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speedmiester 14th January 2008 17:10

Great thread,
My major grips are.
1.Eating in the car.
2.Back Seat driving.
3.Overloading utilizing every possible mm of the boot space.
4.Not wearing seat belts.
5.Fiddling with my music.
6.Asking to stop where i cannot.
"come on dude, nobody is there. jump the signal" and "no policeman, go in this one way street" adn lot more.
7.Closing the doors hard.

I cannot think of anything more right now.

appuchan 14th January 2008 17:13


Originally Posted by esteem_lover (Post 686361)
... i have never sat in the back seat of a santro.

e_l, may be you should... its time for a "brain massage" :)

Eddy 14th January 2008 17:16

I hate people who do not roll up their windows and lock the doors while getting out, especially when the car is not equipped with Power Windows and central locking.

n_aditya 14th January 2008 17:25

Nice thread. Most of the points listed are common across but some i would like to list are :-

* playing with the power windows. No use locking it either. The finger needs some weight lifting exercise.:Frustrati

* picking / scratching the upholstery causing more damage than what it has already endured.

* readjusting the seat position countless no of times

Sahil 14th January 2008 17:40


Originally Posted by ajmat (Post 686266)
and in that milli-second before you hit the gas, your girlfriend/ significant other says something crucial like "I want a divorce/ pony or similar!

lol: Thats hillllllllllarious !

I do agree with most points mentioned. Just to add to the list:

Passangers that claim to know your car better than you- With the gadgets that cars come equipped with these days it can be annoying when your fellow passangers goes on pressing buttons to glory. For instance a friend of mine after a night of clubbing, completly hammered decides he wants to watch TV through the i-drive in my car... i offer to switch it on, he refuses saying he knows, now the i-drive does take some time to get used to and when you are drunk its even harder ! He reaches the service menu and is looking at the engine oil level but still refuses to let me do it. :Frustrati

And my father's backseat driving - Its like a recording that plays every 15 minutes even if there is peak traffic " You are driving too fast" when i really am not !

Rough Square 14th January 2008 17:52

I hate it when passengers open the door without looking and hit the door against the footpath.

Another annoying habit is the front passenger sitting with his leg spread wide apart and kicking the gear lever (with his knees)

Mack 14th January 2008 17:56

1. Objects placed on the dashboard. Particularly of lighter shades like white paper documents, newspapers, CDs, remote, mobile, anything. Just distracts the hell out of me, not to mention the glare of the sun from some articles.

2. People adjusting mirrors...without bothering to revert them to the original position (which, on hindsight is just impossible for them to get it right, given my fuss for accurate positioning). Similar issue for driving seat.

3. Comments on the kind of music I listen. My car, my music..end of discussion.

4. People exploring things in the glovebox, the console, the CD case (can I please borrow this rock compilation?), the toolkit and trying to psycho-analyse me and uttering 'Just why on earth would you need this for?'

5. Anyone drinking alcohol in my car. Smoking is OK, I myself do it.

6. People asking me to look at things which have just passed by, typically about 90 degrees outside my vision.

7. Expert drivers coaxing me to park in tight spots or to overtake unneccesarily or advice like 'I tell you, flash that B###D with the high beam'.

8. Anyone other than friends insisting on taking me to the exact building in the labyrinth of the city just to show their homes.

9. People dozing away in the front passenger seat.

10. People wiping oily hands on my grade 0 finishing cloth (REF : Grade 3 : A very rough cloth for cleaning mats, spilled liquids, etc. Grade 2 : meant for stuff like pigeon poo, balcony droppings, mud, oil; Grade 1 : Dust and other fine particles and Grade 0 : Windshield and interiors).
I could go on and on, but gotto get back to work.

HR guy raising his neck from the desk partition and glaring at me wondering what am I doing so glued to my computer screen...Wait, that's 'What I hate at my workplace'...Another topic may be.

TSEA 15th January 2008 10:28


Originally Posted by ajmat (Post 686266)
Things you hate passengers doing when driving - my top 10

9: Stop here ! Where ? a busy road, an awkward corner, an illegal stopping spot, or worst a place where you had to brake suddenly as you were told last minute. If you did not brake, you were forced to reverse for a mile as they will not walk

10: Saturday afternoon - Take me shopping to Commercial Street...or are you taking me parking ? - I really put my foot down and tell them to take a rickshaw.

Man you just stole my thoughts.. Specially 10. I don't know what goes-on in a females mind (i never will :) ), for them shopping means going to the most congested areas. And they want to go in a car, irrespective of your repeated plea about "Parking Will not be Available, Roads are very congested".. And tell them that you will take the two-wheeler and you start hearing excuses that are out of this world:

1. It's very sunny/hot outside, Let's Take The Car (LTTC).

2. If not 1., then it's very cold outside, LTTC.

3. If not 1 or 2, hmm it's cloudy, might rain, LTTC.

4. Too much pollution, LTTC.

5. And the ultimate one, "You no longer Love/Care!" By now you give up..OK baba, LTTC!

Nitin 15th January 2008 21:42

I hate it when someone new gets into my car,and decides to play around with the air vents,or the music system. I had this friend back in Grad school,who's go on flipping the vents up & down,left & right everytime he'd get into my car. Used to annoy me so much,I stopped taking him in my car.Invariably,I'd make him drive his car.

As is a practice in the US, the passenger sitting next to the driver sometimes puts their feet up on the dashboard. I remember my wife doing the 1st time,and I had a footprint on the windshield. It was a month after our marriage,so I had to keep the tone down,and tell her not to do it. Well,she stopped that,but now she ends up closing the door with her hands on the glass,so as to avoid static.


spadival 15th January 2008 22:34

Most annoying: On a long drive, everybody else is sleeping except the driver (me.. that is).. More so if front passenger falls asleep and rests his/her head on the gear knob !!

Thad E Ginathom 15th January 2008 22:42

Thanks guys!

Apart from very slight transgressions, you have made me aware that I married an angel!

Nitin 15th January 2008 22:49

Lucky you!
Well,it takes some time,but these things get instilled in the minds of our better-halves.
Oh,and did I mention that some people LOVE to fill up the side storage space with any junk they fish out from their pockets. Some people dig into their pockets/hand bags,and all the receipts/junk that comes out,goes into the storage area right next to them.

HappyWheels 15th January 2008 23:08

great stuff here. agree to most of the ones listed here.
- since I do not smoke, i never (never) let anyone smoke in my car.
- banging of door, some people never learn! i usually offer to close the door on their behalf!
- manual unlocking / trying to open when auto locking / unlocking!

Thad E Ginathom 16th January 2008 01:29

- manual unlocking / trying to open when auto locking / unlocking!

Ah, yes... that is one area in which my angel and I do suffer communication breakdowns.

There is also the thing about expecting an answer to a question just as a really tricky traffic situation is developing....

So... nobody's perfect! ;)

mb_jg 16th January 2008 01:32

My irritants,
1) BTW, you left the turn behind: On every single occasion whenever I've had to take my wife to a shop I don't know. She will remind me I missed the turn after I've crossed it, & worse, she will suddenly yell when I am inches away from the turn, causing a MAJOR potential butt jamming for the car & a potential heart attack for me.
2) Dog: Doggy loves drives......Doggy also loves the leather on the seats......Doggy licks all leather seats, making them sticky & filthy. EEEEEYYUUUCCCCKKKK
3) Father-in-law: Lookout there's a cyclist ahead............yeah ofcourse, 200 mtrs ahead. The repurcussion.......I floor the gas.
4) Sound system jerking: Friends trying to prove they have the most credible sound system adjustment tactics.....result? 25k sound system sounds like a rickshawwalla playing ALTAF RAJA!!!
5) Door banging: Relatives......"oh I don't think this door has shut close, what follows is a series of OPEN, BANG, OPEN, BANG !!!

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