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Default The Supercharged SRV Guy

This is how our conversation took place;

Me : ....( trying to get his attention whilst he was explaining very ardently to a spectator who was bombarding the poor guy with questions like- what the "Milage would be of this car": "Kitna MIlage Milega? Isme diesel nahi hai kya- Engine mein yeh mota pipe A/C ka hai kya?"

The SRV man whom we shall refer to as "HIM": Dont worry sir its good. it will increase milage actually

Me: er......

Him: still ignoring me completely...give one card of mine to this gentleman (not to me but to the guy who asked him all sorts of vague and mentally challenged questions)

Me: Er...excuse me i need to know if ure from chevrolet or from the company who does the supercharger job

Him: " BOth ..BOth"

Me: what super charger do you use

Him: yes its a supercharger

Me: (In one breath) what is the cost and what does it include, what are the timings and what do you have, to prove the timing and/or the BHP increase you claim? Do will you supercharge any car or do you do only SRV's, will the warranty hold and if not then gimme a good reason why should i get my car done up by you, if i plan to buy an srv and for the last time are you here just minding the stall or are you a technical guy also are you related to Mr Talwalkar of the Gym fame coz u look like him a lot ( thought that maybe one bro pumps up bodies and the other does cars)...Phew!!

Him:(With an Extremely Dumb Look) Im sorry but im out of cards pl contact the dealership they wil give you all the details..sorry han??!! Why dont you give me your card?

Me: (In my mind) #@&#&@?#$*!! (To Him) Ill catch you later, even im out of my cards!!
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Good stuff!!!!

really like the Tata...among the lot....something to be proud of....reminded me of a CLIO V6 SPORT....

Coming to the 550 HP skyline... (dont get me started....)

anyway....its a series II (late 95 - 97) GTST...

RB25DET.....the HP cla....dont know whether to laugh my head out or be proud that we are able to reach such outputs these days in India.....especially using adulterated 93 octane (we know how the quality of fuel is back offfense meant)

unless they have shelled out a minimum of AUD $30 grand (around 11 lacs)...with some seriers gadgetary.....tuners struggle to pull over 400 + HP out of a RB25DET with a bigger turbo.... (T88 like big......)..more so keep it on the road....(have to be road legal here....)

Unless they were smoking up some green stuff and started talking out of their a#$%!!!

please tell me someone got pics of the motor in the skyline......

Apart from that and by the looks of it... We will soon have some awesome wheels getting built and tuned up in India....AMEN TO THAT!!!!

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