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Old 8th April 2008, 02:36   #121
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I would definately say "Do not do anything to provoke them" When I first moved to India a couple of years ago, some eunuch tried to harass me at a signal. I did not give..so the eunuch spat on me...Yes spat on me. Being the rash youngster that I am, I got out of my car. Screamed at the eunuch, who turned and swore back at me. In less than a minute there were at least 8-9 eunuchs who had gathered around.

Meanwhile my driver is screaming at me, begging me to get in the car. I look over at the cop at that junction who was staring at us, but didn't budge from his spot. Signaled to him, and requested him to come to me. He did, and asked me what was going on [In a very apathetic tone]. I had a short chat with the cop who asked me who I was etc. After his little enquiry, the cop hastened to usher the eunuchs away and apologised to me saying "Saab ye phirse nahi hoga". I sat back in my car and went home.

Point is I was really very lucky. When I got home I was severly repremanded by my parents for pulling such a stunt, and have since understood that I should steer clear of eunuchs in India. However it is really sad that they are treated the way in which they are simply due to a genetic defect.
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Originally Posted by DocG View Post
However it is really sad that they are treated the way in which they are simply due to a genetic defect.
As others have mentioned those with genetic defect is a minuscule number. Most of the mare fakes.
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Only solution is to declare eunuchs illegal and shoot them at sight.

Reward for shooting an eunuch - 10k per eunuch

Fakes will disappear in next 10 mins and genuine ones will get surgery done and will do their best to lead a normal life.
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SimpLLLe suggestion, that.
Or round them up and help them get where they seem to want to go to !
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Default Eunuch kills man for Rs 100

Azhar Khan (38), a resident of Byrasandra, was crushed to death opposite the Ramanashree Hotel on Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road for refusing to pay a eunuch, yesterday.

Sharanappa, a security guard, rushed the victim to Mallya Hospital. Azhar was later shifted to Nimhans, where he succumbed to his injuries.

In his police complaint, Sharanappa, said at 3.15 am he saw a eunuch pestering Azhar for Rs 100. When he refused to pay, the eunuch allegedly pushed him to the ground and repeatedly slammed him with a boulder.

The Sampangirama Nagar police suspect that it could be a sex crime. A policeman explained that eunuchs who beg usually ask for small change. “If the eunuch was demanding Rs 100, it is likely that there was sex trade involved,” he added.

Pasha, a relative of Azhar, said, “We do not know what he was doing opposite Ramanashree Hotel.”

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Old 16th May 2008, 15:53   #126
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I used to encounted eunuchs every day at the nagawara signal and never even paid once. I always have my windows rolled up and just shake my head and ignore them when they ask for money.
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Old 16th May 2008, 16:11   #127
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I started/usually pay them some coins. 2 reason.
1. I am not getting poorer by just paying some coins. (May look like encouraging them, but let it be)
2. Till this govt recognize them as a normal beings, and provide reservations for jobs etc, they too need to live themselves. (When they can do that for caste, certainly they can do for them)

Agreed, there are fake, but once the recog comes from govt, and issuance of certificate something like what happens now for the handicapped, the fake ones will slowly disappear.

yes it is really not a good sign especially when you are waiting desperately for the signals to turn green. What to do, good and bad lives side by side in my country.
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One thing I have noticed with eunuchs. They seem to target people who reacts to their presence. I encounter them a lot on the street. I always maintain a neutral expression like I'm least bothered by their presence or absence. They come for begging, I nod negatively and they move away. I've never paid them so far.

My cousin always reacts in disgust whenever eunuchs approaches and they always target him. You see, people pay to get rid of them. They've learned the trade well.
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Old 16th May 2008, 18:51   #129
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This is yet another murder in the city. This time the killer is an eunuch.
IMO, this has got nothing to do in this thread.
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Old 18th May 2008, 21:50   #130
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Hmm.....definitely an issue of concern! Yes you're practically defenseless if you're on a 2-wheeler. I too was harrassed by one of them at a busy signal at RTC X roads here, around 1 year ago.
I was on my bike ('had a K boxer then) and waiting at this signal. There were 2 of them who came out, asking people for money.
Suddenly one of them came to, started caressing my face and asked for money. I just tried to shake him off and said nothing.
He/she then grabbed my left hand that was holding the clutch of my bike, depressing the clutch. 'said in telugu "either give 10 rs. or take a kiss from me"......yeah right, talk about romantic!
I wasnt in a position to get off my bike then either. I just snarled at the fellow to leave me alone and he responded saying "what are you going to do I dont? R**e me?" and begun taking off his saree pallu.

I then told him I'll hit him across the face with a slipper and he just responded with another insult and finally left.
And there was this Indica cab guy who was watching the whole scene from his car all along but after they left he just gave me some words of consolation...!

They used to sometimes come to our old house and once many years ago, when I was studying intermediate, was getting ready to be dropepd off for an exam by my father.
He was already pissed off at me as I was getting late and then there were these 2 enuchs that came walking into our compound and asking for money.
My dad hates them more than I do and being in the angry mood he was then he asked them clear off, raising his voice. They tried to persist.
So then turns out he suddenly grabbed one of my shoes that I was going to wear and dashed out chasing them...and one of them who was talking in his male voice until then screamed out like a woman and they both practically ran for life right out through our gate!! Hahahaha!!!!

I dont know if my dad threw the shoe at them or not (I had gone inside to get something and just came out on hearing the commotion)
That enuch and his companion were so pissed off, they just yelled some obsceneties at my dad (couldnt do anything more than that, he looked ready to kill them if they dared!) and walked off.

Yes its true that its not their fualt they are born that way and something needs to be done about them and all that. But if they keep harassing people (usually men) like this they couldnt earn any sympathy from society! I guess thats the reason they are despised, more than because of what they are.
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Originally Posted by MC Mayank View Post
I still haven't figured out what they actually are

Two In One !!!
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Originally Posted by sumeethaldankar View Post
Two In One !!!
Co-education? Remember a dialogue like that,from the movie 'Hum Hai Raahi pyaar ke'. The dancer (Natrajan) is refered to that way,but some comedian.

Stanher,I think it was a good move for you to get back at them,and give them a piece of your mind.
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I've never had even one bad experience with eunuchs. I always say no with a smile, I never give money to them.

Sometimes when they come and say "Ay raja" I smile and say "Kaisa hai?" they say "achcha hai, paisa de na" I say "aaj nahi hai, phir kabhi" and the eunuchs laugh and say "hamesha aisa bolta hai- bye"

Sometimes they say funny things like "Tu mera Hero hai" but I always smile and laugh when they say that. I never shrink from them and I never roll up the window or look away. I look back and them, smile and say "Nahi hai" and the smile completely disarms them.

You may laugh at me, but till date I've NEVER had a bad experience with enuchs and I do not give them any money.
Try it.
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well, i guess they are scared of the Yeti
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Originally Posted by greenhorn View Post
well, i guess they are scared of the Yeti
Scared doesn't seem to be the right word. Our hero raja has a smile that completly disarms them.

We've had problems from eunuchs once in train near Hyderabad. But they went away without getting any money from us. Although some others in the train had to witness a public display of their private parts!
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