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Default My Dad loses part of his ring finger

So far I thought only the city auto drivers are bad. I have already suffered once physically because of them. But this time it happened in a small town in tamil nadu where due to an auto driver's recklessness my Dad lost a part of his finger.
It was Saturday and my Dad was to go for a function in Kumbakonam, in THanjavur district. He started from Srirangam in Trichi dist in his friends bike and was on his way. He also had another person in the back. My father is a very cautious driver after stopping all the gung-ho driving a long time back. Near Swami malai , an auto driver coming on the opposite direction, tried overtaking another auto in a corner and he nearly hit my father head-on.

My father was able to avoid him by moving to the extreme left. But there was a thud sound and my father moved a little farther to avoid other vehicles and stopped. Once he got down he saw blood dripping from his right hand and noticed that the top of ring finger [about an inch] was cut off and just hanging by the skin.

All the passerby people began to chase the auto but that rogue was not to be caught. In the meantime another person took him to nearby hospital and he gave some first aid and asked him to goto Kumbakonam. There my father was taken to a hospital known to my father's friend.

Just then i got the news and my father in his own stern voice told me that nothing to worry and he is going to get operated and remove the cut off part since that part is already blue and cannot be stitched back. Also a part of the bone is missing from it.

I was stunned by what he said. He said he is going to operation theatre and gave the mobile to his friend. My wife and I got bus and by the time we reached the operation was over and my father was sleeping. After an hour he woke up with no sign of pain and said nothing bad has happened and told me not to worry.

Next day while doctor was dressing up i saw the finger and i could not control myself. And to my surprise, the doctor called me by my name and said i was his classmate in school. Only then i came out of shock and realized that it is my classmate Srini. I thanked him and tool my father back home.

Still i could not digest my father has lost his finger. Sorry if i had not written in continuous manner. But i cannot think cleanly now.

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My god. I am sorry about this...your dad is a strong man - I am sure you are very proud of him. Thank god, it was nothing more horrible.
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Wow! That is surely a sad thing! You dad is really strong.

Thank God, it just went off with the finger.

Wishing him a speedy recovery.
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Sorry to hear that, but yeah he is a strong person. I can feel what you are going through, my dad also got the middle finger in his right foot amputated because of an infection. Yes one has to really go through a lot of mental pain at such time.

Take care of your dad, I think he is not a diabatic beacuse the operation was done in a hurry. Keep on following up with the doctor and the finger cleaned and dressed up daily, will help in early recovery and prevent infection to the bone.
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My goodness! Thats shocking!
So glad your dad didn't sustain anything more serious. Hats off to his will power & strength. Wish him a speedy recovery.
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oh thats bad
wish your dad a speedy recovery
and these auto drivers should be
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@: vennerbank: Wishing your dad a speedy recovery.

I had a very similar thing happen to my right hand about 7 months back, but not to one finger, all the 4 fingers on my right hand.

Let me narrate the incident. I have a bike with the open chain. the bike was put on a ramp and the bike's engine was running with the first gear locked in. I have no clue as to how I tripped over, but my right hand landed up in the rear chain sprocket. The end result being, the 4 fingers of my right hand chopped off exactly half way from the knuckles.

I was bleeding profusely. Picked up the fingers with my left hand, and rushed to the nearby hospital for the first aid. After the first aid, took the ambulance to rush to HOSMAT Hospital. I was all alone till I reached HOSMAT. In the mean while informed my family members. They reached there shocked and by that time I was already going through the pre-operation tests.

Had to undergo the Micro-Vascular Surgery which almost took about 6 hours. Lucky me, Have all fingers back in place except for the little finger, where I have lost the nail part. Have been going through the strengthening the fingers.

Now the fingers are all operational with the sensation. But the movements and folding the fingers are still a hinderence. However, working on to get the fingers moving and folding normally.

I do have a pic of the fingers when it was midway through recovery, not sure if I can post that on the forum.

I'm really thankful my family, the doctors and my company to help through this tough time.

Sorry about my poor explanation.

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Sorry to hear that, mate. Your Dad is a strong man. I wish him a speedy recovery.

I lost a part of my little finger, when I was young. I remember going to the doctor everyday and getting it dressed up!
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Ouch. Thats really Sad.

Hats off to his courage.

Wish him a speedy recovery.
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Very sorry to hear that, the auto guy should be punished!

When a situation like this happen where you have your finger chopped or something like that, you should carry it in an ice box to the hospital, or it will become blue and you will stand no chance but lose your finger.

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This incident just remember when my father's finger got stuck in the door of a steel almirah while closing. It got 1/2" shorten :(
This Auto's Does not have any sense at all irrespective of Village and City. Take care of his wound.

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Your Dad has nerves of steel. I wish him a speedy recovery. I am sure the injury will not bother him once it heals.

nkrishnap: I wish you all the best and hope you make a full recovery.
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That was a Scary and Sad Incident, I wish the Auto Guy Hand should cut Off to compensate your Father's Finger, he should never overtake even a Bycycle in his Life.
Hope your Father Recovers Sooooooooooon
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that is a sad incident mate!
thank god he escaped without any major injury. wish him a speedy recovery!
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That is a horrible news. wish your father a speedy recovery.
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