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Old 26th January 2006, 14:34   #16
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3 Hummers and all that jazz is fine... the REAL fun gonna come when he tries navigating 'em in Delhi's insane traffic! ... thats when i'm sure suyog_007 gonna get his wish come true!


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Old 26th January 2006, 15:22   #17
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I sure hope this chap bought petrol engined ones
Hummers never came in diesel or manual versionss
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Old 26th January 2006, 15:32   #18
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hey a lucky man that wat i can say
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Old 16th February 2006, 21:23   #19
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Default H2 spotted in delhi with american plates!

Hey guys...
I just spotted an H2 Hummer with american number plates on it. I looked for a delhi plate as sometimes ppl leave both, but no luck. the only plate was a white plate with red writting saying Massachusetts 30 cs 40. it was a silver hummer. AMAZING!!!!! thats the coolest car i've seen on Delhi roads! the guy was young. seemed familiar from snaps. Maybe pg 3 times of india probably. Any answers on who owns this rocking automobile. It just owned the road as it blew by me. it was at least doing 100 km on the lodhi road. i was doing 80 and he flew by...
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Old 16th February 2006, 22:19   #20
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Hey Bandit. Mabe what you saw are what are know as fun plates. You know fake funny or cool numberplates. Loads of people used to have them here till they went out of style and when cops started coming down heavily on the people using them.
I used to have one with my name on it, and another which read: 'Mafia Staff Gang - You hit me, we hit you!'.


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Old 17th February 2006, 01:34   #21
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Unlikely to be anything other than an American Import...the land of the cheapest Hummers.
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Old 17th February 2006, 13:43   #22
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Note from Team-BHP Staff:Threads Merged. Please use the search function to find the appropriate threads.
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Old 17th February 2006, 15:16   #23
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What a waste of money and precious fuel, even though the guy might be owning a fuel station. Why buy three of them.
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Old 19th February 2006, 14:32   #24
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Default i believe u :)

3 humveee's,all for personal use ,lol,sounds crazy to me

BUY TWO RHD's & get a LHD for free(Humvee happy hours)
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Old 19th February 2006, 15:28   #25
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are you sure if its the same guy that wns all three.............
If yes He must be some Fan of the meanie........
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Old 17th March 2007, 16:49   #26
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Spanking new H2 Ready for delivery... loved the color -orangish copper. And yes thats me in the car yay!

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Old 17th March 2007, 17:17   #27
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holy cow.. that looks sexy. lucky you. can you post some more pics of it? any other mods done to it besides the rims?
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Old 17th March 2007, 17:30   #28
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great color Arush. U look cool in hummer. There is a relflection of another car on the Hummer's door. Which one is it? Seems to be Some SUV.

Can we have some more orangeees copper colored Hummer's pic's?
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Old 17th March 2007, 17:37   #29
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@ autopsyche - WOWW! More pics please and all the specs.
As for me, I always liked the H1. It was a sad day for me when they discontinued the H1.
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Old 17th March 2007, 17:44   #30
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Guess this guy's trying to beat Arnold Schwarzenneger - the guy has eight of them - including i military spec one, and one that runs on hydrogen.
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