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Default My lancer got hit when parked inside hotel

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Yesterday, I was in a seminar and had parked my car inside the Mark Boulevard hotel in Whitefield. The security asked me to park in the wide passageway going to basement parking as it was full (it slopes at 15-20 deg). I parked with driver side close to wall (usually very careful in where and how I park), with enough space for a truck to go by on the other side at 9AM. When I was ready to drive away at 6PM, there is this nasty set of dents by a hit and runaway. Hotel security says they did not see or hear anything :-(
I had just painted my whole car in June, its really hurts esp when you see the damage.

Looks like the idiot hit my car 3 times ? Once from behind, then on the rear right quarter panel, and then grazed my left front bumper ? Did not quite make out how exactly he could have achieved it unless he was drunk ?

Mods, please move if not the approprate section...
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Thats real sad!
Of course, the Hotel will have some stupid board saying parking at owner's risk or something to that effect.
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This is truly sick man. Am not sure if all these are done by one car as the marks are all in different directions. It's a shame that some did this and did not have the courtesy or courage to accept it and report the same to security so that they can inform you. Shame.
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This is one of the worst nightmares
This why you see parking at owners risk signboard
even if the parking has 24X7 security
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Sad to see the dents on a freshly painted car. Did you complain to the hotel manager?

I guess you should claim this with insurance (assuming that you already claimed it for painting your car and lost NCB already)

I never listen to such advise from security guys. They will claim that they will take care of the vehicle until you are back, but they never do. It is not possible also to guard only your vehicle. Better to park in a place where you really feel it is safe.


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Oops, that's bad man. Hotel security guys must own up as to what happened, but that's in utopia.
So what's the assessment?
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Its really sad to see on a freshly painted car...i can imagine your feelings friend.
I think you should complain to the cops and get a remedy from the Hotel for the damage done.after all you followed their instructions and parked your car !!!
Good luck friend.
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They say a squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Complain to the management, take the car to the hotel so they can see, if you get no assurance from the manager, ask to see his superior officer, and that way make sure you get yourself heard.
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That's sad dude. You cant do anything but curse the guy/girl who did it.
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Real sad. Never ever go with these security guys saying like that. In the end its OUR car and we need to suffer for no mistake of us.
I am not sure if Hotel will ever even listen to than to show the "Parking at owner's risk" board.
Infact, its some other guys car who may not even relate to the hotel. Only thing is the manager may just shout in front of you to the security. And he goes later to make someone else park in the same place.
Looking at the damage, seems it more than one car that did this.
Btw, do you have any security alarm (autocop etc)? If so, did it went off when first guy hit it?
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Sorry to hear that. It happened to me as well. My Zen was parked in office parking and some one hit my car on the right flare. Same story again....... parking authorities had no idea, as per them dent was before I parked my car.
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Very unfortunate, looks like a mini-truck steel bumper hit on the back (from the two parallel lines, eicher etc), the height is also indicative of a mini-truck as your rear bumper is not damaged below.

Does the hotel have water storage/ service area access through the parking area ??, could be one of their goods or water tanker.
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Too bad and too sad. Wish you could lay your hands on the moron who did this..
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I've been through the same. But not in a hotel. You can see it here

Nothing much you can do here actually. Everybody in that hotel will shrug off any responsibility.
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We have had 2 independent incidents where our cars were damaged by 5 star hotel valets.
In one case, the Skoda emblem was stolen/removed from the car.
In another, the car was carelessly parked and was damaged.

Coincidentally, in both cases the hotel was a Taj Property in Mumbai (The Taj Mahal and The President)
In each case no fuss/argument was made at the scene. It was simply brought to the security chief's notice, his card was taken and we were off.

Later, an official letter was emailed to the hotel, informing them of the loss and disappointment.
In BOTH cases we received a reply and an apology. In BOTH cases the Taj asked us for a copy of the bill to undo the damage and paid it in full a few weeks later.
I was very impressed. Of course the managing director is a member of the Taj Inner Circle Club and I do not know if that helped his case.
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