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Talking Re: Traffic signals: No 'Yellow Light' racket of the Delhi Traffic Police

Originally Posted by DwarkaDelhiWala View Post
I was surprised day before yesterday when my driver called me and said that he had been challaned for red light jumping at Lawrence Road Crossing in North Delhi.

So, i wish to make members aware of this "yellow light" racket which some corrupt traffic policemen operate on some crossings which are long as well as crowded and challan people for red light jumping.
Hey! happened with me too at the Rajouri Red Light (West Delhi) sometime back! The cop wasnt ready to agree that the yellow was not functioning, I crossed the road, started filming the functioning of the redlight and seeing all this, he understood Paise nhi milne yahan se ( I wasnt going to fall for their trick) and he asked me to go without paying anything.
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Default Re: Traffic signals: No 'Yellow Light' racket of the Delhi Traffic Police

I am not sure about other cities, but here in Hyderabad, I have started noticing that each signal behave differently.
Some of the signals have a blinking Green turning to Amber and then after a few seconds turn red.
Expecting the same behaviour at the next signal, I was stopped by a cop when the blinking green turned to Red
Only when I showed him the footage from the previous signal, he allowed me to go. He said that he will ask his superiors about it.

I know that complaining about it is like but would be nice if there was someplace this could be escalated to.

I know the Hyderabad Traffic Police have a Facebook page and they are quite active there, but whenever I have posted any complains there, I have never gotten a response from them.
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Default Re: Traffic signals: No 'Yellow Light' racket of the Delhi Traffic Police

Originally Posted by PapaBravo View Post
I was surprised to see people crossing the stop line and almost taking a right turn at the Dhaulakuan Signal. I was the first one to stop at the signal. I stopped before the stop line as a habit from Kolkata. Soon I was third/fourth in line with all other cars crossing the stop line and stopping in front of me.
Delhi probably has the least compliance with regard to obeying traffic lights & stop lines, amongst all the metro cities of india. No wonder Delhi Traffic Police is so desperate to rein in lawbreakers. Yet, the number of traffic police personnel on the streets is minuscule compared to the number of cars and crazy drivers here, so in a very large majority of instances, people get away with breaking the law and not suffering the consequences.
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Default Re: Traffic signals: No 'Yellow Light' racket of the Delhi Traffic Police

In this case as someone rightly pointed out, if vehicles were being driven carefully and if I had an assurance that others behind me would stop, I would have stopped the vehicle too.

At a lot of signals in Pune where the traffic is moving fast to catch the green signal, I feel like the odd man out slowing down for signals which turn amber. Most vehicles speed up further when they see amber. I have now started switching to the slowest lane for that road (not always left) when I want to slow down for an amber signal. I have been rear ended twice and the blame has been pinned on me for stopping for a red signal without checking how fast others were tailgating me. Notwithstanding the fact that I have a local vehicle and not an outstation one

In another incident, one cop asked me to stop at a major junction while the light turned amber. At the same time, a second cop waved at me to go from where he was standing (on the passenger side). I ended up stopping past the pedestrian crossing. The second cop came up and asked me why I stopped. I refused outright to pull over to the side and called the first cop who had asked me to stop. After some discussions, the signal turned green and I was asked to go.

Another related aspect could be the visibility of the signal itself. This is much worse during sunup and sundown times when the sun glare is from behind the traffic signal causing an eclipse type effect. To add to the visibility issues, poor road surface, speeding tailgaters/ overtakers, we also have the special facility in Pune of cops hiding after the turn just to catch hold of traffic offenders; mostly behind a tree or a parked truck.

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Default Re: Traffic signals: No 'Yellow Light' racket of the Delhi Traffic Police

A modern city like Delhi with scientifically laid out roads should need as few personnel at crossings as possible. Unfortunately compliance in Delhi was always poor ! Calcutta was probably the last metro to introduce full-scale traffic lights, and generally one constable with casual hand gestures was sufficient. When traffic lights were placed on all crossings, they were AUTO-MANUAL, meaning that a constable sat on a roadside booth to watch density and control lights accordingly. So we needed two - one inside, and another outside to chase errant cars or take down their numbers ! Amusing, really.

Then came the sergeants on bikes, so called because of British era hangover though they actually were ASIs or SIs, lurking under some shady tree, ready to race you down if you think you have outsmarted the light as well as the foot-soldier ! Same system is followed , more or less, everywhere, with the addition of CCTV cameras, photo challans and radar-guns being introduced as gradual tech upgradations. But nothing can defeat the Indian spirit for adventure, even at the risk of hefty fines !
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