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Originally Posted by liv2drv
She spends at least a couple of months in a year at Verdi Ferrari (service centre in London)
Isnt that next to Mr.Billy's workshop? I remember he had a red 355 adorned with race decals. I might have a pic with me next to it too outside verdi, will have to hunt my archives


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Default hi

hi liv to drv


that's great collection of cars you have buddy.
i dont think you are able to drive every car you have cause there are lots of time in confusion.(which car to drive)

what about hummer experience buddy?
pls tell me from the driver sit of hummer how people on the road look like ?
ha ha.

Originally Posted by liv2drv
sorry if you find the list too Hollywood, but its the way it is. A lot of Delhi people know who i am and my passion for cars.
you are right,without passion no one can hav that huge & latest collection.
it's expensive & even time consuming to keep that lot in right manners.

happy driving buddy.

thanx. . .BOB
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that's just a really really awesome collection.....
the list is so damn long......
great toys u got.........................
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Originally Posted by revharder
pardon my ignorance, but i don't have the slightest of idea about who you are!
so if you can please introduce yourself.
thanx in advance.
I never said you will know me!! I said a lot of people do know me!! I'm sure eveyone is known to a lot of people. What i meant by this is that my cars are no secret and i do not take extra precautions to stay discreet. But yet i don't want to plaster my name on a web site. I will be meeting some bhp members on sunday... Guys where is the meet? so they will know who i am.

The ferrari experience is the best. What is there not to like. She grips the road as if she is on rails. She sounds like heaven, she moves and i mean MOVES. And all of this is before you flick the switch into sports mode, haha! I don't need to tell you what happens then, appart from the fact that she gets real hungry.
Even when she falls sick and you panic about what you have done to her, is an enjoyable experience.
I've had the over heating problems, and i still do sometimes in traffic. I've had the gear pump pack up, the clutch, the electrics fail, pop up lights not come up, petrol tank not open and many many many more things... but the major problem was chipping a valve due to pushing her a bit on the motorway. That hurt the packet, the heart and everything else in my body.

The hummer H2 is my favourite out of our current cars. Thats why another one on its way. I know they are not so tough and they are built on some other chevy chassis. But honestly, they still are tough, they still perform pretty damn well off and on road. No doubt you cant compare them with the H1, but they are stll awesome. They are the most comfortable vehicles you can imagine. the front seats are like arm-chairs. They ride like the caddi's, They are packed with gadgets including one crazy CRAZY sound system. One of the best factory systems i have come across. You feel like a king on the road. The first time i drove one i thought i was a pilot. Really.
Yes, they are a bit plasticy, but all cars have to have some problems.
There is a solution to this too though. In the states you can customize them and have sued cover all the plastic. It looks good and gets rid of all the plastic noises.
They are pretty damn peppy, trust me. I've hit 118mph in mine and it really didn't take that long. They are the same as the range rover on petrol, a bit heavy, but well worth it.

How i got my Hummer in as a LHD... PM me, if you still want to know. Just promise not to tell anyone.
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Originally Posted by liv2drv
But yet i don't want to plaster my name on a web site.
pls don't take it as plastering your name on a website, i just wanted to know who you are!
there are several other ways to do this.
PM me.

nice to read about H2 experience!
and another one is coming up, thats wonderful!
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hi liv2drv,
so finally you are on the forum.welcome to the forum.
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Hey liv2drv,

Welcome aboard.
Great Collection Dude..
If Possible Do Post More Pics Of Hummer And SL65 When You Get It.

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Hey liv2drv the meet is finalised for sunday adn I have PM'ed you the details looking forward to seeing you there!!!!!!!!!
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Hi guys!
Long time...
I know i said i was going to post some suprises, but i haven't had the time. I'm going to try and do it right now.

But to add to this thread, i was in London a few days back, and we picked up a nice little new car.
The pics should explain the rest...
You can notice the porsche in the background. That is the 993. I used to have it with me in the U.S along with the Hummers and the ML. Oh the 330 ci too.

Hope you enjoyed.
The pics do no justice to this car.
what do you guys thing ablut the colour?

Believe me, this car is a monster. I have never sat in anyhting so fast, the previous owner has modified the engine. It has been tuned up to give some mind boggling performance.
I was meant to meet a certain team bhp memeber in London, but unfortunately i didn't get the chance. Sorry! In sept i promise you a drive, as long as you aren't crazy and end up crashing her !!!

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its a beauty,enjoy it.....and someone actually modified a ferrari engine..thats crazy...some spec if possible...pls
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Woooow thats a excellent collection there dude. Would love to meet you in person some day. P.S do you have a driver. I wouldnot mind becoming one for your Ferrari.
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LIV2DRV you are really Lucky!!!!
I have never ever in my life come across such a huge list except a thread here, on REDLINE the film........

What do you do for a living??,I wouldnt mind working for you...With your kind of boss I think I may be able to buy atleast an accord....which is a luxury for me...
I cant even think of mercs and bmws now.....

You said you had some cars which you wrecked..what happened to them...
Do you just wreck them for fun or they were result of Rash driving???

One day I too would like to make a list of such cars and post them here....
Till then I am happy with my collection in my dreams....................(its longer than yours)
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Default hummer2

hi chief....saw the collection of cars u have ....superb...wante dto know is the hummer in delhi is a rhd[right hand drive] u own?thanks
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holy jesus......thats a long list of exotics , these babes under one roof saddee dilli....surely it would be fun meeting u at coming meet

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Wow thats really an amazing collction of cars. I don't have such a long list of cars even in my dreams.
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