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Any idea how many toll booths will be there?
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Originally Posted by amitoj View Post
Any idea how many toll booths will be there?
Planning to use it on monday and see how it goes.
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Interceptor to Check Speeding on Electronics City Expressway - Interceptor to Check Speeding on Electronics City Expressway, News - Latest - Bangalore Mirror,Bangalore Mirror
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Originally Posted by Samurai View Post
So, how many lanes does this road have, 2 each way? Are loaded trucks allowed?
Sharat- Here you go, a beautiful birds Eye view...
Source - TOI, Blore 21-Jan-2010

Bangalore Elevated Tollway-getimage1.jpg

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Originally Posted by NFS2024 View Post
There will be a severe bottleneck at silkboard junction when one travels down from EC to silk board and you hit a dead end starting towards BTM layout and madivala. Imagine all the cars and buses reaching this junction in 20 mins flat from EC and getting stuck.
Exactly my thought, Flyovers in Bangalore mean only thing - "You Reach Faster to the Next Traffic Jam"

What we need is a la-Bombay Style series of 50+ flyovers, but who has the money or time for such ideas in Blore.
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Originally Posted by NFS2024 View Post
Planning to use it on monday and see how it goes.
NFS, do update the thread with your experience on the expressway. I hope it serves it's purpose.

Originally Posted by kannan666 View Post
80km/h seems to be a good speed limit. As per the article in the link, even two-wheelers are allowed.
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Definitely agree with some of the opinions posted here. Clearly an indication of the fact that you can reach the next available traffic jam in less time. I wonder what the govt. was thinking when they planned to splurge close to 800 crores on this project.

In retrospect they should have come up with building underpasses for the pocket roads which joined Hosur road. IMO that would have been easier and cost effective. I hope this doesn't turn out to be another Richmond Road flyover over time.
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From the hosur side to electronic city entrance to the flyover, work is not yet completed. There are huge number of workers working in full swing.

Any idea when will the Chandapura and Attibele flyovers going to be opened?
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Nice development. I shudder when I remember getting to my office in E-City when I used to work in Bangalore. It used to be nightmarish with the bus driver of the company bus racing against time and hitting service roads and the main road and the whole scene was a chaos. This would reduce the commute time a lot. Hopefully the next time I go to Bangalore (and hopefully this would be operational by then), I hope to reach E-city safely without much hassle. I wonder how the exit to ECity has been made. Any pictures by fellow BHPians in Bangalore ?
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Can anyone kindly help us locating the toll gates for the whole stretch please ?

And is it possible to pick up NICE road from the expressway ?
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Got this in a mail:

Two-wheelers riding for first time to pay Rs 10 for one way, Rs 20 for multiple journeys Cars, SUVs: Rs 30; Rs 45 for multiple journeys Monthly passes available: Rs 360 for bikes, Rs 900 for cars, jeeps, vans

Commuters, barring two-wheelers , crossing Attibele and going towards Tamil Nadu, to pay up too For using the NHAI road: cars, jeeps to pay Rs 20 LCVs: Rs 20, trucks, buses which ply often: Rs 30, at Attibele Plaza

Electronic City Phase I near Infy gate Electronic City Phase II Right-hand side of carriageway towards city from Electronic City Left-hand side of carriageway towards Hosur from city Attibele
Attached Images
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It could be named as I T EXPRESS WAY because it is made for I T people, by the lobby of I T people and partly made by I T people (maytas/satyam).
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900 per month is pretty steep I'd say. Or use 2 wheelers. Hell if the road down below is unclogged because of the flyover I'd still prefer that.
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India lacks Infrastructure. Let us encourage the Govt. with whatever we get. The only problem with our planning babu's is that the gestation period between planning, implementation and completion is a minimum of 10-15 years.

So, by the time they complete, the Traffic might've outgrown and instead of solving the problem, it'll create a new set of problems.

When the Mysore Road Flyover (Town Hall to Sirsi Circle) was opened for Traffic, every politician said that it is a waste of Money (And it's just less than 3 kms.). And initially a Interceptor was permanently stationed to check over speeding. But Now the Traffic police are smart enough not to check overspeeding at all, because they know very well that no one can travel at more than 40 Kmph on the flyover now. (Reason - Heavy Traffic)

It'll be a matter of time till the Flyover of Ecity to be fully utilised. For the people who are not convinced about the Toll rates, they can always use the Road below.

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This is like doing a bypass surgery in the leg when the heart is clogged! If indeed those 4 junctions were a problem then 4 flyovers at a total cost of Rs.200 crores would have done the job. And even before that some sensible junction design and management might have alleviated the problem. We have a great fear of junctions in Bangalore because of bad management and behaviour. Of course there is no money to be made in low cost solutions!

Instead of 4 small jams we will have a mega-mess at Silkboard junction. And once the flyovers on ORR are completed they will bring another flood of vehicles from Marathahalli . And if Silkboard junction is de-bottlenecked then BTM layout and Forum will be a mess.

Experience the world over shows that if you build roads and flyovers all that will do is to bring out more cars onto the roads. Look at Bangkok or Jakarta or Moscow. What was needed to E-City was a Metro Line and not this.

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Looking at the 1st photo posted in post #19, I am worried about someone carrying enough speed into the dips!

Hopefully from tomorrow, the Hosa Road junction will be free of traffic.

I also heard from our office admin, that the usage will be free of toll till the end of this month.
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