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View Poll Results: How many kms have you driven - approximately
Less than 50,000 kms 61 27.85%
Between 50,001 and 1,00,000 kms 64 29.22%
Between 1,00,001 and 1,50,000 kms 26 11.87%
Between 1,50,001 and 2,00,000 kms 23 10.50%
Between 2,00,001 and 3,00,000 kms 21 9.59%
Between 3,00,001 and 4,00,000 kms 7 3.20%
Between 4,00,001 and 5,00,000 kms 5 2.28%
Between 5,00,001 and 6,00,000 kms 5 2.28%
Between 6,00,001 and 7,00,000 kms 1 0.46%
Between 7,00,001 and 8,00,000 kms 1 0.46%
Between 8,00,001 and 9,00,000 kms 1 0.46%
Between 9,00,001 and 10,00,000 kms 1 0.46%
Between 10,00,001 and 15,00,000 kms 3 1.37%
Between 15,00,001 and 20,00,000 kms 0 0%
Voters: 219. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 23rd November 2005, 00:11   #16
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its been 5 yrs since i started driving -
Maruti 800 - 15000 - countless lonavla trips via expressway in this 86 model

maruti 800 (another) - 5000

maruti 1000 - about 3000

maruti zen - maximum used - 65000 - yes it is 65k - roamed around pune like mad in this car - had 46k on odo when i started using it - and now it has some 110k on clock - and one more thing - nobody other than myself drives this car even today

opel corsa - 1600 till now ( in 1.5 months )

total comes around 89k
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Old 23rd November 2005, 02:42   #17
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Drove over 200,000 miles in US, 50k Km in Europe and probably 2 lakh kms in India. So makes it around 6-7 lakh bracket!
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Old 23rd November 2005, 03:17   #18
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I ve been driving since last 12+ years (on the tarmac) and as far as i remember , in my childhood i used to cover around 80-90 kms/day(approx) with my driver sitting on the passenger seat in M 800 and it continued till i was 15 , then after i was migrated to a Yellow Zen and it continued as above or may be a little more but this time without a driver and the next year i replaced the yellow zen with the Blueish Purple zen and my everyday use by that time was 110/120 kms per day and i kept that car for three years .

Then came the City 1.5 and was clocked 40000 in 1.5 years and then after the octavia which again clocked 40000 kms (approx) ....

M800 : 1 lac kms (approx)

M Zen : 30000 kms "

M Zen (purple) : 120000 kms (approx)

H City : 40000 kms (approx)

S Octavia : 40000 kms (approx)

Others : 10000+ kms .(approx)

So ,after a long calculation (atleast for me) i would vote for 3-4 lacs .
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Old 23rd November 2005, 03:46   #19
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I can never count that. I have had so many vehicles driven by all the members of the family.
PLus those friends vehicles and cousing bikes and cars and the ones on rent.

cant even make an assumption.
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Old 23rd November 2005, 04:40   #20
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A new question similar to this struck me.
How many times have you HONKED?
Replace kms above with nos of times.
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Old 23rd November 2005, 07:27   #21
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well have been driving cars since i was in 8th class..
i got my first car (jeep) when i was in 10th...
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Old 23rd November 2005, 10:42   #22
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Originally Posted by Shan2nu
Ok, i've deleted the 2 votes for 10-15 lakh kms and added the required "punctuations". Hope you vote for the right ones.
Thanks Shan2nu! The poll nows shows "You have already voted on this poll" so I'm not sure I can vote again.

Anyway, for what its worth:

Standard Herald: 6,000 km
Premier Padmini: 15,000 km
Maruti Omni: 41,000 km
Tata Indica: 50,000 km
Rental cars in the US, UK & Switzerland: 6,000 km
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Old 23rd November 2005, 10:43   #23
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Originally Posted by hrag
Oops! I wanted to vote for the 1,00,000 to 1,50,000 option but ended up voting for the 10,00,000 to 15,00,000 option. Can my vote be changed please?

I'm guessing speedsatya has made the same mistake. The poll options need those commas!

yeah you are right ...for me its around 70k kms in my splendor and about 40k kms in my zen..
below 50k.
of these 40k in my car about 25 k has been on the mumbai -mangalore route ..

also have done about 10k kms ..while in delhi in my office indica where the driver used to rest and i did all the driving .

so will vote for option 2

Last edited by speedsatya : 23rd November 2005 at 10:58.
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Old 23rd November 2005, 10:47   #24
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for me its around 70k kms in my splendor
I thought we were not supposed to count the kms done on anything other than a car!!!

Read the opening post again.

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Old 23rd November 2005, 10:50   #25
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hey i once and sat n calculated this lol

Own cars
Maruti Omni-5000 km
118 NE - 15,000 km
Maruti 1000-20,000km
Zen-35,000 km
City 1.3-5,000km
iKON-25,000 n counting
Crv 2500 n counting

Other cars
Merc 180-3000km
Esteem-10,000 km
Wagon R-1,000km
Maruti 800-3000km
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Old 23rd November 2005, 11:05   #26
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I have done about 45k in last 4 years in bombay suburbs driving.
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Old 23rd November 2005, 11:26   #27
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Tata sumo NA : 40,000 kms
Ford ikon 1.3 : 30,000 kms
Mahindra jeep: 1000 kms
Accent CRDi : 3000 kms
Santro xing : 1000 kms till now

Total is around 75,000 kms in around 4 years.
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Old 23rd November 2005, 12:08   #28
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I love to go for Long Drives,Recalling from my first car which was a Maruti 800 from 1997 to 2002 about 1.30L KM mostly long interstate drives ,mumbai-indore,mumbai-banglore,mumbai-goa & one of the longest stretch covered was from mumbai-vaishnodevi-haridwar-badrinath-corbett national park-delhi-jaipur-mumbai covering more than 6000Km (approx) in one stretch, In Yr 2002 got Ikon in exchange of M800 done abt 98K Km this too mostly interstate drives, Mumbai-Indore,mumbai-Amritsar-mumbai, & the longest stretch done recently around 4-5 months back was Mumbai-Hyderabad-banglore-Chinnai-banglore-goa-Mumbai .
Yr 2005 OHC bought recently already done 2000Km so total it adds to approx 1.30+98+2 = 2.30L KM
I wish to drive down to Leh-Ladakh once in a life time lets see when, anybody interested to join ??
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Old 23rd November 2005, 12:10   #29
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i have two m800's till date and have clocked around 20000 kms in old car from 96 to 98 and then in the new m800 bought in 98 and it has clocked around 1 lakh kms which came thro only last week. so i have choosen option of 1 lakh to 1.5 lakhs.

not counting my kms driven in accent becoz i haven driven much of that car but may be around 10000 of the 60000 clocked till date.

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Old 23rd November 2005, 12:15   #30
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Default How Many Kms And How Many Broken Bones?

Amby - 25 - 30 K
Fiat - 30 - 35 K
M -800 - 30 -40 K
Santro - 25-30 K
Fusion - 10 K
About 1,40,000 KM I guess

What's the significance of the KMs one has driven?
I once had a trainer who said, "its not important how many years you spend in the same job, its important how much you learn every time you do it".

I think it may be interesting to have another post "how many KM you have driven and how many accidants, minor or major"? Or maybe better, how many bones have u broken from accidents, LOL.

Incidentally......... I have 7 minor accidents and 1 major one, no broken bones or stichs; only lacerations and aberations.......

-- Ramky
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