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Ramon 11th December 2008 11:44

An Experince of a different kind with the RTO
This happened around 6 months back when I went to get my 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler and heavy goods and passenger licence. The test was conducted at Shanghimughom ground. went there eaarly in the morning, practiced taking the figure 8 on an M80 and an autorickshaw.

The Vehicle Inspector came little later and went through all the paper work then everyone took the part one of the test (the figure 8). Then there was the road test for the 2& 3 wheelers.(it was just a farce). we barely drove the vehicles on a deserted stretch of road for around 20m.

Next came the heavy vehicles and the surprise. The heavy vehicle test was conducted by the RTO himself. He was a little late in comming. But as soon as he came he got down to work. He and his assistant went through all the paper work for all applicants in a thorough manner and anyone with incorrect paper work was kicked out. Then all the eligible candidates were asked to board one of the two heavy vehicles (an Ashok Leyland bus and a TATA lorry). Now the lorry had a synchromesh gearbox and was pretty easy to drive...but the bus was different. It was quite old and did not have synchtromesh gearbox......We were all then taken to the bye pass road. There the candidate was made to sit on the drivers seat of the bus and one guy from one of the driving schools sat in the instructors seat which had a second Clutch and Brake pedals. (he NEVER touched the pedals unless the vehicle was in danger of an accident and i was watcing him the wholetime.) The RTO's assistant got onto the truck. Next the road test started.

I was expecting it to be a farce. But surprisingly it was done in a very good manner.

1) Any one who did not signal before starting to move the vehicle was kicked out.

2) Any one who did not check the mirrors before starting to move the vehicle were kicked out

3) Remember the bus did not have synchromesh gearbox. Some guys (mostly taxi drivers) came without even an hours practice of driving a bus and tried to drive it and as soon as the tried to upshift the gears would make a crashing sound and the RTO would ring the bell signalling the end of tjhest and they would be kicked out

4) Any one who was holding up traffic and crawling along were also kicked ot. (we were required to start the vehicle move through all the gears and down shift and then do it again).

5) Next came the best part one guy was taking his test and an ambulance came from behind with the sirens blaring. This guy wouldnt move over or pull over:Shockked:. The RTO got so furious that he got up from his seat and yelled at the guy to pull over and stop the vehicle and he also got kicked out.

6) I had my test and cleared it (was practising for nearly a year).

7) After each person completed the test on the bus they moved to the lorry comming behind for the heavy goods vehicle test. This was very simple as we just had to follow the bus and it was easier to drive with the slighter weight and syncromesh gearbox.

Finally at 5pm the test was over and I was able to go home.clap:

dadu 11th December 2008 12:33

Very very good, thats how it should be conducted, atleast some RTO's are doing it in a right manner.

gd1418 11th December 2008 13:30

This is a very heartening news in this era of corruption and short-changing. That RTO of TVM should be commended for doing his job sincerely and honestly.

kutlee 11th December 2008 13:30

this is good news. whoever he/she is, great job. makes us proud.

DirtyDan 11th December 2008 13:44

Welcome to the site, Ramon, good post. Where I am the driver test is very strict. There is no way to avoid it, currently. This saves lives. Indian drivers are simply the worst I have ever seen. They do not have good control of their vehicles, they do not use good judgment. Stricter tests will force applicants to take lessons and learn.

esteem_lover 11th December 2008 14:02


Originally Posted by DirtyDan (Post 1088722)
Indian drivers are simply the worst I have ever seen. They do not have good control of their vehicles, they do not use good judgment.

I beg to differ on that DD. If what you are saying is true, there would have been/will be endless amounts of accidents on our roads. Yes, as it is, it is pretty high, but considering the populace, confusion etc., i think we are not that bad to be called the worst.

Moreover, it takes great skill to drive on our roads & if we are tested on that level & called bad, i don't think it is that bad at all. :)

deepclutch 11th December 2008 18:28

This is really good.Heavy vehicles are driven very rashly(private buses) in Kerala.This will be a +ve thing.
I hope RTOs will behave like this good soul.I heard ,in Malappuram the corruption is worse.

greenhorn 11th December 2008 18:37

My test was held at the bypass. I'd gone through a driving school, so I guess that helped me out a bit. Heck, my instructor sitting behind me nudged every time there was a need for a gearshiftstupid: In spite of all that I almost missed a gearshift ( i learnt on an indica/santro, and they gave me an m800). Surprisingly there was an old man who really missed two shifts and stalled once. Even he passed. guess they are not so strict elsewhere in tvm

at that point , i wanted a license as proof of identity - my getting a job depended on it, and the bit about actually having to drive a car didnt occur to me back then ( couldnt afford one )

Sowmya 11th December 2008 23:10

After terror attack, I think the Protest against Corrupt Babu/Politician has shaken up their spoiled brain. :)

Tejas@perioimpl 11th December 2008 23:49

Good to hear! Most of the RTOs are an educated lot and this one was thankfully doing his job right. For all you know, he must have had a bad experience with a truck and that's why he's so strict.

Nitin 11th December 2008 23:57

Thats good news! About time that all RTOs implemented such strict tests.Make it tougher to pass the test, and every single one with a license will cherish the privilige!

DWind 12th December 2008 09:48

It is good to hear RTO being strict on Heavy Vehicle Driving Test, but we would need RTOs to be stricter all round even for Motorcycle Without Gear as well. I passed my driving test without much knowledge of rules of the road eventhough I knew how to drive and could change gears without stalling. It is only when I went to USA and Europe and passed the test did I really felt how inadequete my knowledge was and how bad a driver I was.

mjothi 12th December 2008 11:38


Originally Posted by DirtyDan (Post 1088722)
...Indian drivers are simply the worst I have ever seen. They do not have good control of their vehicles, they do not use good judgment. Stricter tests will force applicants to take lessons and learn.

I thought same until I visited Catania, Italy. :D

back to topic, yes this is really a very good thing to hear. After seeing many school bus, public and lorry accidents this really gives a pleasure since the way the test was conducted will help in increasing the disciplined drivers.

Now if I hear same kind of treatment from the Brake inspector and RTO guys who clear the FCs for the public vehicle, I would double happy.

hellstar 12th December 2008 12:17

some hope at last , but this will have to be followed up by stricter , tougher and timely enforcement of traffic rules, In Bangalore inspite of having boards every 100 meters saying that heavay vehicles are banned on the New Airpot road , you find heaviliy loaded trucks moving at a snail's pace almost all the time . This gets you anybodys nerve , the policemen who are also posted there give these trucks a blank stare nothing else .......

thiyags22 12th December 2008 12:24

I could not believe it when I read the post. I am pleasantly surprised and happy that things are done properly in one of the RTOs.

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