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Default Your Funniest incident on road :-)

We all have been discussing very serious things on Team-bhp, pretty technical haaa. So I though of having some fun here. Can we all share some of the funniest incidents we had while driving that resulted into big laughter / humor.

It could be anything, your own funny behavior, some other person, or people on road, animals, other drivers, your own car or bike behaved funny, or road conditions behaved funny, the location was funny or anything else.

To start with I would like share one of my funniest incidents on road.

I bought a Wagon R as my first car and next day went to near by place around 200kms. Being a first car in our family I was not so aware about its features or some of the basic of the car. So while returning back in afternoon we stopped at restaurant where all travel buses usually stop. We went inside the restaurant and settled and from there was just looking at my car and I noticed some water dripping from the engine, so we immediately went near my car and started looking for source of leakage in panic situation. Soon the mob gathers around us, everyone asking what happened. Then people said open the bonnet, and I was not able to locate the hood opener in fact everyone else started looking inside the car for Bonnet lid. And by this time 10-15 people gathered around my car and frankly nobody was able to open the bonnet.

So looking at so many people around the car, one of the other car owners came near us and asked me what happened, so showed him the water, and he said boss “AC ka pani hai yaar” he he he the entire crowd couldn’t resist to laugh.
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I think this should be in the " Street Experiences " section.

There are a lot of funny incidences, but after reading you incidence, I remember a one.

1) I was around 13-14 years old ( in the year 2001 ), and in Std. 10. Dad believed that I must be atleast 16 years before he gets my under 50cc ungeared vehicle called Luna. So was cycling then. From my present location to IPCL township. Daily cycling was 12 kms, 6 kms one way. While coming back I had to be on time for typing classes, so I usually covered 4 kms in around 10-11 mins. ( my record is 8 mins. ).

One day, while returning from tuition and going towards typing classes, I was as usual in a hurry, and the roads were bad ( they still are bad ). Suddenly two young guns, who were resting under a board, come out in front of me and I braked hard. Almost hit them. They then suddenly started almost weeping and said, " We have come from A'bad today ", " we are here since 10 am and now its 4 pm. We are searching for Mellinium Duplex. We have travelled 80 kms here, and now people are looking suspiciously at us. Can you tell us where is Mellinium duplex ? ".

I was shocked.
Again " Please help us, we dont want to go anywhere and ask now, everybody is now screaming at us. We have literally visited each and every shop in surrounding. Dear friend ( keeping his hand on my shoulder ), please we will be very thankful to you. Now if we go and ask anybody, they will beat us ".

I asked " Were you not directed to right place by others ? ". They said " yes some people are pointing somewhere, but we are not able to find anything ".

I was laughing out really loud such that a mob gathered, and after looking at those two guys, they were laughing further. I almost had stomachache due to lauching. I some how managed to tell them the board under which they were standing reads " Mellinium Duplex "and the society to their left was Mellinium duplex.

Now it was a laugh for everyone for around 15 mins. I will not forget this in my life. Was a great joke. 80 kms in one small area is huge amount. I thought that now if they ask for that society, they will be beated up.

PS : This is not when I used to drive cars/bikes. Its one from a relatively young age.

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Hehe, nice thread. I too think that this should be in Street Experience section.

This funny incident happend with my wife. It was 2002 Jan, the time of Pulsar launch. I owned a Red 180 (now I ride a Bull 500) and mine was the second Pulsar in city and first red colored one. After a week or so, another red 150 also appeared. That was also a young guy, we used to wave hands and had a road side chat once too regarding the new bike.

One day, I left for office riding, which was just 1 KM from my home (my previous work place). 11 O clock our gang of 8-10 guys used to come out of the office for a tea and fag. All are well known to my wife and our cars too. Then one of the frinds pointed me that our FIAT is coming fast. (My wifie is a good driver and our FIAT had a sports muffler too) and commenetd me that she is racing with some one, a red Pulsar. While we all were watching, the car took a sudden turn to the way to office and stopped, she opened the door quickly and ran to me, the red Pulsar also stopped behind the car, the guy watching all the scene and us (but this time didnt wave to me) and took off fast. We didn't understand anything and we all rounded her and asked what happened. She was breathless for a minute then slowly said what happend.

She went to the near by jn where one of our bank and veg stall were located, to shop. When she stopped at the veg store and came out of the car, she saw this red pulsar at some distance infront of the bank. She though it was me and walked to the bike, just walked around it, but then saw it was a different bike with different number. She left to veg stall and did her shopping. All this time, the owner guy was watching and thought , "arre - a lady is admiring the pulsar, so she may do this to the biker too". He waited her to start, and started following her. After a KM or so, she felt that this guy is following her. So she drove to another Jn where our post office was located and just went in and bought some stamps (just to check). This guys stopped behind the car and again waited her to come out. Now, she was sure that this guy is following her, she took the car and drove straight to my office.

After she explaining all the story, I got it and I explained it to her and my friends what really happend. Anyway I have seen this guy copule of times too and waved to him also. But few months later he and that red 150 were vanished and lot of new Pulsars started appear.

Still me, she and my friends used to remember it and laugh.
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aaggoswami, redfire,

those were really funny, keep them coming
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