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amitoj 15th December 2008 15:32

People spitting from their cars. Here in Bangalore, (and maybe elsewhere too) its not just the cabbies who do this. This phenomenon is more likely to occur at a traffic light. A door will open. A head will pop out. And splat! Spit on the road.

snaronikar 15th December 2008 15:36

Ummm...opening a one year old thread. I think there are no takers for this (thread) and should be closed..Sorry, VJ.

somubj 15th December 2008 22:45


Originally Posted by greenhorn (Post 1093947)
a lot of them are older drivers who learnt to drive in cars without ORVM's

And actually you don't need ORVM's to drive properly. A properly adjusted IRVM is good enough.

amitoj 16th December 2008 12:56

Add one more. Idiotic drivers on high beam inside the city.

Porus 21st December 2008 23:01

I cuss out on lane changing drivers
I freak out cussing for car drivers who do not understand the concept of lanes and drive one car in 2 - 3 lanes at one time.

Its a art they have perfected, one moment they are in left lane the second your eye blinks they change lanes like its their birth right which means no indicators of any kind ( no use those left right indicators ) then after changing they drive in the middle of two lanes.

Every morning i find one of these drivers and its definately not a start of a beautiful monday morning.

On Mumbai streets you would find young 20 year olds chewing paan and spitting it on the road ( and cars on the sides/behind) as if their uncles owned mumbai. Thats worth cussing about now.

chetan 25th December 2008 19:17

I hate it when drivers don't maintain their lanes , by maintaining lanes a lot of traffic will flow smoothly no matter how big the jam is

Flashing high beam when oncoming expecting us to slowdown or give way .

jayakumarkp 29th December 2008 12:06

Just mentioning points i get really annoyed with
VJ_Maverick@ All who have driven alongside me tell the same about me. "You cuss a lot!". I aboslutely agree to your point that each driver should be responsible atleast to drive safe since, it is really a matter of people's life in your hands.

Few things i get angry and annoyed a lot about is -

Mavericks putting on High beam inside city roads where you have big street lights lightening up.:deadhorse
I guess, people just put on High beam and forget they have it on. Has happened with me, but now that i have realised by myself, i always take care to have it on DIM unless absolutely necessary. And yes, do give it back to them, if i find any bright lights inside the city, i flash across to them hoping they'll dim down for my following traffic atleast. (Honestly speaking ,it is more or less its always prompted by a feeling of vengence u know. V dangerous i know. i try to remain calm ) Its really stressfull to drive with such things happening around you.

Second would be guys(with their cars or bikes) running around the lanes, zig zagging without any indication whatsoever.

Trucks dragging their sorry butts parallelly on a highway blocking most of the car traffic

Ravveendrra 23rd January 2009 01:08


Originally Posted by greenhorn (Post 1093947)
a lot of them are older drivers who learnt to drive in cars without ORVM's

LOL! Most Indian drivers do not look into their rear view mirrors - internal or external!

Incidentally, I think the first rear view mirrors were the external ones not the internal ones (fixed to the dash / near the roof line). I am subject to correction on this from out friends who are into classic/vintage cars.

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