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Too bad - there is no Shell in Kolkata!!
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Originally Posted by Gansan View Post
As for what would have happened at some other bunk, that one is easy. They will point out the flat tyre to you, and while you stand looking at it forlornly and rue your fate, they will short fill the petrol and filch your money!
I too took the flat tyre jig with a doubt.
Actually herez the entire algorithm.
1)After the namaste and the fuel cap lid trigger pull I came out out of the car.
2)Asked him for a tank full at the lowest speed.
3)He gave me 2 options (don't remember which). The difference was 2 Rs/ltr.
4) I asked for the normal fuel.
5) He reset the pump meter to zero and asked me to acknowledge the same.
6) He jabbed the trigger and stepped aside completely as if to say the rest will flow in the tank.
7) Asked me for a windshield wipe.
6) With eyes fixed on the running meter I responded with affirmation.
7) Pointed me right front tyre.
8) Did not pay heed, asked wife to confirm.
9) After the autocut, he handed over the receipt.
10) Closed the fuel cap and lid.
10) I checked the tyre myself and said "Why me"?

Then the rest followed.
Welcome to the new world of fuel filling, which now is a game of mental preparedness, experience and peace of mind ordeal.
Heck, I skipped 3 pumps just for the feeling of not being cheated, that says a lot of what fuelling has now become.
Only places safe are inshaAllah Shell and F1 pitstops
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My first visit to Shell pump was when I tanked up the Safari. The same experience - a namaste, a good smile, the request to check the rate and the zero and they start and move out. Never come back till it stops.

The round off was done to the lower side.

Since I have two, one on each side of the road, at ~10kms from my house, I think it is definitely worth the trip.

Keep it up, Shell!
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Never go to the following pump:

HP Fuel Pump, near Kamakshi Hospital, next to Flyover, Pallikkaranai, Chennai

Today morning these fellows tried to deceive me and I caught them red hand.

Morning 8AM, I gone to this pump to fill up my Bike, I was the only customer at that time.

Two fellows in uniform were in the pump. They asked me to advance the bike more than the regular pump vision level so that the meter will be in my back. That time itself I felt little bit fishy at their behavior. I opened the lid and requested for Rs.350/- unleaded. One fellow started to fill up.

Soon the second fellow (who looks like a gunda) tried to take my attention as follows:

HP Employee : Sir, Is it Card or Cash?
Me : Card
HP Employee : Is it Visa or Master?

I dint answer, Soon I turned by head the meter. To my surprise, the other fellow somehow stopped the pump and trying to reset the meter to Rs.350/- But I saw the last figure was Rs.241/- for a second. Since he couldn't do it successfully, the meter gone to zero.

I asked him : What he was trying to do?

He was totally blushed. The other fellow said, Sir the pump got some power problem and got switched off. (But there was no power failures, as other power equipments are working)

I maintained the temper and asked to fill up the balance.

Soon the other fellow again set the pump for a balance Rs.109/- and filled the petrol.

Friends, please avoid this notorious pump. I am planning to launch a complaint with HP. I don't know whether it is going to have any effect.
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Yesterday my Dad caught the BP Petrol Pump at Vasant Kunj, Delhi, short fueling him. He had asked them to fill petrol worth Rs.1000/- and the guys tried to get his attention away on some pretext or the other. I guess seeing Jaipur number plate they thought he might be an easy target.

Dad, caught them red handed as they tried to fiddle with the meter after filling petrol worth Rs.800/-. He did not stop there and called the police and has filed an F.I.R. against the petrol pump for cheating.
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never take your eyes off the meter when getting fuel, always get out of the car to buy fuel, that way they will know you are serious about scams and tricks, chose the pump you want to fill from and not the one they want you to go to. The biggest scam is when they fill normal petrol instead of premium and you will never know. well how can you and you pay rs 2 extra per litre
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I started using the IOC outlet called Full Moon at Somajiguda Circle in Hyderabad since the past 6 months simply beacuse it is on my way to office. The only other choice is a Shell outlet but the price is higher.

Since there is is always a long queue at the outlet, they fill the tank, reset the zero immediately and start filling the next vehicle.

I must have used this outlet around 20 times till date and the cashier has returned excess change back 3 times already.

Latest was when I filled for Rs. 1,650 but the cashier thought it was Rs. 1,450 and returned Rs. 550 to me when I gave him 2 X Rs. 1,000 notes.

Guess, I am not being short-changed in cash but who knows about meter error, quality of fuel, etc.
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Suggestions for good petrol bunks on Bannerghatta Road


Any suggestions for good and reliable petrol bunks on Bannerghatta Road, specifically near IIM-B?

~ Praveen
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Beware you could be cheated at Gas Stations


I would like to bring to your attention an issue
that i have been obvserving for a few months
at the petrol stations in Bangalore.

Previously, people used to play foul in delivering the amount
of fuel and the quality of the fuel.

Now, people responsible to collect cash for the fuel, fool the
people in the amount of cash returned to them. Suppose you fill
in you bike with fuel for Rs 100/- and then hand them a
Rs 500/- note, they pretend to count Rs 400/- and hand over to
you only Rs 300/-. They do it with so much fineness that you
wouldn't suspect and only when you count the amount in your hand
do you see the money returned is less. Observing you count the
money in hand these people immediately pull another Rs 100/- note
or two Rs 50/- note and hand it over to you else if you are in
a hurry and do not check you loose Rs 100/-.

I tried to observe what they do and found that they actually count the
first three hundred Rupees and the fourth time they move the hand
on the money without pulling the fourth and the sound makes you
feel the fourth one is also pulled out making you believe that is Rs400/-.
Imagine how much money these people collect by cheating the people
and how much a person would suffer loosing like this unless
being very careful.

I guess i have lost a few hundreds before i could understand
where is the money disappearing. Spread the word so people
are aware of this practice in the gas stations and be more careful.

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Happened with my wife one too many times now. She asked for a 500 buck fill at the bunk opp Sagar Apollo BG road. Dude stops at 100. My wife says it was 500. Knowing this trick she asks to leave it at that and gets in the car. She checks the needle is a wee bit upwards. Pays 100 bucks and moves on. Next day fills opp IBM on BG road.

There is no integrity left. "Paisa aaye, jaisa bhi aaye".
People just don't get it that such money attracts undesirable 2 fold expenditure
on sickness/disease/courts/police/hospitals later on.

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Very true I have observed this practice at HP petrol bunk in Marthalli near brand factory. You have to be really careful when collecting your cash. Off course you need to be really careful with the zero setting & the amount of fuel being dispensed.
I am now a regular Shell user and I find them much polite and honest in there dealings, the fuel at Shell is few paisa expensive but don’t have to face cheating and deception/ short filling ticks etc.
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Originally Posted by tj123 View Post
I am now a regular Shell user and I find them much polite and honest in there dealings, the fuel at Shell is few paisa expensive but donít have to face cheating and deception/ short filling ticks etc.
True, I agree about the politeness and honestly of shell guys.
Also, in chennai its not just a few paise more , the normal unleaded is atleast 4rs more than the PSU dispensers. I still prefer the Shell. Totally worth it. Its 4kms away drive ( one way for me ) and 4Rs more. But again, absolutely worth. Engine runs smooth and no stress/tension at the petrol bunks
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It happened to me today morning at Bommanahalli Indian oil petrol bunk. A scooter guy before me filled for 30rs and left. I asked to fill for 100rs and opened fuel lid of my access 125. Cashier and pump operator were near me, cashier was asking me to fill 2lts by giving another 1rs. So, i was searching for 1rs coin. In the mean time, pump operator didn't zero and started from 30rs and filled up 2lts. I realized he filled only for 71rs in stead of 101 rs after switching on my scooter. How easily people cheat at petrol pumps?
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^^ It is their full time job, I mean filling petrol. It is us who now and then have to come there to fill up. Its we who need to be extra careful. Best lessons are stick to few bunks and fill tank to tank. In that case even for intermediate fills we go to known bunks where chances are far less.
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Is there a trick involved here?

I have noticed this quiet a few times at the petrol bunks, during my last few fills.

They set the amount you ask for in the meter, then the hold the nozzle into the fuel tank, mid way, they let the lever slip, the fuel supply stops, but they resume after this. The amount that is set remains, and it fuel supply stops only when it reaches the set amount.

Not sure if this is saving them anything, I did not fight, because I was not sure if there was a foul play or what if it did slip by mistake. If at all if you ask, they say "Slip aayithu".

It doesnt happen at my regular pump, but it did happen at a couple of other pumps.

I am in Bangalore, and I usually refill for Rs 1000 (diesel). So yeah, if they hold it in the normal mode, it takes a bit of time, might be because of that.
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