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Default Me and My Swift had an accident near Kolhapur

Earlier I was not too keen on sharing this experience but later on I decided I should, maybe someone else could learn something from this and be careful.

I had gone to Kolhapur in my swift for some work; I left Pune at around 8.00 pm on 24th and reached at around 11.00pm.
On 25th I finished my work there, dropped my office person at the site and came back to hotel, freshened up and left for Pune. I was alone since I had already dropped my office guy.

I came out of Kolhapur and hit the highway. I was doing around 100-120 Kmph initially and later i was just cruising at around 80-90kmph.

There was a straight patch of road and i was all alone in a patch of 2-3 Kms, no vehicle ahead or behind me. I was driving on the right lane near the divider.
There was a cyclist who was on the left hand side of the road (on the banking) and somehow he decided to take a right turn towards the divider on the highway (There was no crossing).
Worst part is, he didn’t start coming to the right gradually, he took a 90 deg. turn.
I honked hard but he didn’t bother to even see or notice anything, kept going straight towards to divider. When I realized he isn’t going to move away, I literally stood on the brakes but it was too late.
The wheels locked and the car skid in front and hit him head on. He banged on the bonnet with his cycle and then came on the windshield. Luckily, since I was already braking, the speed was reduced and due to the impact the car stopped and he fell infront of the car otherwise I would have run over him.
I immediately got outside and saw what had happened to him. I was a bit relieved to see that he was breathing. I held him and made him sit on the road. Till then crowd had gathered and someone asked me, is your car still running, I said, yes it should.
Then couple of others said “First takes him to nearest Hospital"
So with the help of two others, I picked him up and put him on the rear seat and then 2 others sat in the car and we drove to a nearby, smalltime village doctor, He inspected him in the car itself and said, injuries don’t look serious but still take him to a good hospital. By this time he had opened his eyes and was fully awake.
While all this was going on, a gentleman came to me and introduce himself as a "Sai Service" employee, I could recognize by this uniform and identity card.
He told me I work with Sai Service and my mechanic luckily saw this incidence while he was going back and he informed me. I was also on my way home but directly came here.
He said, "Don’t worry, such things happen and we are here to help you, Relax"
Then he called his service van and told me that we should send him ahead in the van to hospital and go to police station. (We were talking to my insurance agent in Pune and did what he recommended)
Then we went to the nearby Police Station and asked what should be done, the officer said, if the patient has no complaint and is ready to give it in writing that if all medical care is taken, he won’t lodge a complaint then don’t bother with the complaint as it will attract all the procedure like impounding the car with police, appearing in court and so on.
Then we left and came to Sai Service and parked the car there. He asked me, do you have any accommodation or should I arrange something for you? I said I will check with the hotel I was staying in and luckily they had vacancy so that got sorted out.
Then we went on his bike to the hospital and met the relatives there (2 Sons and some old chap)
They were quite calm and understanding and their only demand was that we take care of all medical expenditure to make him alright, which I was anyways going to do so there was no problem there.
The Sai Service guy was doing most of the talking as he said; he is used to it and can handle the situation.
When we reached there, the doctor was treating him and once done, he called us and showed that there were no fractures, some minor scratches but there was a deep wound on his forehead, he had stitches there and said we need to keep him under observation for 12 Hrs min. If in this timeframe he vomits or loses balance while walking, a CT scan is a must.
Then we left from there and the SS guy dropped me at the hotel. I thanked him and mentioned that I was floored by all the help he had done. He smiled and said its ok. He also mentioned that I was lucky because where the accident actually happened, the area is very bad and the people around are just looking for a reason to pick up fights and thrash someone.
He said," Everything will be fine, don’t worry. Go and get fresh, have some food and sleep well. We will see what to do next in the morning"
I went to my room, ate something and slept.
Next morning he was supposed to call me, accordingly he did and said, while on my way to office, I visited him and he is just fine. No need to worry. Till then my driver and a relative were already on their way to Kolhapur. They reached and then we proceeded to the workshop. There we completed the formalities for insurance claim and proceeded to the hospital. Where they were waiting for us as we were to pay the bills and then he could be discharged.
So that was done and then we told them we need in writing that they had no complaints neither will they lodge one in the future, they happily agreed, the victim signed it himself. They knew that the patient was taken care of and hence had no issues and were satisfied; still I gave them some money for further treatment and medicines and removing stitches and all.
They said it’s really not necessary but I insisted.
While leaving both the sons said thanks for co-operating. I said it was my duty, he said yes but people don’t always co-operate but you did and took care, that’s what matters.
He smiled and we left.
Then we went to Insurance office and submitted the claim. By this time it was 5.00pm and I had to catch a bus back to Pune since my relative had to stay back for some work.
I thanked the SS guy once more and expressed my heartfelt appreciation of his gesture and then I left for the station.
I took a bus and reached Pune last night by 11.00pm

I was shocked by the treatment given by the SS guy and the help he did, who does so much for you?

I didn’t even know him but still he helped as if my family would or close friends would.

So this is how it all happened. Whose fault it was and how I could have avoided it and all is immaterial now. At that moment you can’t think straight.

Anyways it was quite a disturbing experience and I myself have learned a lot from it. Hope others do too.

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Thats quite a harrowing experience Amey, but fortunately it all ended well. Everything seemed to work out for you!
First, the guy surviving the impact, the non violent crowd, understanding relatives & the helpful service centre guy.

Thank God all is OK now, I'm sure you'll get over the trauma in no time.

When do you get the car back?

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Originally Posted by swale84 View Post
Thats quite a harrowing experience Amey, but fortunately it all ended well. Everything seemed to work out for you!
First, the guy surviving the impact, the non violent crowd, understanding relatives & the helpful service centre guy.

Thank God all is OK now, I'm sure you'll get over the trauma in no time.

When do you get the car back?

I should get the car back in a week or so.
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Damn Amey, its really disturbing when such accidents happen.

Best Part was that you helped the guy & it got resolved without any issues & yes Hats of to the SS guy.

Just relax & thank your stars that no major damage was done to either parties.
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Which village/town did this happen in? And the SS guy was from there, or Kolhapur?
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Good work, Amey eventhough it was not your fault. There are some good samaritarians available here and there and that SS guy who caught up with you was the right guy. Good that you have put it in here at least you will come out of that guilty feeling.
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Unfortunate to be involved in that accident, but thank God nothing serious happenend!

Nice gesture by the SS staff!

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Great work amey. Good that you cooperated with the family. Hope our car is also fine.
Nice to know that people are there who will help without any reasons. God bless such guys
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Looks like a fairy tale with all good people involved, you must have done some good deeds to have not gone into a litigation.

Mostly people try to extract money from the bigger vehicle.

But all's well that ends well. Keep that signed paper from the cyclist in safe custody, scan and keep if possible.
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Amey, that was very unfortunate but on the positive note you were surrounded by all good people otherwise things could have gone beyond proportion.
By now that cyclist would have realised how to ride on highway? His arrogance almost took his life.

What happened to the car?

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Oh my god, if this happened to me I think cleaning and sanitising the driver's seat would be part of the insurance claim.

You found a good friend at a time when you had need, but above all, your actions after the accident were exemplary. You may say you did no more than a decent person should do, but there are many people in the world now who are not decent, and I was touched by your description.

I'm afraid that, as a lesser human being (well, I hope I would have done all the practical stuff, yes, of course) I would, at the very least, have been furious and mad with this guy who turned directly in front of me.

I'm glad you posted your experiences.
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you are lucky.
nothing serious happened to guy but what happened was serious to you.
take care man.
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Good that it is all peacefully settled.
What was the damage to car that you had to claim for insurance?
Person falling on bonnet impacting the bonnet?
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Thank god Amey everything went off peacefully without any problem. As already mentioned, people are looking for some excuse to bash someone or start a fight. It must be your lucky day, It is a learning for many people like me from your experience. "Get Well Soon" for the Car.
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Hey Amey... you must write to Sai Service an appreciation letter in favor of their employee who assisted you.
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