off that my wife had received. But when I checked the rates between the apps (on two different phones) with and without the promo code, the actual saving was only about Rs. 6 and not really Rs. 50.

Off late, I also have noticed that the Uber drivers, drive really fast which is in contrast with the earlier billing method (of counting the actual time spent in travel) when drivers used to drive more sedately.
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I would opt for UBER at the first attempt, simply because the number of unpleasent instances with them so far is less compared to the ones with OLA.

Although, OLA cabs are usually well maintained and well driven, however I have faced certain situations where the cabs were shoddy, smelly and unclean. On some instances, either the Driver was unclean, or too much talkative. The OLA cabs, on a couple of instances, have even suffered breakdown as well, leaving me stranded when reaching the destination was crucial. Apart from this I have also faced situations where the cab arrives very late (once being as late as 1 hour) after confirmation. All these factors count together to build up an unpleasant experience.
With UBER on the other hand, the most remarkable unpleasant instance was when the driver refused a trip from Versova to Dombivali (after having accepted the same on his mobile system, picked me up and having travelled some 4-5 odd Kms from Versova to Juhu circle) stating that it was the birthday of his Son and he intends to be there within the next hour. A precarious situation that I never faced with OLA.

All in all I would vote for Uber, however with a pinch of salt.
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

Ever since the coupons have stopped flowing in, I have noticed that Ola is cheaper for my 10 kms travel from Home to office or vice versa. Hence use Ola. As long as the AC is working fine, I am ok with the the condition of the car ( being used to the shabby and smelly kali-peeli in Mumbai).
If Uber sends in coupon codes for micro ( or equivalent) non sharing cars, I will use them.
So for me, it all depends on where the savings are.
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Old 29th May 2017, 12:51   #105
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Default Re: Uber vs Ola - Which do you prefer & why?

I use both of them in equal measure. Though yes, I do fire the Uber app first followed by Ola. This is primarily due to the fact that Uber is a tad cheaper by 5-10% by my personal experience. The international reputation of Uber and the snob value of Uber does add to it too.

However, I haven't noticed much of a difference between Uber and Ola other than that. Actually had a better experience with Ola w.r.t. Uber when it came to claiming a refund. Uber gave me back only a very small amount of the cancellation fee whereas Ola refunded me the full money in a couple of hours. One more advantage of Ola is the Ola Prime Play which offers good entertainment while you are riding. This is something which the Uber doesn't have.

It ultimately comes down to the price. If tomorrow, Ola becomes cheaper than Uber, I wouldn't mind firing the Ola app first. Reputation and snob value be damned.
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