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Default Biker Smashed Orvm Of My Car

Yesterday, i was driving to my home from factory.
It was @ 7:15 pm.
I was traveling on wide road that has no dividers. It is marked with white center line. I was @ 3 feet left side of this center line. From my car's left side, two and three wheeler traffic was moving. From right side of my car, there was oncoming traffic.
At a point, there is some slope to the road. Oncoming traffic at that point was slow. A truck was coming toward my car. It was also some 3 feet from road center line. My car and that truck were at middle to cross each other.
Suddenly, a biker behind the truck came between my car and truck to overtake the truck. As distance between my car and truck was @ 6/7 feet, he could not control his bike. He smashed my car's orvm [driver side] and ran away. There was sound of smashed mirror and hitting it to road.
I was shocked. I could not stop my car due to traffic and continued to my home.
At home, i checked the car. Fortunately, only mirror has gone and plastic holder was broken. No scratches anywhere on car body. At that time, i realized that if bike's handle hitted the door of car, biker would be surely collapsed on his left side and truck's rear tyre may have smashed that biker.
Today morning, went to Maruti showroom, replaced orvm with new one, cost me rs 386.
Funny thing was ,replacement of orvm took 10 min but billing and payment procedure took 30 min.

That was first incident of an accident in my driving life.
Just wanted to share this with you.
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Old 26th July 2008, 11:05   #2
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Good to know that nothing serious happened. Seems like some bikers take a interest in getting into deadly situations!

And I also had my right RVM broken by a guy on a pulsar doing a stunt in between traffic. The plastic broke but the mirror was intact. Used it till an Indica completed the work!
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Sorry to hear that Ashish. I know what it feels when such things happen, and for no fault of ours. Even i had been through a similar incident, when a biker coming from the opposite side banged inn to the right orvm of my Accent while overtaking a PMT bus. Well i remember paying some 400 bucks just to replace the mirror, thankfully nothing happened to the outer body of the orvm.
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Recenly, the right OVRM of my Wagon-R also gone, hit not by biker, but an auto. I was travelling at 90 kmph and the auto at 60 kmph. The impact was bad and so close that my OVRM completely broke and nothing is left. It was really a scary moment. I was sure that, the auto driver might have got some mouthful from the passengers inside it. He came to overtake a bike and steered too close to my car.
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Old 26th July 2008, 14:22   #5
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This is a very common phenomena out here in Delhi/NCR. One is waiting at a signal and some moron biker tries to squeeze in between two cars or the car and the divider. In the process the bike's protruding RVM scrapes the cars OVRM, damages it or misaligns the mirror leading to lot of irritation.

What I normally do is, when I see in the OVRMs some idiot trying to squeeze in, I turn the wheels lock-to-lock so that the biker can't move forward. Sometimes they get a mouthful too.
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Good to know that nothing serious has happened to you and your car.

Yes, these days, the bikers especially college students will be pulling these things (stunts) too often. Suddenly overtaking from nowhere, cuttng across the lanes and what not. A slight error and they will end up with their head/body coming under the wheels of the other vehicle. I'am unable to understand whatz the urgency? if they follow the traffic rules they may end up reaching late around 5 to 10 mins (max). IMO, reaching 5~10mins late is better than losing your life or become handicapped.
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Sorry to know about your incident. The cost of ORVM seems to be a bit expensive in MASS as mine was broken by a RTC bus and i got it replaced for 150 bucks
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has happened to me twice , but both times , they just managed to knock the ORVM housing off. Was able to snap them back on, no damage except for a few scratches
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Old 28th July 2008, 10:34   #9
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This problem exists all over the country, I am usually on the look out for such idiot bikers and ensure that they dont overtake me no matter what they try..
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Old 30th July 2008, 03:21   #10
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This is quite common,Bikers just keep trying stunts.My OVRM has been hit couple of times.When they just try to squeeze in the least possible space they find.
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Old 3rd August 2008, 23:39   #11
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Anyone managed to get the biker pay up?

Another pain is cyclists who carry the cycle from between the vehicles at signals. Makes the heart miss a beat if the stand will scrape the door or if the handle will hit the ORVM.

I normally stick the rightmost lane close to the divider - atleast the right ORVM is protected.

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You could have flashed the biker if you knew he couldn't possibly make it. BTW did you slow down or continue at the same speed since he could in that case have passed the truck.
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Old 4th August 2008, 13:22   #13
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I used to have the ORVMs folded as I do not use them for driving at all - the in-car RVM served me fine. But then looking at the way our traffic rolls, a broken ORVM is much better than a scrape or dent on the car - I definitely would have it open, even if I dont use it!
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Sorry to hear about what happened. This is a common phenomenon all over our country. I've so far had 5 scrapes on my left OVRM (Electically operated)--two by bikers, 1 by a car, and 2 by pedestrians. Touchwood, it is still intact. The worst was by an numbskull labourer who hit it with his hip while walking past. Luckily the mirror folded forwards fully, and all I had to do was to fold it backwards (I never knew till then it could fold in forward direction too).
Cost of OVRMs varies by manufacturer. Hyundai seems to be most reasonably priced, as my pal had to pay only Rs 470 for replacing just the mirror of his Sonata Embera. I believe it is Rs 600 in a Fiesta.
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same with me. some crazy biker came to wrong side of the road so that he'll catch the green signal.
broke right ORVM glass of my Cedia. cost me Rs. 1000 to get it replaced :-(
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