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Had a different experience near Karur on the highway towards Salem. The machine was showing error " Density Invalid. " The attendants had no clue and started saying sir everything is fine trust us, we have made complain to the company (IOC) but they are not attending. I even called the owner and the same story and argument continued. When asked whom to escalate the pointed me to the "sales officer" On his instruction, the attendant measured the density of the petrol and compared it to the value on the density register they maintain. The variance was 0.2. Not knowing whether it is acceptable or not, I did not further argue with them and moved on.
Though they were forced, they at least measured and provided proof for what they claimed. After all they may not be that bad
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Re: Short Fueling Tricks At Petrol Stations


I would like to share my experience while filling petrol yesterday (07.04.2016). I asked the petrol pump attender to fill petrol for Rs 500. When the reading came to Rs 195, power went off. So Rs 305 worth petrol was yet to be filled.
The moment power was restored, the attender said he will fill the balance petrol. At this point I asked him to reset the meter and then fill petrol to which he agreed and petrol worth the balance amount was filled.
By going through numerous posts shared by T BHP users about their experiences in petrol pumps, I was agile enough to alert the attender.
Though of sharing this experience
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Re: Short Fueling Tricks At Petrol Stations

I came across the following possible petrol pump scam in Quora, but couldn't verify whether it's correct or not. Can anyone here verify the legitimacy of the claim: (sorry of the long quote)

The 'No Click' Trick: This happens in the automated nozzle petrol pumps. All of us think that these auto pumps are tamper proof but they are not. The auto nozzles have a nozzle trigger lock, which when triggered, stays on till there is flow of fuel in the pipe and automatically pops off when the fuel flow stops. The auto nozzle was designed to prevent fuel fraud but there is a small technicality that unscrupulous attendants use to their advantage. The technicality is - it's possible to manually override the trigger lock. This is how this scam happens:

You ask for 'x' liters of petrol to be filled in your car/bike, the attendant sets the meter and asks you to check the 'zero' status on the meter (but of course!). He/she then fits the nozzle into the petrol tank and sets the auto trigger on. You are watching the meter but nothing (or no one) stops your hawk like vigil on the meter. Eventually the meter stops running and the attendant takes out the nozzle. You are happy because you successfully saw the meter reach 'x' liters without an ogre interruption. But the scam has already happened and poor you is not even aware of it.

The attendant is supposed to take his/her hands of the nozzle after setting the auto lock and touch the nozzle again only after there is an audible 'Click' from the nozzle, which indicates that the pumping process has stopped. There is a time lag of 3-4 seconds between the meter stopping and auto nozzle clicking off. The pump keeps sending fuel in these few seconds (inspite of the meter stopping) because it has to empty all the fuel that is trapped in the connecting tube and the meter has already billed you for it.

But our intrepid attendant has other plans. You failed to notice it because you were glued to the running meter, but the attendant never took his/her hands off the nozzle. As soon as the meter stops running, the attendant manually overrides the auto trigger and switches the nozzle off. Some of the fuel is still trapped in the connecting tube. The attendant then maneuvers the fuel tube and places the nozzle in its holder. The maneuvering is to make sure all that trapped fuel (your fuel) is sent back into the tanker, thereby emptying the connecting tube (in the reverse way). A 'skilled' attendant can siphon off 50-100ml of fuel per filling. That might not seem much but it all adds up at the end of a busy day, at the expense of thousands of victims like you. This is the 'No Click' trick. You never heard the click and you never will, as long as the attendant has his/her hands on your trigger
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Re: Short Fueling Tricks At Petrol Stations

An year old, but relevant article on how to avoid getting cheated at bunks:
How to Avoid Getting Cheated at the Petrol Pumps?

Fuel prices have gone down significantly in the past 6-7 months, however, there is no doubt that it would surely increase once the global economic conditions return to normal. We cannot stop the price fluctuations, but we can surely get rid of the 'petty theft' that we come across each morning at petrol pumps. Surprised? Yes, that's true. Some fuel stations follow this practice to add those 'extra' toppings in their regular income. The 'friendly' petrol pump staff spares no one when it comes to making extra money....Read rest of article here:
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Re: Short Fueling Tricks At Petrol Stations

I have sent the following mail to IOC today morning.

Dear Sir,

At the outset I would like to inform you that I’m regular customer of IOC BKC. My present office is conveniently located near this outlet (Bank of Baroda, BKC) and considering my usage I have taken Indian Oil Co-branded card from Citi Bank as well.

Here I request you draw your kind attention to following -2- incidents which I have noticed recently in the said outlet.

1) First Incident: I always thought that IOC BKC is an outlet under COCO model (Company Owned Company Operated) and due to this reason I never bothered to check whether meter is set to zero before refuelling (Prior to this incident of course). But once total fuel refill came around 43 Litres, I have got shocked. I had a habit of meticulously managing fuel logs in my mobile app. As my vehicle fuel tank of 45 Litres and with no low fuel notification, it was hard to believe that everything was under order. I took this to the notice of attendant and after some tussle he apologized and reduced the bill amount. From that that day I’m extra vigilant every time I refill from this station.

2) Second Incident: It happened today morning 15th March 2018. My vehicle’s fuel level was low and to take the advantage of ‘8X Reward Points Campaign’ by IOCL Citi Card (which is available only on weekends), I have decided to refuel for only Rs.1000. Once I reached the outlet I was surrounded by 3 attendants asking multiple questions to divert my attention. (Questions like Is it petrol or diesel? Credit card or Cash?). I had sensed red flag from this and immediately got out from my car but the attendant had already starting filling and meter was showing 200+. It was even before I confirm whether it is petrol or diesel. No one asked me to check meter set to zero. I had inquired about this to him and his expression reflected what happened. As I was getting late for office, I warned him ,clicked photo of complaint contact details board kept in outlet and left the outlet.

When the first incident happened, I thought it was a one-off incident and decided to ignore. But the recurrence of the same forced me to write this mail. It shows that it was not a random incident but a planned one involving contractor/other staffs. More shocking fact is that this outlet is just a stone throw away from Indian Oil Bhavan- the HQ of the company.

I request you to kindly look into this and take necessary remedial actions to avoid recurrence of these malpractices.

Yours faithfully,
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Re: Short Fueling Tricks At Petrol Stations

Can anyone give information on on the quality and honesty of the LOTUS petrol pump and the IOC petrol pump near Lokhandwala, Andheri West in Mumbai. ?
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