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Old 12th November 2008, 22:02   #16
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this is the true defination of Bizzare!
Sorry about the incident...if repair costs are high do claim insurance.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:06   #17
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Sad to see such new car in this shape.
I think Insurance company would be the best bet.
Good luck.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:12   #18
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Aww!! Hurts just to see, car covers have taken the brunt, else paint would've been in worse shape. My deepest sympathies.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:16   #19
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My god, that is unfortunate!!
The good thing is that the fire was put out before anything grave happened. Though this is nothing minor, but still, the petrol tanks, electricals of the car catching fire could have been much worse!!

Anyways, as you said, you got the cars washed after the incident with diesel and water, It would be better if you could post the pictures taken after the wash. That would give a clearer picture of the extent of the damages. Though I am no expert, I guess, re-painting the panels and replacing the bumpers(assuming they might have deformed at places and holes might have developed because of the fire) will get your cars back in shape.

Will follow this thread untill the cars are back to their pristine splendor!!
Seeing the palio with a garland on its bonnet in your avatar, and its present state, my heart aches. Really really sad.
All the best mate.

Keep us informed.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:17   #20
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Dueller, mate this is really a bizzare incident and very sorry to see the state of the cars and the house. But thank heavens, like you mentioned, the fire did not proceed to the interior of the house.

I cant imagine how you must be feeling seeing the state of the cars!! Please do get in touch with the insurance company and get the money for the repair job claimed.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:25   #21
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Shocking, bizzare, outrageous!

Still cant believe something like this happened! I feel for you, maan.

Does your insurance cover such incidents?
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:29   #22
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Ouch , that really hurts.
Hope your cars are in the shape they were in , and the madman is punished for what he has done.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:31   #23
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Very unfortunate incident mate.
I think there must be a FIR for the incident registered so that will help you in getting smooth insurance claim. Will be better if you take it and get them redone rather than some touch job.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:38   #24
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Unimaginable bad luck. Really sorry to hear that. As everybody told hope the insurance will cover this. Wish your car and home a speedy recovery from the damages.
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Old 12th November 2008, 22:55   #25
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I'm flabbergasted and totally dumbfounded at this outrageous incident, just looking at those pictures, seeing those nice cars in this state makes me sad, i can't imagine your anguish man.
Sorry for your loss, hoping the restoration job doesn't cost you a lot of time and money.
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Old 12th November 2008, 23:02   #26
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oh boy this is really thing you shoud be happy the car didn't catch on fire.wish you and your car a speedy recovery.
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Old 12th November 2008, 23:03   #27
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Forget about revenge. Will do you no good. I no it's easier saying so but really he is a madman after all. Speak to insurance, I'm sure there shouldn't be any problem. Your'e whole house has burn marks + there are two cars damaged so shouldn't be any proof issues either. Keep us updated. ciao
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Old 12th November 2008, 23:11   #28
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this is too much! such people exists?
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Old 13th November 2008, 00:22   #29
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damn ..... that really hurts :(

i really feel sad for you man, but still damage is not much and only outside.
please post the pics when you get it cleaned.
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Old 13th November 2008, 00:23   #30
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Another example of watchmen not doing their work ! My bro-in-law went through a similar incident 10 days back. He had gone to delhi for 15 days, watchman on leave for half day, street kids took stones and wrote their names and drew pictures on a BMW 7 series ! Imagine the pain one can go through. He still doesnt want to tell me how much he paid the BMW service centre to retouch it.

Yours is almost same case, only difference is an insane guy in the place of street kids. Lot of paint issues can be solved without going through a complete repaint, but getting the correct shade for touch up is the most important part. An expert body painter can solve the issue. I have seen cars that caught fire retouched in bangalore without any sign of the incident. Check your area for the right person, try with him a small portion, if it works well, complete work can be given to the same guy.
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