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I had a driver from Pollachi (Tamil Nadu). He never drove with footwear. It was a religious sort of thing for him. He said as the car earned his family its bread, it was to be treated with reverence. Such a nice chap, I recommended him for a job in the Gulf as he had the burden of a large family. There also, he is a darling employee of his Arab boss.

BTW, I learned driving barefoot. Some of my friends still drive thus. But this regular use of shoes is making such things a rarity.
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I too learned driving barefoot. And kept driving barefoot for 4 yrs. Got used to shoes recently.
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I have been driving for 2 years now. For the first 1 year, I was a barefoot driver, thanks to my driving school instructor. I had many embarrassing situations with barefoot driving.

Once, I was going for a T-Bhp meet and one more fellow Bhpian hitches a ride with me. Throughout the journey, once in a while he was looking at my feet and then at my face. Thankfully, he didn't ask anything and I didn't say anything.

One more incident at a restaurant. As soon as I enter, valet parking driver opens the door for me to get out of the car. At the same time, I could see 2-3 good looking ladies standing right in front. I felt stupid wearing the shoe infront of them.
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I've been driving with footwear ever since I started about 1.5 years ago. I'm a lot more comfortable with footwear than barefoot - maybe I have ticklish soles!!
I'm most comfortable with light weight sneakers.
Just one word of caution for those driving barefoot - make sure your footwear cannot slide in under the footpedals. I know some people who have kept it close to the pedals and they have moved under the brake pedal and made it impossible to use - can be extremely dangerous!

On the wikipedia link mentioned it's interesting to read this:
Barefoot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
Another common myth is that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while barefoot. Some people speculate that, because you use your feet while driving, there's more room for error and your feet could slip off of the pedals, resulting in an accident. In fact, in all 50 states and territories in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, it is perfectly legal to drive barefoot. However, in some jurisdictions, police officers may ticket you for other things if the fact that you were driving barefoot or in flip flops hindered your driving and/or resulted in an accident.
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I feel its a matter of getting used to it, even i had this issue during my early driving and once you get used to it you will not see much difference. If you are used to bare foot and suddenly you try to drive with shoes you usually tend to accelerate more and with practice you will coordinate well and will not be a problem anymore. Try to drive max with your foot wear and you will notice the difference.
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Initially some people don't get a good pedal feel when they are driving with heavy shoes, i have seen one of my colleague keeping his shoes near the co-driver foot area from where he wears them after the drive is over.
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Old 17th December 2009, 14:04   #52
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New drivers usually drive bare foot so that they get a better feel. In fact in older cars (like ambassador) with a heavy clutch there are chances that your foot will slip if operated with slippers. This is the reason why many experienced drivers also drive bare foot. However, driving with shoes should be OK and with new cars with light clutches, it is OK to use slippers.

I never drive bare foot. I am more comfortable with slippers/shoes
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Old 17th December 2009, 14:50   #53
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i used to drive bare foot inittial 4 years of my driving (alomst 99% of times). for past one year i have started driving with shoes / sandals say around 50% times. this just to get used to "driving with footware"

i learnt driving with bare foot. My instructor used to inist on bare foot driving. the reason given by him was, "incase you need to drive a car in hurry, then you need not waste time wearing the shoe or searching for sandals. just get into the car and start driving"

Now i am somewhat used to driving with footware though i prefer without footware any day
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Hi Friends,

I did start the driving with foot wear. The instructor told that to try with out foot wear. i told that I can do with and with out. I even told him to check once and tell me to do or not. Nice negotiable guy. He agreed and told me, that he will not insist on that, if I drive on a constant speed suppose 40km speed for 3 minutes with footwear. I did that almost 50% of my slot 10mts. Then he was surprised and told that I had been driving in the past. I told yes I ride two wheelers, and what I did with hands are done by foot. He did not talk that topic and I did continued on my own slipper and shoe onstyle.
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Old 18th December 2009, 00:41   #55
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Got habit of driving barefoot from different drivers my dad had over the years..even now on long distances i do barefoot atleast once....
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Old 18th December 2009, 08:31   #56
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I learnt on shoes and continued till the day I saw a PMT driver using his bare feet. I tried that and it felt a little funny at first. The grip was amazing though .
I can drive both ways.
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Old 18th December 2009, 09:15   #57
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It is true that the bare foot drivers are majority. Almost all the cab drivers drive bare foot and the public transport drivers drive on Barefoot. Any how those who drive foot wear also comfortable. Let the sentiments as well as the comfort go on their own style.
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Have our Esteemed drivers tried Driving Shoes by Puma? most auto mags use it, i am on the verge of buying one(but before spending 6-7k) i want to be sure, whether its worth,
heard it helps in heeling & toeing...
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Old 18th December 2009, 19:34   #59
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i think a poll on this subject will enable us to know how many bhpians drive barefoot and how many wearing footwear. so why dont we start a poll?
BTW i drive barefoot, courtesy my driving school!
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Either way it is a mater of comfort.I drive with my shoes on. When ever for a short distance when I wear slippers I drive bare foot keeping my slippers away.As these days most of the clutches are soft not like in Ambassadors.
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