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Default Santro Xing : Charred to Ashes

About 30 minutes ago while returning home from work, on Khairtabad i experienced unprecedented traffic and after crawling all the way from the signal towards IMAX circle noticed just before the circle, a Santro was burning away to glory in the middle of the road

I had to take a wide detour since the flames were really wild and beyond control. Can make out it started with engine and half of the car from front was burnt beyond recognition and i have no doubt those flames will engulf the entire car. Policemen were just standing and managing the traffic and saw a few guys (maybe owners) frantically making calls.

Due to heavy traffic and high flames couldnt take a picture. If anyone took it, do post it here. Some questions did come to mind?

1. How could the car catch up in flames with such high intensity?

2. Will the owner get insurance money?

Really sad to see the loss of car due to a freak issue
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There was another incident posted by nan Hyundai i10 catches fire during ignition!

Probably there was a fuel leakage.
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IMHO, the real culprits are usually the after market jobs, mostly electrical, done by local mechanics and after market accessories people. I have seen them work on car, they work as if they are experts and have designed the car.
Or the fuel line, but this is not a possibility that I would rate high. In the I10 case mentioned in this thread, the dealer has acted a bit suspiciously, so again my doubt is that fuel leakage is very rare to occur.

Its difficult to identify why exactly fire took place now, but as a prevention course, dont put in a lot of electrical accessories from unauthorized places. I dont mean to say all are bad, but quite a few of them are not good.
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I agree with aaggoswami. As I did see couple of programs on Nat Geo where in they say that the newer breed of engines are designed to withstand head on impact and still will not catch fire as they show us in the movies.

I guess it is something that might have been triggered with some bad electrical work and very unfortunate to see the car burning down. Also, sad to note that there was no fire service in action and putting others life in danger as well.
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If the fire has been caused by some after market fitments, like fog lamps, ICE etc, from some local bugger, and not approved by the insurance company then, it would be difficult to claim insurance for the same. The insurance guys don't budge when things like that happen.
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I have never heard of a Santro catching fire. This must have been due to after market accessories being fitted. Just as aaggoswami said, I was at an accessories shop two years ago to get some sun film fitted and a brand new M 800 (just out of the showroom) rolled into the shop to have a stereo fitted.

I was aghast in horror as these guys literally stripped the entire wiring harness to get the power wire and then just left the harness loose without covering it with insulation tape once they finished the job. If that was my car, I would have clobbered them. Its things like this that lead to disasters on the road.
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Its also very possible that the owner had shifted to the "gas conversion", which may have exploded after a leakage or something
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