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MX6 11th November 2009 18:34

Music during long drives
What do people like to hear on long drives? I'm a classical music person myself (used to sing 20 years back). Sticking only to hearing nowadays so that I don't have donkeys chasing me when I drive.

What are people's interests? I see so many members here clocking over 1000s of kms and putting up travelogues. What do they hear during the trip? Is it music from their amazing systems? Discussions with friends? Radio mirchi? Argument with spouses?

If it is music what is their favourite?

Mods. Not sure whether a thread exists on this before. Request you to pardon me and move this appropriately.

Yes fellow T-Bhpians. Let's get the music lover on you on air here. What do you hear or love to hear? What CDs do you mandatorily carry on the dash?

Eddy 11th November 2009 18:41

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