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Default Bruised Getz

Yesterday evening I had been to the SAI Baba temple in panvel. Had parked my getz outside the temple and when I returned, there was a big nasty dent on my Getz on the rear door(driver side) and the panel after the rear door. The rear tail light and the bumper are intact but the paint has been damaged as it has a deep scratch. (Sorry no pics at the moment. Shall upload the same in evening).

On the way back I showed it to hyundai autorized service center for an estimate and it is 35,000(30 - 32K + Tax). (I think a reputed garage would paint my entire car for this amount. I know it is covered by insurance but still 35K?)

I have a New India Insurance Comprehensive Insurance Policy. But Sharayu Motors does not have cashless process with United India Insurance.

I have the following queries and would appreciate help
1. Should I go to Sharayu? Or get it done outside. (the car has extended warranty coverage till 05/2010).
2. If outside or even at Sarayu what is the process of claiming the insurance.
3. Does anyone know authorised/reputed garage which has cashless process with united india insurance?
4. Do I need to File FIR? If yes against whom as I dont know who did it.

I am located at Navi Mumbai but am open to taking my car to any good reputed workshops in mumbai.
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Oucch! that hurts!

Not sure if dents are covered under extended warranty?

I would suggest you get it done outside ,35k is a bomb for sure!

I have seen some good garages beyond the palm beach galleria ( was working in mahape ,so kinda recollect seeing a couple of them when u go towards koper khairane)...

You might see a 19/20 difference in the paint job (depending on what colour is your ride)
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Old 19th December 2008, 13:44   #3
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Please post some pictures first. Based on that it can be advised whether the amount the workshop is quoting you is fair or not.
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Old 19th December 2008, 13:52   #4
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I thnk you will get 100% insurance as no plastic / rubber parts are involved. Pls get it done through A**. At themostyou will loose NCB in insurance which is OK.
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Cleanup through a decent garage may be cheaper significantly.
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I had an almost similar dent on my car last week but the difference was i was driving and there was this autorickshaw fella fully loaded with about 5-6 in the rear seat and 3 people including himself driving the auto and since there no visibilty he just swerved from right to left while i was overtaking from left on a circle and i heard a thickening krsssh.

I got down to see the my rear door has a deep scratch and in the dark i couldnt see the dent but next morning the reality struck me and i can clearly see a light dent.

Immediately i went to my local denter whom i know very well and he quoted 3.5K for fixing up this dent along with touch-up for the entire car wherever i have small scratches

I negotiated with him and brought it down to 2K and told him will come in a couple of days when i can leave the car. Btw, he does a fantastic job and you can never make out the difference after he completes his work

I am not in a tearing hurry and will get it done early next month.

Bottomline, look for a good local denter and painter and it will save you a lot of money
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My Getz is Black Colour.

@Rajesh Rawal
I know dents are not covered in exteded warranty. I mentioned it as i was not sure if geting it painted outside would be reason to void any warranty on my car.
garages beyond the palm beach galleria are local roadside garages. I am a bit finic about quality work which without a paint booth a local garage would not be able to provide. Thanks for the suggestion :-)

Shall upload the pics as soon as i get home. I do not have access to a camera in office.
The Dent & Scratch is deep but the metal is not torn.

No sweat over loosing NCB. The reason i am not a bit dicy in going to authorized workshop (Sharayu) is they do not have cashless claim procedure with united india insurance. So I may not get the entire amount from my insurance provider if it is over exagerated. I would not mind going to a hyundai workshop which would give me the cashless facility.

Can anyone give me pointers on how to go about claiming a insurance if i have to get it done on my own (I.e I can not manage to find a reputed/Authorised garage which offers me cashless claim.)
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Go to a garage which has cashless arrangement. Then you pay only 500rs(if its denting and painting only)
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Old 20th December 2008, 18:18   #9
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Ouch thats bad bro. I have had 3 incidents involving the rear door (drivers side) and I have been a mute spectator in all three with cars/bikes coming out of the blue and hitting the door. So much so that I drive around my car with a slightly dented door without bothering to get it fixed. It has worked so far
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Old 22nd December 2008, 10:09   #10
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Here are the Pics of the Damage.
Name:  Image072.jpg
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Name:  Image073.jpg
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Name:  Image074.jpg
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Name:  Image075.jpg
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Met with Viper on Sunday for showing the injuries of Getz. The car is with him currently for the repairs. Shall update with the post repair pics once the car is back.
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Old 22nd December 2008, 12:11   #11
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Ouch that scratch looks nasty, however, paying 35k for getting that fixed is nothing short of a rip off. For all my cosmetic dents, I always visit a local denter. He charges me per panel, and the quality of the paint job is excellent. No one can tell that it had ever been damaged, and the shade matching is perfect. I see that you've already given it to Viper for repairs, but should you ever need the number of my mechanic, PM me. Can vouch for his services.

Hope your car is back soon, and as good as new.
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Old 22nd December 2008, 12:18   #12
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The 35K quote was from hyundai authorized service center. The cost of geting the same done at ViperPerformance is not even 1/7th of the same cheers:
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35 k is a rip off. you can get this done very easliy in around 4-5k max from a local mechanic. You would not be able to make out the differnece at all. I got my cedia fixed for a similar dent at the A.S.S for 7k including the paint work, so 35k is out of the questions buddy.
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