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Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Vroom!! Vroo....oom!! I often find myself making these weird sounds when I am at the wheel stuck in traffic with my kids onboard. I never really thought much about it, just one of those silly clown things you do with kids. They are always amused by it and I am only too happy to entertain them.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p01cover.jpeg

I have been lobbying with my wife to sign up for iCloud and stop printing photos for backup purposes. I told her about saving paper and Greta Thunberg. She asked if it's the same girl that became "Time person of the year" instead of being sent to the principal's office for bunking school! Hmmm.. very funny! It took some convincing but finally we joined the modern civilisation and signed up for iCloud. Awesome, one more life-long recurring bill added to my achievements list.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p01zprints.jpeg

Two kids and a marriage, not in that order mind you, and countless birthdays and anniversaries contributed terabytes worth of photos, too big for my 'beginner' iCloud plan. It's time to lose some excess baggage, easier said than done though. Now I know what those "work from home and earn 30000 a month" job advertisements probably mean. With the grim face of someone about to review and tag thousands of photos, I began scanning for happy faces. What do you know, a pattern seems to emerge! Our road trip pictures stood out - they're the best, the keepers, the ones with a deeper meaning.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p02travel.png

Could this be a sign that I need to rediscover my love for travel to fill our lives with stories to cherish? Put more crudely, should I buy a new car for myself? ... a vision softly creeping. Left its seeds while I was sleeping. And the vision that was planted in my brain...

Technically, I don't need another car and have no appetite to deal with another round of social awkwardness. After eight long years of buying an S class, I still get reminded of how Mr Azim Premji drives a very humble car. In my defence, I invoke Mahatma Gandhi who once said "Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. Greed ... captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit." It became clear that there is no practical and sensible way to approach this. That's good news because not being practical and sensible is my area of expertise. However I decided to start with more practical options first - who knows things may not get escalated this time.

Truth be told, this has been my dream car for a long time. I always looked for an excuse to buy this car. However it did not progress too far because during a recent drive of my friend's GT, I felt I will be able to buy this car when I am replacing my Honda city. The 'vroom' factor of my Honda city is as good as GT, perhaps better because my car has a well run-in engine and paddle shifters. But the overall fun-to-drive aspect of GT is fantastic and I do hope VW will reintroduce DSG Polo in near future.

Porsche Macan
Porsche brand is big, their prices are even bigger. Macan seemed like an attainable car and it's got rave reviews. I don't like SUVs but Macan looks great for an SUV. I worked out the budget aspects and visited the dealership with a prior appointment. The dealership experience was very underwhelming. These things tend to happen to me because I look like someone who lost his way to a cheap barber shop. The place was relatively small and deserted with no cars on display and no staff around. My sales guy was 'held up' somewhere so one of his colleagues attended to me.

Long story short, I found myself at the wheel of a Macan and quickly realised this was not the car for me. An affordable Macan in India feels cheaper than a VW. If you decide to add options, it starts losing its value proposition very rapidly. I don't remember the details but if you spec Macan beyond a certain point, it will fall into a higher import duty category and all hell breaks loose. Of course, the 2.0L I drove was hardly exciting given the price point. I went there with a keen interest to buy but I realised I can't afford a "true" Porsche with good interiors and a great engine.

Pitstop and breakthrough
I shortlisted a few other options like Mercedes (C coupe) and BMW (M2) range and contacted the dealerships to check the availability, etc. That's when the pandemic had started, the COVID one I mean. Everything was closed and I got a bit disoriented thinking about cars and tried to engage even my wife in a car discussion. She thought about it for a minute and suggested that I should buy her a VW Beetle. Somehow I managed to maintain my composure and said it'd been discontinued in India. She pressed on with a suggestion to buy a second hand Beetle. Uh oh, this was not going as per the plan. Luckily her phone rang and took her away from the scene of crime.

This Beetle conversation left a great impression on me. No, I was not planning to buy one for my wife. My conscience is very clear when it comes to cars. How about looking at my own favourite "iconic" cars? Looked like I was onto something. I was excited. As usual, I wanted to start from the bottom of the ladder.

Mercedes Benz W123
This is the first car that came to my mind. I checked out OLX and found one white W123 in excellent condition and that night I happened to watch Ryan Gosling's Fracture (good watch btw) in which he drives a beautiful old classic BMW. I took it as a sign from the above and met up with the W123 seller as soon as I could. The car was in great condition and everything felt very original, so I made up my mind to buy it. His asking price was high but given that I walked out of a potential new Macan deal I had some room to accommodate!

We went for a test drive and instead of making me feel like Ryan Gosling, the 200D block with 59BHP made me feel like Fred Flintstone. I still wanted to go ahead with it, the car condition was pretty good and Fred Flintstone is a closer alter ego of mine than Ryan Gosling. As a bonus, I can beat Azim Premji at his own game. I found some fuel leak during the inspection and I asked the seller to have it fixed before I can transfer the money. Due to lockdown, this repair could not be attended to and I was also having second thoughts about the 200D engine. Eventually I decided not to go ahead with the deal and informed the seller about my decision.

Porsche 911
While browsing through OLX, I came across a 2011 911 base Carrera. It's an overkill for a run-of-the-mill driver like me. On the other hand, it's a 911! Legend tells of a legendary sports car whose flat-six was the stuff of legend. It turns out the ad was posted by an expat and we happened to have a mutual friend so things progressed quickly and I was able to review all the service history and documents, etc. to my satisfaction. Checked with the local Porsche service contact who was very helpful and gave me all the information I needed. There were no red flags.

I fixed up a time and visited his place to see the car during the lockdown days. I was about 50ft away from the car when I first saw it and boy, I was sold! Target acquired and locked, all systems engaged! I decided it had to be a 911. I went through the motions of checking the car out. Did not test drive it due to lockdown. I made an offer to the gentleman with the condition that I would want to get it inspected at the authorised dealership once they are open for business. We could not agree on the price and I left it at that.

The asking price for a 2011 car was high as I also had to factor in the humongous KA road tax as this was a CH reg car. Having no prior experience of buying a used car, I was afraid of ending up with a troublesome used car. One thing was very clear in my mind though - it had to be a 911. Since I can't afford a new one - either I wait it out or look for other used options.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p03peanuts.jpg

My postdoctoral research
I began researching different generations of 911 to find out what would be a good value-for-money purchase. I don't think there is another topic that uses up more internet ink than comparing 911 generations! Forget the internet, you can actually fill a small library with various 911 books. I condensed the entire internet wisdom into the following two points relevant to me given my budget and our Indian market.

Year 2012 saw the introduction of an all new platform 991. The previous such major platform change was in 1997. The difference is a big deal. Should I get the newer 991 or the older 997?

PDK vs Manual transmission. This was an easy decision to go with PDK as family members can also drive it. I would be too possessive to let anyone drive if it were MT.
Indian used luxury car dealers
This one experience was enough to convince me not to bother with dealers ever again. Maybe things would have been better if I were a seasoned buyer and have good relationships with the dealers. The general pattern I observed is that the dealer will have a bunch of photos and a copy of the RC card. What he will not have would be professionalism, knowledge of the car and additional documents which makes getting any additional info a frustrating process. On the contrary, I found individual sellers to be more helpful in answering questions and sharing all the paperwork. There is a catch, though. Dealers are much more realistic with prices and individual sellers have somewhat unrealistic expectations. Pick your poison. I did have some close contenders and follow up discussions but in the end I called back the owner of the first car I checked and made a deal and brought home the 2011 997.2 Carrera base with 21K km on the odo. As they say, going beyond one's backyard helps to gain perspective.

Why not the newer model?
There is no objective way to answer this. Each newer generation of 911 lost a bit of soul in order to survive and stay relevant. I feel the time around 2010 was a turning point for the automobile industry. Things we consider essential to the fun of driving have matured - engine, transmission, chassis, safety, etc. Subsequent years focused on emissions, digital technology, convenience features, lights, etc.

The hydraulic steering gives a sporty vibe even at parking speeds, this steering alone wiped out all traces of confusion about my decision. The spartan cabin with a simple layout sans convenience features like parking aids, etc. removes any resemblance to other cars in the garage. Visually, it looks much more compact inside out even though actual dimensions are only marginally lower - after all it is based on a 1997 chassis, a time that gave rise to modern classics when compact cars stayed compact.

In the end, for a hobby sports car, I felt going backwards in time made more sense.

Finally, about the car

I feel it is a thoughtfully configured car. It is a base Carrera in carrara white ext color with sand beige interior color. Porsche trivia: notice that it's Carrera for model name and Carrara for paint name. Interestingly the buyer didn't configure any additional convenience options like leather, electric seats, parking aids, sun-roof, etc. However he ticked many performance options: PDK, sports chrono with sports-plus and launch control, sports exhaust, sports steering wheel with paddles, 19" wheels, quad exhaust, etc. The only odd inclusion was Bose audio with mobile preparation (bluetooth, USB etc.).
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p04spec.png

The more cars I evaluated, the more I liked the "just right” spec of this car. My favourite thing about the configuration is the combination of sand beige interiors with white exterior without any body kit - subjective opinion but it greatly enhances the classic feel of the car. It has a clean and detailed service history - the only incident, a big one, was the replacement of PDK two years back which I consider to be a plus but time will tell.

Initial impressions

The traditional cluster of five analog dials with central tachometer looks very classy. It has some really basic multifunction display to show the usual stuff - thankfully it's tiny enough not to mess with the classic five dial shapes.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p05dials.jpeg

The standout feature is its hydraulic steering, made even better by the fantastic optional sport steering wheel with paddles. The sense of occasion is never lost on me, right from the point of opening the door to get in. Not a feeling of opulence but that of spartan classic sports car feel.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p06interior.jpeg

Next of course is the engine. To be honest, I am not someone who has a lot of experience to judge an engine in this category. I am actually a bit intimidated by the startup sound of the engine and still getting used to the racket it makes. I feel as if I am violating some neighbourhood bye-laws each time I turn on the engine. My younger son watches a lot of car youtube videos and considers himself a car buff. He got scared when he heard the engine startup sound and he said "wow.. what a difference between youtube and real sound!"
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p07rear.jpeg

If this is your first time in a car of this segment, you would be taken aback by just how low your seating position is. You would feel as if you are squatting on the ground and you would have to be a reasonably fit person to get in and get out. But the seating position is excellent, hardly needed any adjustment and surprisingly it felt perfect in a wide range of seat settings.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p08interior.jpeg

This car doesn't have any leather package except for the standard partial leather on seats. Everything on the door cards and dash etc. is plastic but the quality of plastic is excellent and doesn't give any cheap feel due to lack of leather.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p09doorpad.jpg

Everything is old school in a good way. There is the usual handbrake with a simple PDK shift lever. It is the basic key without foldable fob to be inserted into the ignition. Thankfully no auto start-stop feature. You can just get in, start the engine and drive off. There is hardly any need to familiarise yourself with the car.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p10pdk.jpeg

The car has optional 19" wheels instead of the standard 18". They look great. Because it is a base Carrera it came with standard passive suspension and not PASM (Porsche active/dynamic suspension). This gives it 20mm extra ground clearance, very helpful on Bangalore roads. I still have to improve my technique of clearing speed humps because of all the weight at the rear that tends to scrape after the rear wheel clears the hump - very different from front-engined cars where we tend to be very careless after the rear wheels clear the hump.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p11rearside.jpeg

Understandably the suspension is rock hard. You are also sitting too close to the ground without much cushion in the seat. This is what I signed up for, so no complaints. This is a good car to find out who among your friends and family are true car lovers - best way to weed out the automobile philistines! Can there be love without suffering?

The rear seats are dreadfully uncomfortable and squeezing in and out of the rear is harder than doing yoga - strictly for kids who love cars or who are too young to complain. I believe I have a couple of years left before the rear seats become totally useless - the main reason behind the timing of purchase and selecting this specific car. It has got the gorgeous proportions of a compact 2 seater with four usable seats - making it a very unique sports car.
Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)-p12backseat.jpeg

I am still a bit hesitant to take this car out - in spite of it being an unassuming white car and the least impressive in it's league, it does get some attention due to the rarity of it on our roads. My wife thinks it is a better looking VW Beetle. No, she doesn't know who Jeremy Clarkson is.

I am waiting to complete the KA registration transfer and a scheduled service is due in a couple of weeks. I will update this thread with my driving and service experiences as things unfold. Things in general have been slow due to COVID.

The car feels raw and edgy even at safe city speeds which is exactly what I was after. My wife and kids were screaming in horror "STOP! STOP!!” when I barely tried a kick-down. In that sense, it's mission accomplished!
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

What a brilliant buy! The only thing I would have changed is that beige overload inside. But then, highly subjective and it's not easy to find a 911 in India.

And great story telling as usual. thanks for sharing! Keep us posted and please put some videos of the starting up and shifts too! Have lots of Fun!
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

The story came a few days late but was well worth the wait

A base model 'Carrera' which has all the basics covered. I agree the 'Carrera' white exterior, black wheels and simple biege interiors makes this a timeless classic!

Wish you a long and happy ownership of this iconic car.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Congrats on the buy, she's a real beaut.

Reading through this made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside, like liquor snaking through my body on a cold day. It brought a smile to my face in much a similar way. I've never met you, Andro, and doubt I ever will, but you seem like a kindred spirit on a different journey. I love the emotion you poured into your prose, the gentle turn of phrase, tinges of humor, and the peppering of pop culture references every now and then. This review might have been all too brief (and I might have been all too greedy in devouring it at one go), but it was a delight, without a doubt.

It saddened me when you said a poverty spec Macan is no Porsche, primarily because I refused to admit to myself that that is true, and partly because I genuinely thought of it as my next car. But Porsche's options list can scare off the stoutest hearts and largest wallets, and finding one pre-owned is easier said than done. I think going through a root canal would be less painful.

I love the spec on the 911, perfectly sport-spec and a hark back to simpler times. All the stuff you need, none of the stuff you don't. I've taken your experience and filed it away for future use, and hope to one day frighten the wifey in much the same way you delighted in.

Much love for the car, and many congrats again.

P.S.: How many smackeroos did she set you back? Asking for research purposes and not because I'd like to go down the same route. Nope. Not at all.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Originally Posted by deetjohn View Post
The only thing I would have changed is that beige overload inside. But then, highly subjective and it's not easy to find a 911 in India.
Yes, it has a lot to do with lack of choice. Other choices I came across were red (an extremely popular colour but least preferred by me) and black (I was neutral). I would have loved a brownish shade with dual tone black dash and door cards, etc. typically found in BMWs in India. To be honest, when I think about it, it could have been worse given the limited supply and 'unique' preferences of people who buy these cars new.

Originally Posted by ashis89 View Post
The story came a few days late but was well worth the wait
Hardest part was trying to remember the sequence of events that led me to looking for this car Some creative liberties were taken but it is an accurate account of how things happened.

A base model 'Carrera' which has all the basics covered. I agree the 'Carrera' white exterior, black wheels and simple biege interiors makes this a timeless classic!
Had it been a beige dual tone with black, it would been perfect. I am guessing such option was not present without opting for more expensive leather package.

I have spent a lot of time configuring a Porsche when I was looking to buy Macan - it is somewhat difficult to 'spec' it just right even if you have funds. I am impressed with the buyer of this car. It was clearly purchased with budget constraints as it is not the more common S variant and doesn't have leather. A lot of thought has gone into spec'ing the way it has been without spending a penny on what's irrelevant to enjoying a 911 and not skimping on things essential to enjoy 911. He could have easily afforded the S variant with fancy leather by skipping some options.

I appreciate the thought process because I also had to overcome a lot of tempting options to 'find what I am looking for'. For someone willing to buy a 10 year old high-maintenance sports car with a budget of new Macan, every possible type of car is within reach if you know what I mean. Thankfully I had a 4-seater constraint, it would have been much more confusing otherwise.

Originally Posted by iliketurtles View Post
I love the emotion you poured into your prose, the gentle turn of phrase, ....
@iliketurtles, I am not making this up. I dread writing, grew up with Algebra. And I hate members like you who force us to try harder. Thankfully this is once in a decade ritual, so you are safe.

P.S.: How many smackeroos did she set you back?
I have an elaborate strategy in place. First, there won't be anyone to cook dinner if I get hurt. Second, I propose an iPhone Pro Max and buy an iPhone SE and get complimented for it.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Awesome car, nice write-up. Are you planning to take it on a track?

(P. S - Have a cookie for including Sound of Silence)
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Wow, beautiful car and written so too. Wishing happy driving
Its my dream too to own a Porsche Boxter for just myself one day. Its a minimal thing to wish for, only 2 seats. Will probably sit in it even when parked in garage
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Brilliantly written & congratulations on the buy!

The 997 911 is a classic, and I was smitten the first time I got to experience one (albeit the S and as a passenger) but similarly specced (PDK, Chrono Pack, etc.).
In fact it was my first proper introduction to a proper Porsche & sportscars too. The low seating - it doesn't look that low until you actually have to sit in it, exhaust rumble, simple but high quality interiors, etc. are all points that I felt similarly about as well, except I didn't find the ride quality that harsh - but then again, with the S in the garage I can see where you're coming from

Looking forward to reading more updates as the miles rack on. Reviews like these are what give us hope when we are dreaming of our next upgrade!
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Awesome write up and congratulations on this awesome 911 purchase. Still a dream for many like me. Do enjoy it thoroughly and wish you countless miles of happiness.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

What a lovely car and great write-up. Don't mind saying it, feel jealous seeing the car.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

What a buy!!! A 911 is truly a dream car. Unfortunately, I suspect that by the time I can afford even a 10 year old one, I won’t be fit to get into the driver’s seat. Which is why people end up buying Macans and Cayennes I guess.

Have had one trip in a 911 - a rather old GT2 owned by a friend in Dubai. It was amazing, even though I was just in the passenger seat.

So enjoy and wish you a lot of fun driving this car.

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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Lovely write up. Brightened my day for sure

I was able to relate to some of the things you mention here with my humble GTI. The joy some of these cars bring to us car nuts is really priceless. Enjoy your car and drive safe. Hope to spot your car in the area some time .

We want more details buddy - Engine specs, ketna deti hai etc...
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Well, I quite well recollect a thread where someone went out to buy a X1 and came home with S class!
What could have been a more apt continuation of the old thread - went out to buy Macan and came home with 911

Congratulations! I am sure each driving experience will be worth living.
Looking forward for your driving experience.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

Oh Androdev! Amazing write-up for an amazing car. Still remember how you ended up buying an S Class when you had actually planned for a 'cheaper' car.

What are your plans for servicing the car? Will you be sending it to the Porsche A.S.S or places like Race Tech. Please please please keep this thread alive with the subsequent ownership experience and related costs.
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re: Vroom for real - My used Porsche 911 (997.2)

So the much awaited ownership report is online!!!

And let me congratulate on the Porsche. Can't wait to see the ownership updates once everything goes back to normal, and you start using it like it was meant to.

Could really empathise with finding the slightest excuse to buy a car.
Looking at an affordable FTD car, that you then realise wouldn't be a sea change from what you have.
Looking at the classic car you always wanted and then realising you really don't have the appetite to own it.
Then from the new car market to the kid in candy store used market.

By the way. Close shave on the Beetle.

Though it really is odd that an expat bought a Porsche in India!!!, unless ofcourse he comes from a place where cars are way more expensive than India. Thought most expats wouldn't dare to go beyond Corolla/CRV, and would rather be chauffeured in an Innova than drive on our roads. But then, my world view is small.

Have to say, now your garage look like one of those ideal garages shown in advertisements, especially residential ones.

Originally Posted by androdev View Post

I have an elaborate strategy in place.......Second, I propose an iPhone Pro Max and buy an iPhone SE and get complimented for it.
Pretty good compromise, since the nature of the car purchases are dead opposite to the mobile phone one.
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