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Default Re: Drove a Mercedes E-Class on the F1 Circuit!

what was the top speed you hit on the long back straight (i.e. between turn 3 and turn 4 )
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Default Re: Drove a Mercedes E-Class on the F1 Circuit!

Sorry for the late reply guys!! Works been keeping me away from replying to you all. Thanks for the wishes. Its a great feeling knowing that your one of the few to drive on the F1 circuit before it were made public.

Originally Posted by mayankjha1806 View Post
Awesome is the word, you are a lucky soul to have driven on the race track. The cabin is so silent, i could only hear a slight engine roar and tyres screeching on turns.

What speeds were you able to do?
Top Speed on the long straight 220 km/hr as we were only given a 4 pot. Had it been the E350 - Top speed would easily touch 250 km/hr when the limiter butts in.

Originally Posted by vagu View Post
Truly amazing! I envy you soo much.

Could you please elaborate more on the track, how was it, how are the elevations ,how does it feel like to drive over there, challenging corners and how was the E ,being the least track oriented car, coping up with the track.
Ok I wish i could answer your question more elaborately but the fact is I was a track rookie. The sheer excitement of driving and cornering at unrestricted speeds meant i was like a kid in a candy store. This is the first circuit I have driven on, so can't really compare it to anything else. The corners were slightly tough for an amateur but as you keep doing laps, your confidence to carry higher speeds on into the corners increases. There were certain corners where I didn't even touch the brakes!

As for the E class, well I agree it isn't a track oriented car. It has a bit of body roll through the corners but again the 4 pot surprised me with the low end grunt on the power band. Accelerating out of corners was a joy. Although the SLS AMG would have been far much better

Originally Posted by brraj View Post
That should be a fun event. Is the circuit open for public? if yes what is the cost, rules, regulations?
AFAIK, the circuit isnt open for the general public. Although they should open it up. Plenty of Dilliwalas wouldn't mind shelling a out a buck or 2 to do a few laps coniserding the sheer number of ferraris, lamborghinis and the likes being sold.

Originally Posted by esteem_lover View Post
That is one hell of a chance, must be the first on T-BHP. The merc is really silent, were you driving with the AC on ?
Yes the AC was on through out. The cabin itself is well insulated so not much sound except the screeching tyres.

Originally Posted by aadithsince1980 View Post
You are one lucky guy sparkplug Do let us know the max speed you could touch. I'd also like the mention that I enjoyed the purr of the exhaust
Originally Posted by SDP View Post
Supercool! You are one lucky chap Sparkiplug!
Top speed? Fastest lap time?
220 km/hr. Lap time on the instructors stop watch was 2 min :48 seconds which according to him was pretty good timing for a rookie.

Any video from the stands? Would have loved to see how the E200 cornered.
Unfortunately no videos from the stands as we were only in the pit lane where it was difficult to capture the corners. Although I have another video coming up very soon of my uncle doing a lap with better image and sound quality.
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Default Re: Drove a Mercedes E-Class on the F1 Circuit!

Congrats Sparkiplug! Must have been an awesome feeling.

Seeing videos of the Buddh circuit is so surreal... everything is so new and clean, and the tri-coloured seats of the main stand make them look full of cheering fans all the time. It has a very simulator-like feel to it.

How many other E-class owners were present at the track when you were there?
Were the AMGs just standing around, or did they do a few laps too?
How many laps did you get driven around for, and how many did you drive for?
Was it the full circuit, or a shorter loop?

Waiting for that second video...

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