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Jeep 20th June 2014 18:22

Re: Why?!!
Yes people do know (or so they think) about safe driving. However, nothing is wrong in giving a reminder, isn't it?

The same goes for the thread titled 'accidents in India'...


Originally Posted by neelchak (Post 3453038)
I am flabbergasted by the fact that there are people who are taking a stand against dushmish and defending the thread creater. The circumstances leading to the accident was such that it would have been a miracle if there were no accidents. I am not sure what is there to learn by sharing this? .

girimajiananth 21st June 2014 15:02

Re: That unlucky night
I seriously feel that the title of this thread must be changed to "that lucky night". Sorry to reply on a old thread but after reading first few posts , the OP is really lucky to survive an accident like that . 160 Kmph on Indian roads , especially single roads is simply disastrous.
Mate, you paid a very high price for your over confidence . I hope a lot of people have learnt valuable lesson from this thread.

PS: It is written that you left at 12:30 AM, any chance that you dozed off at the wheel ?

noopster 21st June 2014 17:23

Re: That unlucky night
Mod Note: The post being replied to is over 5 years old. A lot of things have changed since then on the forums since then. Closing thread.

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