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Default Re: "Engine mein spark hota hai..." DONT GET FOOLED

Dear all - modern cars are extremely reliable. They don't "spark"! Please don't fall for such tricks. These things are common since many years. Read on and ENJOY!

In parked Maruti 800 cars, removing the petrol pipe just in front of the rear left wheel and in parked Premier Padmini cars, removing it from just behind the front left wheel (and putting a pencil stub in its place) or breaking the ignition coil to distributor low tension wire was very common. All these 3 things have happened to me, multiple times. The area outside our Parsi wedding hall Cama Baug in Grant Road is famous for this, if it did not happen there, I would be surprised. Oh how I have enjoyed every time, because my case is different. Each of my cars is a "chalta-firta" garage, having everything that I need in it. It was worth it, just to see the totally zonked look on their faces as they saw "transparent-wallah" petrol pipes, "14-number kaa finolex kaa" wires, "notre-kaa" tape bundles and "taparia-kaa" pliers coming out of the car. Then, I would make it a point to whisper in their ear very calmly "bhidu, kabhi kabhi main bhi mil jaata hoon. Doosri baar "rapchik ghiraek" dhoondhnaa. Tera gaadi bandh padaa hai kya? Mein chalu karke deta hoon naa, cutting chai pila dena, garib aadmi hoon"! . This used to have the effect worse than a slap, but then they will never improve, because they have nothing to lose! These are "tapori" boys working in roadside garages, trying to make a fast buck. Not at my expense, sorry!

Best regards,

Behram Dhabhar
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Default Re: "Engine mein spark hota hai..." DONT GET FOOLED

They tried the same thing in Powai today, around 5:30 in the evening. The same routine : a couple of guys pointed out sparks, then after 100m, 2 more guys pointed sparks. Then a good pretext samaritan came up pretending to be an Ola driver or something, gave me the you are lucky bullshit, and mentioned a Hyundai dealer just 200 m away. Out came the mechanics, the parts and fixed up a new alternator and some fuses, and asked me for money (INR 13,000).

I asked them to show where the office of this Hyundai service center was, and at this point, they vanished. I am not sure what damage they would have done to the car, but I will get that checked at an authorized shop tomorrow.

This was in Hiranandai, guess they are getting brave !
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Default Re: "Engine mein spark hota hai..." DONT GET FOOLED

Originally Posted by prateekvidya View Post
This was in Hiranandai, guess they are getting brave !
I have encountered these thugs in Hiranandani Powai once. I was driving a Alto, when they tried to pull this trick. Gave a stern look, mouthed a few words and moved ahead.

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Default Re: "Engine mein spark hota hai..." DONT GET FOOLED

I had encountered such people as well, As well as those who said, "Tyre puncture hai", These people work in groups and select their target and communicate accordingly, We bhpians are good enough to know our own cars well! We know the very next second if there is something is wrong, Even if we might not be able to detect a problem at the earliest its always a good idea to never stop anywhere where someone is wanting you to stop! Please don't get carried away or all worked up only if some stranger is pointing towards your car and saying there is something wrong, The way most of us take care of our rides it would be a very rare incident where something like this was actually happen, Be alert guys! There are people waiting to take your advantage out there!

Another advice, If ever you stop to check, PLEASE LOCK YOUR CAR, There have been instances where people got their wallets/Laptops/ Cellphones stolen, So the way it also works is, Couple of people pointing towards the car, You stop the car and get down to check and most of the time you being in a hurry you won't lock the car, And thats when other people waiting around your car strike! Has happened to a close friend who lost his Mac in such a situation.
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Default Re: "Engine mein spark hota hai..." DONT GET FOOLED

Mumbai police acts on complaint and arrest two people fooling with "Engine main spark hota hai"

"On the Western Express Highway (WEH), you need to think twice if a biker pulls up beside you and says that smoke is coming out of your car exhaust or there is some other defect. Be even more wary if an auto rickshaw pulls up too and its driver offers help.

Recently, a 35-year-old man was allegedly cheated of Rs10,200 by two men after they conned him into thinking something was wrong with his car and then appearing to fix the problem. Similarly, the gang cheated a bank official of the same amount. The Vakola police have arrested two people and are on the lookout for three more.

According to the police, on October 13, Rizwan Ayub Khan was travelling in his Maruti car on the WEH with his family when 41-year-old Rehman Azamat Ali Shaikh, who was on a bike, said there was a lot of smoke coming out of the exhaust. Rizwan stopped near Vakola junction.

As soon as Rizwan got off his car, 27-year-old Mohammed Zahir Noor Mohammed Shaikh, who was in an autorickshaw, stopped and asked Rizwan what had happened. Mohammed said he was a mechanic and offered Rizwan help, according to the police. “The accused pulled out a wire from the bonnet, said there were sparks coming from inside the engine and that it would be dangerous to drive,” said a senior inspector from Vakola police, which have arrested both Rehman and Mohammed, both residents of Shivaji Nagar, Govandi.

According to the police, after convincing Rizwan that he could fix the car, Mohammed took Rs10,200 from him. Mohammed then joined the wire he had pulled out and said he had fixed the problem. Rizwan even thanked Mohammed for his timely help, only to later realise that no part had been repaired.

Similarly,the gang cheated a senior bank official of the same amount while he was travelling on the WEH near Agripada junction in Santacruz (East). The victim then approached the Vakola police and a case was registered on October 14.

According to the police, the two arrested men confessed said they had cheated a person in Kalina too. Police said the gang was likely to have cheated several people. “Three more are wanted. I advise people who are travelling with their family or alone in an expensive car on the WEH to be careful,” said Baba Sadhunke, police inspector."
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Default Re: "Engine mein spark hota hai..." DONT GET FOOLED

These tak-tak robbery gangs are also very active in Navi Mumbai area mainly around Vashi, CBD Belapur, Nerul and Kharghar. I have encountered these gangs thrice in the last year. Most recently in February, I had encountered the Car-Spark gang in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Related Thread:

Thankfully, I had read a lot about these gangs in the news and I knew their modus-operandi before hand due to which I was alert and foiled their plans. These gangs usually consist of two to three gang members who are on the lookout for really gullible easy prey, mostly when you are driving alone.

I have always made it a point to click pictures of these fraud con-men and straight away file a FIR with the nearest police station in the hope that these robbers will get their punishment soon. These unscruplous robbers may even damage your car doors / windows when they find out that the doors are locked and you don't pay heed to them. In any case, it's best to keep your car doors locked and never ever open your car windows down completely to interact with these fraud men. Infact, the moment these robbers see you clicking a picture of them with your camera, they will run to save their lives.

From my personal experience, the worst part about the 'car-spark' gang is how they fool unsuspecting people who in good faith believe that something is really wrong with their car and end up paying these con-men whatever sum they demand for fake repairs carried out, when in reality, nothing was wrong with the car in the first place. All this done with extremely sweet talk, assuring you that they saved you from your car catching fire in the nick of time and taking advantage of the good faith that you place in them. These type of fraudsters should never ever be spared, and never ever be entertained on the road. The only way to avoid these type of frauds from happening is to never ever trust anyone on the road no matter how nicely they speak to you. Better to always be safe, than sorry. Also attaching a picture for the benefit of fellow BHP-ians on how the 'car-spark' gang works.
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