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ajmat 12th January 2008 12:16

Will ya stop that!! Passenger habits that you hate!
Things you hate passengers doing when driving - my top 10

1:Smoking - actually most passengers are considerate. They might ask to stop and smoke outside. The old man when desperate but enjoying the pace, will warn me, open the window, stick the offending hand and object out, redirect vents and puff quickly, making it relatively painless. My father in law, will roll down the window without asking. Light up and hold with his right hand! Smoke hits me and the ash flickers all over. When he starts, i try giving him the hint by directing vents and waving my hands but he cannot/will not take the hint. Other day, he lit up, and i said "Oh, sh1t! " My mother in law asked me "why!'" i think I ned to explain that the ash spoils the upholstery of my car.

2: Let me wipe that for you! - During the rains, get in and start, switch on a/c to demist but they won't wait!

3: I don't think you need that on anymore - I had a classmate who was a Navy Commander - driving to the pub was nerve wracking as he kept. switching on/off the heated screen, suggesting that I need not keep the wipers on etc. I do make an exception for those folks who ask to switch off wipers on a dry screen

4: Chitter--chatter - Picture this, you are behind a truck, you see an overtaking opportunity, check mirror, indicate, downshift and in that milli-second before you hit the gas, your girlfriend/ significant other says something crucial like "I want a divorce/ pony or similar! Why are passengers be totally oblivious to the traffic situation and initiate intense conversations/ statements/ arguments during critical traffic moments ?

5: Can I come...and he, and she...and him.....oh and her too? There are times, a lot of the time, I take my car so that I can exit when I want to. I might offer a lift to someone taking account of the total route to be taken and then they add there own passenger s. It's okay when they are near each other else it becomes a voyage. What is worse is that the party / event is a crushing bore and you want to make a discrete exit. These folks wold insisted on riding back with you and ...try rounding them up!

6: I'm driving, shove it!!! - some guys who were passengers force themselves into your seat and proceed to rip your car. I know a friend's father's CRV which was subjected to such treatment. When I was a kid, it was difficult as they had a way of charming my mother. Now, I own my cars!

7: Let's stop for an ice cream....and not get out - imagine the mess on a hot summer night

8: Watch out ! Ultimate back seat driving, the BMTC bus is rushing to a junction, you know he will not stop, although going briskly, you have synchronised your speed. My father in law keeps on like that. I end up making a case that acceleration is a better way to deal with situations as opposed to brakes?

9: Stop here ! Where ? a busy road, an awkward corner, an illegal stopping spot, or worst a place where you had to brake suddenly as you were told last minute. If you did not brake, you were forced to reverse for a mile as they will not walk

10: Saturday afternoon - Take me shopping to Commercial Street...or are you taking me parking ? - I really put my foot down and tell them to take a rickshaw.

appuchan 12th January 2008 12:32

I am in complete agreement and have to bear very frequently with many of them, especially points #1, #4, #7, #9 and #10.

I also would like to add these

People who dont care about "what they stepped on" just before they put their filthy legs into my car! It will mostly be any form of "organic wastes".

I also have problems with some "grown up kids" who tries to balance himself without holding onto any support while you are struggling with your car in a stop-start driving situation. They keeps falling onto everything and everybody else, all the time.

Then a special case, some of my friends who "offers to honk" for me... since I dont use them!

There is one more tribe, who wants to just sit in the drivers seat when I am not around and then play with everything, including seat position/tilt, steering rake/tilt, ovrms, trip meter etc and comes out as if nothing happened.

I think this wil lkeep growing... :)

Vid6639 12th January 2008 12:41

My mom:

- While driving in the city, "Beta you are doing 40kmph slow down".
- Sudden acceleration in lower gear say 20kmph in 1st gear, Why are you going so fast in city roads?
- On the highway mom is peeping from the back seat to see the speedo. then she tells dad, he is doing 80kmph and you are not telling him to slow down.
- sudden braking in city because of 2wheeler cutting in front of my car. Oh my god have you run over the 2 wheeler guy??

Everyone else is just scared to open their mouths in my car.

My main grip is with people banging the door shut. Oh how i feel like giving them a whack the same way.

rks 12th January 2008 12:54

Some people in the back seat rest their hand on the lever that operates the window. When I stop the car and check the windows, I find the rear window slightly rolled down. They don't listen despite being told.

GTO 12th January 2008 12:54

Aha, some passengers can get so annoying! Here is my list:

1. Music-controllers: My car = my music......when someone takes the liberty of going through 1,000 tracks to find that "perfect song" from my iPod collection. Or randomly browses through to find their choice of sound. Also, I just hate it when someone is not familiar with the audio menu, yet will change the equalizer / other settings that I have set after so many hours of fine-tuning.

2. Backseat drivers: "Don't overtake now, there is a mad bus behind you, stay away from that cab on the left...."

3. Eat in the car: Self-explanatory.

4. Talk too much: When I am driving, I like to focus on the car only and dont like to talk too much.

5. Heavy Travellers: Someone who comes with a month's change of clothes for a two day weekend trip, and squeezes the trunk of every mm of space.


1:Smoking -
Can't say I complain about that!

cheap_deal 12th January 2008 13:19

whoa looks like everyone gets ticked off by a lot of things done by passengers. i got only 2 rules in my car, no smoking and no eating. the rule is applicable for all, NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER!!.
as for the talking, backseat driving etc etc i've learned to tune that out of my head years ago.

planet_rocker 12th January 2008 13:32

when driving the M800 - if my dad is in the front passenger seat - he always tries to reach the steering wheel whenever i am trying to overtake and he will say, " dont do it! you dont need to drive fast" i am forced to stick to 40KPH - sometimes he reaches for the handbrake and check whether its disengaged properly when i am driving.

my mom has a love-hate relationship with the fiat - loves the car in general. hates the exhaust note. i am forced to stick to lower rpms because she cant stand the sound - when i am driving with her - changing gears is such a pain.

ETC starts shouting/pinching whenever she feels that i need to slow down - come on - you were the one who thought that i was drifting when the car actually spun out oneday.

i am a smoker - so dont mind anyone smoking in my car.

esteem_lover 12th January 2008 13:35


Originally Posted by rks (Post 686310)
Some people in the back seat rest their hand on the lever that operates the window. When I stop the car and check the windows, I find the rear window slightly rolled down. They don't listen despite being told.

rks, don't ya have a window lock in the PW console ? i always use that to control who opens which window at what time.

VJ_MAVRICK 12th January 2008 13:40

Good Thread to start off with and i really hate when co passengers want me to stop @ any place be it an intersection and you are in the right of way of someone and also asking me to stop in busy bumper to bumper traffic for directions from autowallahs and other souls around you.
C'mon , grow up as you are blocking up the whole stretch let alone someone knocking you down in the rear as well..

JayD 12th January 2008 13:42

He has a santro LS, so i don't think he has power windows in the rear!

snaronikar 12th January 2008 13:43

My most irritating habits generally people do in my car is:

1) Eat in car.
2) Foot ware with mud/sand.
3) Talking loudly/small children weeping continuously.
4) One the glove box and check what I have kept inside it.
5) Fidling wih the ICE set.
6) If wheel given to friend/relative, driving rashly not caring for potholes/humps.

The list goes on and on.

rks 12th January 2008 13:55


Originally Posted by JayD (Post 686344)
He has a santro LS, so i don't think he has power windows in the rear!

Yes. Even for my front power windows I don't think there is any way to lock it. Kids on the front passenger seat sometimes play around with the power window and I have to tell them not to do that.

esteem_lover 12th January 2008 14:04


Originally Posted by JayD (Post 686344)
He has a santro LS, so i don't think he has power windows in the rear!

In that case, i really cannot understand how people can keep their hands on the window lever, i have never sat in the back seat of a santro.

hrman 12th January 2008 14:06

Nice topic Ajay.
Here is my list of vex points.

1. No Smoking. I never allow anyone to smoke in my Car. If you wanna smoke, please get out and satisfy your urge. Im pretty blunt that way
2) Mud/ sand on the mat. Muddy feet are irritating, but cant be really helped, except cleaning up after they are gone.
3) People who fiddle with the glove box and complete a thorough investigation of the source of contents, what, why, where, when, who. how etc.
4)Shoppers who love to stuff bags on the rear parcel tray, thus blocking my rear view.
5) Meddling with the music system
6) Talking loudly/small children weeping
7) People who like to press/ release the power window button just to see how it works
8) Moving the passenger side seat way back and sleeping
9) Single passenger/ 2 passengers who go and sit in the rear, while IM driving my car.. I sarcatically ask them: " Saab/ memsaab, kahaan jaana hai" They get the hint and sit in the front passengers seat:)
10) Rear passengers who keep shaking their head / fidgeting in the seat. Obstructs my rear view.

Vid6639 12th January 2008 14:10


Originally Posted by esteem_lover (Post 686361)
In that case, i really cannot understand how people can keep their hands on the window lever, i have never sat in the back seat of a santro.

The older models did not come with a rear amrest on the door pad for weight reduction so they could reach a higher top speed. This led to people using the window winder as an arm rest.

:D sorry some part of the above post is a bad joke. I am not feeling well and on medication.

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