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Thad E Ginathom 3rd February 2008 13:06


Originally Posted by Alfa_Kilo (Post 709276)
3) Ask me to slow down. These are the worst, my vehicle can barely cruise at 70km/h and still... :Frustrati
4) Complain about ride, want me to drive gently over potholes and speed humps.

Even I might be a bad passenger in your car ;)

khanak 3rd February 2008 13:49

Has anyone had passengers talking about selling your car? Im really attached to my car and try to cover her ears when people talk about selling her. AAAAAAARGGGGGHHHHHHH

GTO 21st February 2009 11:34


Originally Posted by GTO (Post 686311)
Aha, some passengers can get so annoying! Here is my list:

1. Music-controllers: My car = my music......when someone takes the liberty of going through 1,000 tracks to find that "perfect song" from my iPod collection. Or randomly browses through to find their choice of sound. Also, I just hate it when someone is not familiar with the audio menu, yet will change the equalizer / other settings that I have set after so many hours of fine-tuning.


Add to my previous list:

6. People who put their entire body weight down on my Jeeps plastic doors! They have very fragile mounts and aren't meant to used as supporting bars, when getting out of / in the jeep damn it! Someone bent the entire passenger door last evening. :Frustrati

Red Liner 21st February 2009 12:11

What i hate is women SLAMMING the doors when they get out of the car. I teach them so much, plead, shout, beat, beg, to no avail. So i sold my cars and got a willys which has no doors. I do miss central locking though. So now back in the game for a regular car.

bhp1 21st February 2009 12:40

Some people have a habbit of just working their hands on anything, be it glove box lock handle, music system knobs, fan speed regulator, airbags cover, etc. Over stimulating these fragile objects, sometimes leads to their early wear & tear.
Habbit of eating, food articles squattering everywhere & using dirty hands on the insides is very repulsive.

Ravveendrra 21st February 2009 14:26

Kids = exempt
Kids are exempt (whether my 6 yr old or others), I love them too much to be hassled about their kiddie ways, as long as they are reasonably well behaved. I mean, I cannot get pissed off by their peeing in the car etc., I am like - give the kid a break - he is X years old. It does get to me when my kid starts whining in the car, but it is more a bad behaviour thing, I get pissed off if he is whining (period).

In addition to the peeves mentioned by the others - here are my own.

1. Passenger opening out and reading a newspaper (broadsheet). Jeez how do I drive with the newspaper blocking some 50% of the outside view and / or some 40% of the instruments?

2. Stupid talk by relatives (mostly in-laws) or acquaintances (who are clueless as to cars and/or driving) which go on the following lines:

a. My nephew has bought a new bigger/better car. (in-laws) - My response - Is he also getting himself a younger/prettier wife?

b. Your car is quite nice but. . . . . - My response - If don't like this car, buy me a new one!

c. My nephew has bought a second car (in laws) - My response - Ya, I know several people who have 2 cars - one for each wife/GF!

d. In a disapproving tone: Don't you have (this month's hot bollywood number/remix)? My response: NO - but I do have some Vivaldi,Stan Getz, Creedence Clearwater Revival and oh yeah - Nursery rhymes! (This normally ensures total silence for the rest of the trip.

e. You know, so and so has this/that, in/on his car. My response: It is his car he can do what he wants.

3. You are driving too fast/slow. My response - I drive like thiss only / I am like thiss only.

4. Why do you show disapproval of / pick a scrap with, the other driver - it makes no difference, they will not learn! My response: Well, protest is what distinguishes rape from a consensual act between two adults.

5. Turn HERE! - now see what you have done - you passed it - why do you drive so fast? :Frustrati Aaaaaarrrrrgggggh

Before the dudes on TBHP think that talking about my car is off-limits, let me clarify. Any intelligent conversation including criticism about any vehicle (including mine) is welcome, so are suggestions to improve my car and my driving skills. What is a no-no, is someone who is totally clue-less about vehicles and who cannot drive for nuts, opening their mouth and putting their feet in - so this would exclude all TBHPians.


sk456 21st February 2009 15:40

well if you include airplane Co passengers.then im afraid to my experience americans travelling in groups of 2 or more are the most irritating as they continuiosly chatter loudly and go yak yak yak in the drawl which can soemtimes jsut get onto your nerves especailly if its a long flight.

Dippy 21st February 2009 16:03

I really hate it when my passengers play with the power window switches when we are waiting in the car and the ignition is off.

bhp1 21st February 2009 17:15

Loud chatting by co-passengers on mobile for extended period also puts me off.
On long journeys, some passengers take off their shoes/socks & the smell from unkept/fungal feet is more than enough for someone to feel puky!

pranavt 21st February 2009 19:05


Originally Posted by Dippy (Post 1182217)
I really hate it when my passengers play with the power window switches when we are waiting in the car and the ignition is off.

Hehe, point noted Mr. Moderator :D

As for me
  • Hate people who ask me to turn off the rock/heavy metal music.
  • Hate people who tell me to slow down when I know I'm not going too fast for myself.
  • Hate people who drop things under the seat, especially food.

More to come.

anekho 21st February 2009 19:25

some of my grandmother's favourite pastimes in the car:

- Make the driver stop at every flower/fruit vendor on the way and haggle for prices for several minutes, with complete disregard to the traffic. Then, complain about traffic when others behind honk. :D

- Insist she knows the way to places and make the driver take those routes, though they actually are completely wrong. This also involves, making the driver make dangerous u-turns.

- AC, off, windows closed.

- Scold the driver if drives slow, scold if he drives fast.

- No modern music of any kind. If the modern music is somehow playing, complain until, the bhajan CD is inserted.

wow, quite a list! lol:

more to be added later...

Thad E Ginathom 21st February 2009 19:35

To some extent, passengers are one's guests. whilst I would not listen to their music in my car, if I did not like it, but I'm quite willing to compromise on my taste for their comfort.

I'd be willing to slow down a bit, if requested: a lot depends on how the request is put!

Details of my driving style are not up for conversation, though :)

airguitar 6th November 2010 23:00

I loved this thread and couldn't resist jumping in.

My biggest turn off is all passengers getting off and walking away at the destination while I struggle to find a parking slot. I'd like atleast one person to remain as a moral support while I sweat it out in the crowded parking area.

Another one is folks reading out the speed : "bah you're doing 25 kmph" or "oh no it's over 155".

ajmat 6th November 2010 23:58


Originally Posted by airguitar (Post 2131363)
Another one is folks reading out the speed : "bah you're doing 25 kmph" or "oh no it's over 155".

I hd an interesting situation a month ago. I was to take my aunt and uncle out for lunch but was told you not only need to do this but bring another old couple back on your return. Here , take a bigger car - a BMW 525d E60.

Driver there was okay. My folks were cool and I enjoyed. After lunch, took off with the additional payload who were obnoxious speedo watchers and I was determined to enjoy the BMW. I merely switched the heating to high, watched them all nod off and the g forces took over!

NFS 7th November 2010 00:59

I always thought that, I was the only person in this world who hate such people in the car. Looks like there a quite a lot of people.

I hate most of the items that are listed above:
1. eating inside
2. speed related discussions
3. stop here as if they cannot walk a little bit (I always announce in advance, that I will stop far from the intersection, because I did not want to be the cause of traffic jam).
4. Better car he has or better music he has - I just keep silent
5. Fingering with anything on the dash when seated (includes AC vents/window controls/glove box/park lights etc.)
6. Turn the rear view to comb the hair/try driving controls seated on the driver seat
7. When outside the car, some do pull the wiper blades/antenna/door handles/pull some rubber beading etc when in a discussion (I give them a harsh look, if they do NOT learn quickly, I request them to stop)

Also, I do love some of those, who take initiative and help me
1. If there is a rock or something that will hit the car on the left side, while parking
2. Help me reverse the car by sticking their head out to watch left side
3. Get out of the car and open the gates for my garage
4. Help and carry the excess bags on our way out of the car
5. Take extra care to make sure the door bottom does NOT hit the pavement/foot path/neighboring car when opening the door.
6. Give me indication about a puddle on left side

Now just imagine being a Chauffeur of a boss having such passenger habits? Man you cannot retaliate because he is your BOSS! poor fellows.

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