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Default My unlucky day, Lancer bumped twice!

So it was a lazy saturday evening and my folks decide to go shopping for some items which apparently is available only in Chikpet. I know it's a horrible place to go to on a saturday evening and try convincing them not to go there. They get irritated with me and my dad says he will drive up if I dont go as the shop is closed on sunday's. Having no other choice I decide to chauffeur them. My Alto had just returned from service yesterday and I didn't want to take her out. Rain was looking ominous so took the lancer as it was already dirty.

We take 45 mins to reach chikpet through the horrid traffic on KG road. There's a multi storey car park very near to the chikpet area and that's where we usually park. I pull up to the queue of the parking lot behind an innova. The upper floors were full so they were trying to squeeze cars into the basement which was only for 2 wheelers. That meant one single ramp to go up and down. You have to climb up first then go down the ramp. Noone was moving and I realised that a car was trying to climb up and the innova in front of me was parked right in front of the ramp blocking the exit of that car. The dumb parking attendant tells the innova guy to go back and this dude promptly puts his car in reverse and backs up full speed. My car was good 5 feet behind him and I couldn't back up as there was a qualis right behind me. Seeing him back up I honk like crazy but to no avail he comes straight at me and then cruuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnchhhhhh. He goes straight into my front bumper and the sound was heart wrenching.

I get off the car to see what happened but can't see a single mark anywhere. My dad goes up to the innova chap and asks him what was wrong with him. He apologizes and we decide to go into the parking lot and settle matters as we are holding up other cars. Both of us go down and park. He agrees that it was his fault as the parking attendant told him to back up and he just followed him without looking back. He gives me his name, number and I note down the car number. I tell him the damage might be inside as the bumper would have just flexed. He says no problem and agrees he will pay for whatever repairs needed. Upon closer inspection I notice that the front right headlight has sunk in by a few mm but is not broken even from the mounting points inside the bonnet. This is looking a little odd as the bonnet now shows a small panel gap between the headlight and I can put my finger in that gap easily. He apologises and we push off to do our shopping. We come out of the parking lot only to see that it has started pouring. Wait for half n hour for rain to reduce, finish shopping, come back to the car and decide to go back home.

Midway we decide that we may as well go to the temple and then head back home rather than going home and then to temple. Saturday we make it a point to go to the Hanuman/Maruthi temple at Palace road near high grounds.

The road where the temple is located is a one-way so I'm on the left lane indicating to park on the left. On my right is a bus and suddenly from the left this Palio cuts blindly to the right coming out of the parking. I swerve just enough to the right to avoid hitting the bus as well as barely miss the palio. I find a parking spot a little ahead and pull into it. Turn off the car and pull out the key. My mom opens her door and is just about to get off when thuuuuddddddd. The same palio dude has side swiped the right side hard. He goes off as if nothing has happened.

I look into my ORVM and am shocked to see no ORVM at all. I tell my mom to get back in and start off to give him chase. There's traffic so he can't go far. Catch up to him from his right and completely cut him off to the left. Stop my car and go to his car. He is coolly sitting inside. I open his door and tell him to get out. I start shouting at him and my dad also joins me. I go back to the car to park it on the side so as to not block traffic. When I go to see the extent of damages on my car I am surprised to find that nothing has happened at all. Th ORVM has just completely spun outwards and I just have to pull it back in.

I go back to the guy who is very apologetic but says it wasn't his fault!! He din't know the way to mekhri circle and wanted to know directions from me but he pulled in too close and a car cut him off from the right so he swerved left and ended up hitting my car. His complete ORVM assembly had broken off and was dangling. I take down his name and number and the car's regn number as well. I tell him if i find any other damages I'll give him a call as it was pouring and I couldn't see much. After that give him directions to mekhri circle. He goes off and I finish temple and reach home drenched from top to bottom.

Now just ordered pizza and drying myself off. Was a tiring but unlucky day.

Sorry for the long post guys.

Good night.
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Well well, today was not your lucky day, or was it? Think of the brighter side. No Damage to your car inspite of two big thumps. Means your plain lucky or the Lancer is a very strong vehicle. Anyway hope the Pizza was good atleast.. Sleep well!!
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aaaaah!! thatz tooo bad an experience!!! Having hit at two differant locations on the same go is sheer bad luck!! Relax dude.... you need a very long rest! Enjoy your pizza!!! Take care...
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Sorry to hear this. Getting hit, when one's car is almost stationary brings a horrible feeling - since you are most likely not at fault at all. Hope there is really no big damage to your car. Hope the hot pizza has cooled you down.
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Near miss... is what u had(twice over) and if i were you, I would thank my stars that nothing major happened.... most importantly, you and your family are safe.

The worse is behind you.... tomorrow is a new day :-)

Cheers & have a nice weekend.

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Vid, relax, it really is a bad experience. Thank your stars, it could have been worse the way the traffic is, in your city.

Remember that both those accidents occurred due to someone else' bad driving. There are nuts who bolt on the road and all we are is a cog in the machinery. Ok that was the drink working. Doesn't make sense? Never would, to me too..
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I take my amby on those times when there is heavy traffic. Nobody comes near it. Total peace of mind and no worries.

So you try your luck with mahindra jeep or tempo trax, thats the only way you can survive in indian cities .
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I too have got bumped by an Innova some days back. I was at read light behind an Innova, distcane between us sufficient enought to let eager 2 wheelers to zip zap through. Suddenly I noticed that Innova is rolling back. I honked like razy, but to no avail. I guess driver of Innova was listening to some Dhin Chak Dhin Chak Punjabi Music. Though no major body damage, but it did left a scar on Swift bumper. BTW colour of my swift is white so the black scar is quite visible. Just wished that I had a Road Roller with me that time, so that he could have learnt a lesson to use Hand Break when stopping for red lights.
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Vid, I think it was your lucky day. Yes. Afterall these hits are a regular thing on Indian roads. More so in crazy cities like ours. Its when you suffer two of them in a day and your car more or less comes out unscathed that you should feel you had some real luck on your side. Be happy buddy.

austere, these auto-rolling guys are the biggest pain. I am always panicky about them. They can't bloody control their vehicles. Just day before yesterday I am waiting in a queue of cars to enter my office. Vehicles are checked one at a time with mirrors put underneath and the boot is checked. So takes some time. There was this guy in a Santro ahead of me. A good 2 feets separated us. There is a slight ramp from the road to reach the office gate from the main road. This guy had his front wheels on the ramp and the rears on the road. As he got ready to move and releases the brakes he started rolling back. I immediately toot. He braked. I was relieved. But the moment he releases the brake again some more roll and I toot again. By now the distance is far lesser between us. He again braked. But when the third time I saw the same thing happening I blared. I guess I was getting panicky by now. Looked back but there are others behind me. My blare jars this guys nerves. He brakes, puts his head out and asks me "What's your hurry boss?". I would have given him a piece of my mind but then what to do when he is a colleague. I just said "I am in no hurry sir. You keep standing where you are and I will wait the entire day. But do not roll back on my car.". This guy wheel spins and gets going in a huff.

After 5 minutes he did it. At the level 2 parking I left the car and am walking towards the lift when I hear a reversing music and then "khatak"! I look around and find that its the same santro. The bugger was trying to put his car between a pillar and an Alto. In the process while reversing the guy simply hit a Marina which was parked behind. I was like where do these guys get license from. The moment the buggers car is moving backwards he is clueless.

I wonder how much damage he caused the Marina. Probably nothing as the speed was probably not even 2kmph as he was parking, but still...
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You actually found TWO guys in one day who were apologetic to their faults in BANGALORE!!! Wow.
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The first guy being apologetic is ok and understandable. But what about that second Palio nut who drove off after bumping and even when you forced him to stop, was sitting coolly in his car?

But as V16 mentioned, Always look at the bright side of life! After 2 thumps, your car is not in a very horrible condition and the Pizza seemed to be great too.
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vid, the brightest side is that nobody (else on the road) saw your car being bumped twice. Just imagine the situation - your car being bumped twice - people would have put the blame on you, in spite of it being the other guys' fault!!!
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Vid, how does the Lancer look like (now, in day-light)? How bad is the damage?
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Lucky you, not much damage..

Is it that Innova drivers dont have a handle on the length and breadth of their vehicle because it drives like a car?
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Originally Posted by ggkg View Post
Is it that Innova drivers dont have a handle on the length and breadth of their vehicle because it drives like a car?
How is that concerned in any way? No matter what the size of the vehicle is the driver should always be more carefull.

@Vid - good to know that you came out of this with minor damages.

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