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A Flashback (from 1998):
I was working in M.G Road, Bangalore one of the IT office in TOI building. Me and my friend one Saturday went to near commercial street and was coming in cubbon road. I was driving Activa. I took a U Turn in Cubbon road and the next second Activa was side swept by Omni. My friend exited from back side and I also exited from backside(I saw literally activa going infront of me without any one in the seats ). My friend got a nasty wound in his left cheek and my entrie left side (around 8 places) was brusided with small to big wounds. I was wearing helmet but friend(riding back seat) wasn't. On my left foot near toe the bruise was hrroble and it was too deep( think i doc could see teh bone!). It took nearly 3 months to recoved from the wounds!

With the above incident my rommmates decided not to allow me to drive two wheeler.

Time went by and upgraded to Zen in 2001 and I didn't touch 2 wheeler at all.


Few months back bought a Hona Aviator(main reason is for disk brake) for running errends near home.


Even though now we have 2 cars, today wife has to go early to office and I decided to take Aviator to drop my kid to play school near my home(H.S.R) and decided to go to office (Electronic city) in Aviator. To be frank I was bit hesitant/scared about the housr road(Didn't tell wife that I am taking 2 wheeler to office). But decided to stick to service lane and followed the same.I travel at below 40 kmph. I crossed PES IT and crossed the NICE overpass and it is time to take the right turn to enter E-City Phase -1. I saw bike before me crossing the service ditch (now covered with slabs) by doing little circus (becuse of the the little height) and I nevervously tried the same and then I lost balance by hitting the side wall and started to wobble horribly. I just pressed both breakes and my leg was touching the ground 3 / 4 times(litterlly running and riding the aviator) and managed to stop the two wheeler without falling down after few seconds. Luckily no bus was behind/side of me so got saved. I could see all the past incident horrible things flahsed in front of me while doing this rodeo drive. One BTS few seconds latter stopped near to me and the driver said watch and cross slowly. Stood there for few minutes to catch my breath before restarting my journey.

I am guessing because of the front disc brake I got saved without skidding further in addtion to my luck!

So to conclude the long write up, In Hosur road please make sure to get on to the covered ditch carefully by looking at the height of the ditch wall.

BTW, I decided to switch to car instead of driving the 2 wheeler on Hosur road.

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You are definitely better off driving around, rather than going on a 2-wheeler.
Thank you lucky stars nothing happened.
Stay safe!
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Im sorry to say this but i believe Honda Activa was launched around late 2001 or early 2002 here in Hyderabad , and all over india. May be u are refering to a kinetic Honda .
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I tell you one thing, do whatever, but never drive your kids on bike. Please have mercy on them when you have car.

I have recently seen one horrible accident with a kid's foot coming under the bike rim.

Please be safe and keep your family safe.
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He he having trouble with bikes ?
There is a female in the US who drives a car but never will take a right turn in her life again. reason she was hit whilst taking a right turn. So she adjusts her trip using a local map and gets to the destination w/o taking right turns. They showed this on Natgeo or discovery. don't remember this exactly.
Hope you don't do this. Enjoy your biking man.
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This is the big mistake most bikers do on hosur road. I have seen many time people on bikes what to switch lanes especially from the service road to main road just like cars do and they skid.

You are lucky and should thank your stars. Any day, I would advise you to take your car on hosur road or use public transport. And in case you are on a two-wheeler, then stick to main carriage way. Its safer on it.
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Two times lucky.Now do not wait for the third time.Its not about you.A family means the biggest reason to take care of yourself.And if you can't resist then its better that you sell of your 2 wheeler
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I too have seen many bikers make the same mistake of trying to cross over the covered ditch. It is not even in many places. Some places, they have made slope to cross easily. Watch out for those. I would also like to say that driving below 40 kph on Hosur road is a big risk. You have a very high chance of being rear ended. If you want to change from service lane to main carraige way or take right turn, better do it exactly at the junction where there are ramps to get across the ditch.
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I am sorry dude but the highlighted lines made me laugh so hard i nearly fell off my chair

Originally Posted by chel View Post
My friend exited from back side and I also exited from backside(I saw literally activa going infront of me without any one in the seats ). My friend got a nasty wound in his left cheek and my entrie left side (around 8 places) was brusided with small to big wounds.
But on a serious note, please do stick to the road at least. A 2 wheeler is not an offroading machine.

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