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gsferrari 29th June 2009 16:24

is there a map of 97 Octane Fuel Stations in India?
Hi All,

I've just bought a Yamaha MT01 and I am planning to ride it on the following route:

Bangalore -> Chennai -> Bangalore -> Belgaum -> Kolhapur -> Pune -> Mumbai (Mostly NH4 and NH7).

I want to know the location of all the Gas-Stations that sell 97 Octane fuel (I think BP is the only brand that sells 97?) along this route. Then again, all this may be in vain because I doubt anyone using that route will fuel up with 97 so any stocks will probably be really old.

Still, purely as an academic exercise - can I buy 97 anywhere on the GQ between Mumbai and Chennai?

sriku 1st July 2009 18:54

I should begin by mentioning that gsferrari is my brother, and we plan on bringing Thor(the MT-01) back from Bangy to Mumbai together. Him riding Thor, and me driving Moby(Bolero SLX). The alternatives to the fuel situation are me carrying around 97 octane fuel in a 40 ltr jerry can, which hopefully we can try and borrow or buy someplace. HVKumar Sir has hammered it into my head that the jerry can inside the car will leak fumes which can disorient me and could be a fire hazard. I do not have a jerry can holder outside the vehicle, and do not intend to fit one either. We are running out of options, and given the 220 kms per full tank mileage of the MT-01, will find it extremely difficult to ride it back here.

Looking for any suggestions/advice that will help the effort to bring Thor to Mumbai. Thanks in advance.


Rehaan 1st July 2009 19:19

gsferrari & sriku,

I can't answer your question but perhaps i could help with some advice :

It seems you have a 220km range on the bike.


Bangalore -> Chennai -> Bangalore -> Belgaum -> Kolhapur -> Pune -> Mumbai
What are the distances between the places mentioned above?

Find other larger cities / towns along the way to break the segment into ~<200km chunks.

Find 97 octane pumps at each of the aforementioned cities/towns. (Searching existing Team-BHP 97octane thread might be have some answers).

If you have a leg that is longer than 220kms without 97octane, take a look at the advice i have posted here :

Do let us know how the planning turns out.


PS - Moby the

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