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that's defenitely harrowing. Driving alone is the worst thing and i hate to do so.
Thanks a lot for sharing. In a world where there are no proper laws or methods of implementing laws, what that all matters is common sense and experience. These experiences sharing goes a long way in doing proper directions on what to do in nasty situations. Thank god that the guy is safe and good that you braked. Atleast it is easy to prove that there is some effort from your side to avoid an accident. Even still, these incidents will carry along. I still remember an incident when i killed a chicken, and the locals stopped my car and the owner of the chicken identified the chicken based on the ID plate on the chicken and i had to give away 40 bucks! Hilarious.
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Lovely. I think please gift him something, and do write a letter to the dealership.
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That was one hell of an experience. You have certainly done some really good deed because nothing got out of control, especially the crowd. And then, the relatives of the cyclist. And last, but not least, the police. They would have asked for their pound of flesh, if nothing else, but even that did not happen. You have a good guardian angel, mate! :-)

And it was certainly a good gesture on your part to check and take the fellow to the hospital and take care of the expenses.

All's well that ends well.

EDIT: I hope you have the name of the SS employee. Do make sure that you appreciate his effort by letting his management know about it.

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As long as everything turned out not too bad its a done deal and time to move on.

BTW Amey did you fish out the pete's dabba from the vehicle ? Guess you had a lot on your mind than to bother about it but just thought Id ask anyway.
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Scary man!!! Glad you come out of this incident without any issues? When did it happen? 24 August??? I have been unnecessarily involved in one incident near Kolhapur which took place last month -

and I have never driven my car outside Pune! :(
Just keeping my fingers crossed as I would be visiting place tomorrow.
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Good to hear everything turned out well. It is incidents like these that renew our faith in fellow human-beings. Thank you very much for letting us know about this incident.

You are really lucky the victim and his relatives were decent people. And that Sai Service guy was a real silver lining on the dark cloud. Like the others said, I think it would be a good thing if you wrote to Sai about how this person was of real help.

I hope you get the car back soon!
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Old 27th August 2008, 16:54   #22
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Originally Posted by Amey View Post
Earlier I was not too keen on sharing this experience but later on I decided I should, maybe someone else could learn something from this and be careful...
Is this true? Then simply amazing. Guess up there, someone really likes you.


Mod's Note: Do not quote an entire post when all you wish to do is post a one liner. This is more so for generic replies like this one.

For this once we have edited out the quoted post, except for the 1st paragraph.

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Whoa that was some experience Amey.

Glad it all turned out well and you got all the help you needed at the right time.
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Wow! That was one harrowing time! Great to know that all are OK, and you got away without any litigation.
Originally Posted by Amey View Post
I was shocked by the treatment given by the SS guy and the help he did, who does so much for you?
Proves goodness is not yet extinct in this world.
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Oh my god you almost brought back my memories .. thank your starts that nothing untoward happened.. and i have noticed that for most people who get involved in accident such as this . there will be some good samaritans turning up to help...god bless them for thier assistance....

Drive safe pal !
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Well done Amey.

Just as an example of how cynical such incidents have made me, I was skeptical when reading the story. I was almost sure that the Sai Service guy was a cheat and somehow would trick you into something, or the police would demand bribes etc. Thankfully none of this happened.

All the best and drive safe
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Old 29th August 2008, 16:35   #27
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Amey thats a scary experience, am sure that guy turned out to be a angel for you. thanks god

This reminds me of the accident what i had few years back, just after belgaum i think its sholapur? VRL agents helped me a lot! sometimes i feel the small town people are very helpful! may god bless them.
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Old 30th August 2008, 19:08   #28
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Thanks guys.
The car is still at the garage getting fixed.Bonnet,Windshield, front bumper needs to be replaced.
I have removed the Pete's Box and face plate of the HU from the car.
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Hey Amey,

Just saw this thread. Thank god that the man you & your car are OK and that nothing major happened. God forbid something happened to that man your conscience would kill you and you would be in deep ****.

Anyways alls well that ends well.

Take care and drive safe.

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Nice to hear a happy ending!! Very rare indeed to see the crowd actually suggesting that the accident victim be taken to the hospital first. Maybe its in the cities that people end up beating the victims instead of helping the injured.
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