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Default Re: A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL

Thank you Jeroen, akshay1234, utopian, dudewithafiat.
@manikjeet: ill check with Z about the papers but afaik they were complete and car is road legal till 2015 end. The problems with compression were checked and Z did have some issues with the fuel lines (as described below)

The acquisition:
My brother had first heard of the car when he was 17. Was referred by a local restorer and went up to the address given to him by the local restorer. He met the caretaker/driver who told him the car was indeed for sale and was available at a said price. Looking at Zs desire for the car (Z went multiple times but the owner was not available every time he went) the caretaker also said he could have the car for free and restore the car!
But, eventually after multiple visits, he started telling Z that the car was no longer up for sale, which broke Zs heart and even though he kept on insisting to meet the owner, the details of the owner were never disclosed.
The car had been standing parked for 4 years and was imported in 1996, therefore spent most of its running life abroad (Z concluded that the car belonged to an NRI). The car used to be parked on bricks under a cover in the basement (explains the condition of the exterior) of some flats which were on the other side of Chandigarh from Z.
Since Z had lost hope of owning the car, he used to go and admire her every-so-often and return empty handed. After almost 4 months of frequent visits to check out the car, a security guard from the flats approached Z and asked him if he was bonkers… “Kya sahib, aapka dimag theek hai?” he asked.
Z laughed out, realizing he was nuts indeed, Z explained his whole story to him and the guard said he should have mentioned this earlier. He pulled out a small book and gave Z the address of the owner! Z picked up his car and was at the doorstep of the address given by the guard, the address was in Zs neighborhood and was greeted by a lady who turned out to be his mums friend, they agreed on a price and Z paid her off that very day.
The car was picked up on a bed lift. Z was so in love with the car he dint even ask if it ran or not! He was just too thrilled that his dream came true in such a short span!
Z took the car straight to his friends’ service station for the cleaning out of the old liquids/tyres etc. The caretaker came to know and was threatening Z, so he had the car lifted at midnight and was helped by the guard who was shown the signed sale papers by the lady (who was more than happy to get” rid” of the car)

The Problems/issues faced/rectified:
- There were a couple small electrical faults which were sorted out without much fuss.
- To get the car running the car had issues from the start.
- The Fuel lines were a complete headache to sort out.
- The spark plugs/wires were changed on day 1.
- The fuel pump was giving way since the car was parked for 4 years.
- It ran fine for a few days at the start, but suddenly after 3-4 days the car started shudderingand wouldn’t even start…
- Z ordered a new fuel distributor as well (Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel injection system)
- The car ran fine for 2 more weeks and the pumps gave way yet again.
- Upon further scrutiny realized that there was rust in the system and this amazed Z as no mechanic was guiding him this way, he discovered this through the net.
- The tank was removed and flushed.
- Tank was lined with an epoxy coat to cut out the rust.
- Fuel pumps were replaced again
- All belts and arms were changed.
- Fuel pressure regulator was replaced.
- Idle control valve was replaced.
- Fuel pump relay gave way and was replaced.
- The wooden panel near the shifter is cracking up and will be replaced soon.

What the car feels like today:
After all the initial niggling mechanical issues were taken care of, the car currently is running like a dream and the ride is not harsh/stiff because of the BBSs. It feels amazing to drive and has an immense presence. The only current issue is a slightly long(ish) cold start.
The BBSs were acquired by a close friend of Zs.

Also, I attaching some pics taken by cam phone for the interior:
(I will be travelling to Chandigarh soon and will upload better pictures of the interior and more for the entire car also with the W126/220/221)
Attached Thumbnails
A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20130628_130412.jpg  

A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20130917_110326.jpg  

A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20131001_152045.jpg  

A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20131031_172802.jpg  

A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20131031_172809.jpg  

A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20131031_172821.jpg  

A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL-20131031_172924.jpg  

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Default Re: A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL

Thanks for the latest updates! I've copied it to the opening post.
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Default Re: A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL

Thank you for sharing this mkaysaw.
I was at Kalina(Bombay) recently for a work related matter. I came across a Mercedes-Benz model I had not seen before or perhaps not very often.
It had SEL in it's name albeit 3xx not the 420 as yours, The interiors were the same as yours as were the exteriors. I'm guessing the same car with smaller engine. Oh god! I found it so attractive!
For those knowledgeable on the matter, Could someone tell me if this is from the era were M-B built their cars like tanks? Oh and If I was to buy such a vehicle and have it restored, If they at all do this, from M-B how much would it set me back by o.O?
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Default Re: A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL

Nice updates
A couple of years back we had a short geri on the geri route in a grand daddy W140 S600 (Was owned by a bhpian).Hope to spot your car sometime in chandigarh
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Default Re: A W126 joins the family: '91 Mercedes 420 SEL

I see that the car is up for sale in our classifieds.
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