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Ahhh finally !!! Awesome work as usual ARUSH and congratulations Eklavya

Time to hit the mumbai speedrun eh?
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Its Amazing Bro. Great work. Would love to see it in flesh.

By the way whats the maximum speed u have touched on this bro?
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Thank you nikibusa, mugen, quadra, ramie, rocker, vikram, aza.. and everyone else.

Khaadu: cant wait to stretch its legs! call up eklavya, im sure he is all over the place right now heh.

gamer: the black spot is a paint chip off all thanks to a CLS350 who couldnt stop in time!

Struggly: Thank you very much for your inputs infact youre very much correct that 750cc are overkill for the 15Gs, but, the reason why we have them there are for future upgrades. What we are currently doing is use the fuel pressure regulator to reduce the amount of fuel on the injectors and like u said, the AEM to control them. For all practicalty purposes 550cc would have been the perfect fit, but keeping our future plans in mind we decided to get the 750 in first go. We do not have any 3S parts available off the shelf, everything has been ordered and imported from the US itself. Oh, and you caught me there it was a typo, both front and rear are 18 x 8.5 wheels. Also, the numbers are pure estimate, since no one has a dyno here to check but yes we are not wayy off. Infact we pitted the car with stock injectors and stock ECU against a 380bhp Carrera S the day before, and this one was hands down faster. So it is safe to estimate we are hitting in excess of 400bhp and not just numbers off the head. The 500 is an estimate as well as a target

naditya: Sorry but not a contender for the mumbai speedrun, bangalore however we will look forward to depending upon the dates.

Boom: The exhausts are very much upgraded! The stock car has two 2" pipes at either end which has twin tips on either end which are purely cosmetic. Under the car it is a single pipe coming from the engine which divides into two at the end to distribute the air flow to the left and right mufflers. What we have is a straight 3" pipe from the front to the back of the car with a 3" Bore muffler. We will however put two cosmetic tips at the back on either side.

vandan: Legally it should be black on white, but it was not going along with the paintjob, so we did silver on black!! Not really bothered about being challaned lol.

horsepower: havent attempted a top speed run as yet, will let u know as soon as we do!

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amazing work
but you have to open a branch in mumbai too.....
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Old 24th January 2007, 11:58   #20
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sweet nice job on the exterior gt3K is one of the best mitsu's specially the VR4 with all wheel steering. Good job enjoy the car ...
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That is a hot VR4. Arush, your paintjobs and detailing are impeccable.
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Its a master piece....
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So finally its ready,Awesome work Arush bhai.!
Hope to see it in the coming meet.

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Originally Posted by Struggly View Post
I'm not sure what kind of 3/S aftermarket parts are available to you, but you've made some odd and ill-advised choices. First, the 750cc injectors are far too large for your intended power numbers. Certainly, you have the AEM and can control them, but they're much larger than what is needed for 15Gs. Where are your power estimates coming from anyway? It sounds like you've invented nice, round numbers just to sound good.
Hey Clint have been following up on your stuff on the net for a while now and on 3SI it has been interesting to see people like you coming over to forums like these... which are on the starting point of mods as compared to what you are up to out there... Yes there have been some excessives on this project it was kind of you to point out only the obvious and let the rest lie... This was critical as as the import of the stuff down in one go due to import regulations here and the long term plans on this build.

However the numbers are not out of the box and the car has been tuned based on an Wideband O2 and a Gtech pro due to a lack of a proper dyno test facility in this country and yes to go beyond 500 there is a lot more to be done ... got some more time before boost is upped . However keep a close lookout on the forum for updates on the speedrun as there will be sure time shockers for you to see esp for a country without a proper dyno. And yes it really has taken down a Carrera S in a straight line with a good driver on board.

Arush: Amazing detailing on the car... it sure is shocker compared to what it was. Just posting the before pics for the benefit of everyone.

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superb job Arush!

and now that pyscho has posted the original pix! phew!
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Awesome job Autopsyche !!!! The car looks stunning . Waiting for top speed and acceleration figures .
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Default NIce one Arush

Hey Nice JOb Arush,....
we now need to have Pimp My Ride Indian Edition with Arush as the man....
Great Job.
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Very nicely and neatly executed with a lot of taste. Well Done Arush. Just one thing though, and I hope it's taken positively, I dont much care for the black strip on the headllight. Makes it look as though it's grown eye lashes. Would have prefered it to be a single colour, i.e. yellow or black. I also feel the Mitsubishi logo will look nice, OE location.
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is it just me ...i find the orignal version more meaner .. great job done as always..although i would prefer it in black.
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Well done arush. Happy to see no spoiler

Sideways, those "eyelashes" are actually parking lights which he seems to have tinted black. I agree with you on the look of them though, that was the one aspect of the original design that I never liked.
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