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Default Speed Vs Rash

Yesterday I was traveling in the public transport bus from Avadi to Tambaram. The distance between these two places is around 35 KMS. At Avadi bus terminus, there were two buses parked that is meant for Tambaram.

Two vehicles started at the same time (WHAT A BAD SYSTEM). I was confused to get into which bus. I looked at both the drivers & choosed one. Nothing specific, just went by the face that I like better.

The other bus moved away from the busstand. The bus went away from the bus stand pulling away a pile of muds on to the air. People waiting in the bus stand ran helter shelter clearing him the place to move off.

After 5 mints, our bus also moved away from the busstand. After 10 min, the other bus caught into our eyes dashing towards Tambaram. We could see the bus was overtaking from either sides & sudden brakes were applied many times after almost the bus is in line with other busses & lorries. Even though he knew that he could not complete the lead, he goes to the maximum extent & puts his brakes

Our bus driver maintained the same distance with the other bus (may be 50 mtrs away), but well in control. Nothing is felt in the heart by the way our bus is driven. But could see the state of the passengers on the other vehicle from the rear itself.

A cow suddenly crossed the road, probably chased away by some guys towards the mainroad. Our driver applied the brakes promptly ( bus has come to a piercing halt). The cow walked away as if nothing had happened.

The other bus went away from our eyesight. It was another 15-20 minutes to Tambaram. After 10 minutes, I could see there is a traffic jam happening in the road.

When we neared there, I could see that passengers from the other vehicle is getting down. I thought it was some mechanical problem with the vehicle. But I could realize that there is something fishy. I came out of the bus & went to the front side of the other bus.


A young guy was under the wheels of the bus with his head crashed under the front wheel. TERRIBLE. I heard that the guy was standing to take a right turn in his moped. The bus tried to overtake a lorry & hit the person from behind. Few locals got into the act immediately ( the guy is no more)

I got into the bus & the driver was telling me " the difference for 35 kms between rash and speed driving is not more than 300 sec", BUT RISKING OTHER LIVES. THIS IS TRUE.


When you drive for next time, calculate the time between two places by driving rash, speed and at moderate speed. I bet for a 25 kms, the time difference could be not more than 10 mins

All happens before you could realize or react - ACCIDENT. DRIVE SAFE
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When you drive for next time, calculate the time between two places by driving rash, speed and at moderate speed. I bet for a 25 kms, the time difference could be not more than 10 mins
If all the drivers understood that then this country would have been a different place.

This kind of driving is not going to change. Only thing one can possibly do is keep safe distance from these lunatics.
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This is a common site in cochin.. Sad but true.. Here the bus drivers are freakin lunatics.. The moment someone sees the red color bus in his rear view, i'm sure he'l run for cover.. Its bad, really really bad..
Once in Calicut(place in North Kerala) a girl was standing at a bus stop outside her college and the bus came straight at her and hit her.. She died on the spot... Her pic was ther in the papers, it was a very addorable girl, all lost due to a small carelessness by a driver..

_Make some rules to save us from these drivers_
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Default agreed

vinsanity i agree with you pal i was in chennai for about7 months even the cops there never scared me more than the bus drivers ........most dreaded experience being all the from Guindy to chetpet where im more than sure they feel like junior hakkinens and schumachers........
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Sad to hear.
But if you check the drivers from Maharashtra are awesome. They do drive fast but judgement is awesome and 90% on time that goes to BEST drivers as well. I have heard very rarely that a ST/BEST met with an accident.
Correct me if im wrong.
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And today's TOI had an article about a BMTC bus carrying schoolchildren that went berserk and crashed into 13 vehicles at a signal crossing. As per locals at the scene, the driver was drunk... but police denied it. But its very much a fact that many BMTC drivers drive under heavy influence of alcohol.
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Default Rash is not fast - slow is not safe

I loved the advice dished out by the bus-driver to Surprise - rash driving is not fast driving!

Surprise also says his driver was maintaining the same speed till a cow came his way.

I would like to add that slow driving is not necessarily safe driving either.

I have seen guys doing 60 kmph on the highway go within kissing distance of a truck doing 40 kmph and then swinging out to overtake - right in the face of a bus doing about 100. Luckily none of them got killed as they were able to swing back in time. One mistake by any of the 3 drivers (lorry, car & bus) and they would have been pulverised. Equally dangerous is dawdling on the road and slowing down, speeding up or swinging unexpectedly - the guy behind you could launch you into orbit.

Safe driving is where you do not accelarate hard unless overtaking, do not brake hard except in an emergency (why go till the tailgate of the vehicle in front and then brake if you can see him half a mile away and can slow down gradually?) and maintaining a steady line, do not swing wildly from side to side on the road. This applies whether you are driving at 40 or 240.

This is being kind to your engine, brakes, tyres and your own heart as well. The FE returned will be much better. You and the passengers arrive feeling much fresher as your body has not been fighting 'G' forces all the way. And, yes, it is much faster than the jerky driving of the kind indulged in by the other bus driver in Surprise's story.

Cheers and happy driving.
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Most of the city buses are in a hurry to reach a bus-stop to get more passengers rite? i have personally seen many bus drivers and conductors getting into fights just for few more rupees for their owners! Or in the case of Govt. operated buses, more money to pocket?

BTW, That particular bus driver is going to be on the roads, having paid the fine in thousands (1 or 2k) and kill more people. That's how the Indian system works!
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A sad but true reflection of the times we live in and the people who drive public transport vehicles in these times. Isn't it ironical that the drivers who are in-charge of "PUBLIC" transport are the worst violators of driving rules? These are the guys that should be the best drivers since they are in-charge of the lives of so many common citizen! Often we hear or read of incidents where these buses fall into gorges, into rivers and what have you, and all these incidents put the credibility of the drivers at stake!

Maybe its time that we have a separate license for public transport drivers and the rules for issue of these licenses be as strict as possible.

BTW is Rahul Gandhi a BHPian? I know that as per their declared assets, the Gandhi's do not own a vehicle, but then...
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