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Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Weird that we don't have a general thread for Bombay, like the other cities? Starting off this thread with a sexy import.

Spotted this MR2 yesterday. Still a great-looking car, very timeless & sporty. From an era when Toyota had a bunch of affordable fun cars - this, the Celica etc. Seemed to be running too rich though - was heavily smelling of petrol. Also, that end can sure is pointing the wrong way.

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20200927-12.01.01.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20200927-12.00.37.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20200927-11.51.591.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20200927-11.50.22.jpg

One of the best things about cruising in Bombay on a Sunday morning is all the cars you see. Vintages, offroaders, superbikes, supercars etc. This AMG was literally flying on Worli Seaface:
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20200927-12.05.05.jpg

On another recent Sunday, had spotted this gorgeous 488 Pista:
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-untitled.png

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20200711_095014.jpg

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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

finally a thread for mumbai imports and supercars. having lived in mumbai for 5 years, and since im from mumbai too, i have amassed a collection of many rides over the years. will begin to upload the pics hereon!
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Attaching some pictures I had on my phone:

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Name:  9935d7ec7e92cc4ebd098d9117929de1.JPG
Views: 13248
Size:  87.5 KB

Bentley CGT

Name:  IMG_5334.JPG
Views: 13134
Size:  97.5 KB

Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-f7aaebd695814facba35718f397398cd.jpg

Porsche 911 Turbo

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_1886.jpg

BMW E60 M5

Name:  IMG_3413.JPG
Views: 12485
Size:  45.5 KB


Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_1420.jpg

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Name:  IMG_9424.JPG
Views: 11887
Size:  115.6 KB

Audi RS6

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_5580.jpg
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Here are some pictures of supercars in Mumbai I gathered from various threads. Credits to the respective photographers.

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-1.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-2.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-3.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-4.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-5.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-6.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-7.jpg

Name:  supercar 8.jpg
Views: 11077
Size:  671.5 KB

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-9.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-10.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-11.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-12.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-13.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-14.jpg

Name:  supercar 15.jpg
Views: 10768
Size:  117.5 KB

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-17.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-18.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-19.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-20.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-21.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-22.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-23.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-24.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-25.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-26.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-27.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-30.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-32.jpg

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-supercar-33.jpg

Name:  supercar 34.jpg
Views: 10307
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Here are a few that i spotted.
Last one is a Mitsubishi FTO.
Attached Thumbnails
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img20200929wa0007.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img20200929wa0008.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img20200929wa0006.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img20200929wa0010.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img20200929wa0009.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img20200929wa0011.jpg  

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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Originally Posted by LazyDriver View Post
Here are a few that i spotted.
Last one is a Mitsubishi FTO.
Its an FTO with a Toyota Sera Roof and doors transplanted! kind of weird. I had an FTO and loved its simple and elegant lines.
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Some snaps I clicked over the last few years.

Spotted this G Wagon near Powai. It was de-badged, but RC info shows AMG 63. However, it didn't sound very fruity for an AMG. Maybe the driver had a light foot.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20190827_213741.jpg

Mustang GT 5.0 at 3M Andheri for a PPF job.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20191022_160712.jpg

Spotted this Phantom at Khar 3 years ago. RC info says it belongs to Sanjay Dutt.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20170411_124529.jpg

This is the oldest from about 5 years ago. Matte wrapped TT-RS at Vashi.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-_20141028_085315.jpg
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

The golden lambo doesn’t belong in this thread really, although spotted in Bombay it is a Delhi car and is only here once in a year or two for the supercar rally. The RS6 matte grey is owned by the same friend and it’s stationed in bombay since the past few months or so.
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Oh no! You started a Mumbai Supercar thread GTO! It is said that the person finally starts it will be cursed.

Thank you.

The thing about Mumbai is that there are tons of hidden stuff, which never gets snapped. I hope the Mumbai guys share some of the truly rare ones.

Here's one from myside, a beautiful R8 had come to a stop at a signal in Marine Drive. This is from 4-5 years back. Made for a pretty picture.

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-r8.jpg

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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Finally! I've been hoping to see this thread come to life. These pics are a few years old, and unfortunately aren't of the best quality. I have way more photos of Bentleys and other supercars but they're relatively a common sight, hence only posting stuff that's out of the ordinary.

Audi A8 W12
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-audi-a8-w12.jpg

Bentley Arnage & Hummer H2
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-bentley-arnage-4.jpg

A Flying Spur in a rather questionable colour.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-bentley-continental-flying-spur-1.jpg
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-bentley-continental-flying-spur-3.jpg

Cadillac CTS
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-cadillac-cts-1.jpg
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-cadillac-cts-2.jpg

Ford Expedition
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-ford-expedition.jpg

Lotus Elise
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-lotus-elise.jpg

Mazda MX-6
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-mazda-mx6.jpg

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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

As promised, here is the first set of my finds in Mumbai. Carspotting in Mumbai is truly a wonderful thing to do and I do miss it, since I live in Muscat.

This Mahindra Jeep was used for Pope Paul VI's visit in 1964, and currently resides at Mahindra's Kandivali factory. This was photographed in Dec 2014 to commemorate 50 years of the Pope's India visit.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20141208_120434.jpg

Here is a Land Rover Series I or II, not sure which one, which was parked on a street near my college, St Andrews. I was a student for 5 years and I did feel blessed to be in that area because every day there was some imported car or the other popping up.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20150627_153626.jpg

Here is a Land Rover Deefender 110 with embassy/consulate plates outside Globus Mall, Bandra W in Sept 2015.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-20150911_112419.jpg

A tasty Nissan Patrol Y61 parked in Turner Road, Bandra W. This is the first of my 3 Y61 Patrol finds in Mumbai, and given how they are hugely popular in the Middle East, it was a pleasant sight to find these in Mumbai.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20170407_175427489.jpg

Ride of a sheikh, here's a Mercedes Benz 280 SE spotted in Khar, with the period correct plates too.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20190115_094652.jpg

This Land Rover Defender Series I was abandoned near a bank in Versova. Last I checked, January 2020, it wasn't there.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20190825_171552.jpg

And here's the Range Rover P38 in utter derelict state outside the Ram Mandir station in Jogeshwari W. It has been in the same place from the last 4 years.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20191008_145957.jpg

Moving forward, I will also share images of all the Toyotas, Lexuses, and other brands that I've found.
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Here's another set of pictures!

This beautiful maroon W116 was parked in a bylane near my college. It also sports the old numberplates.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20160720_120816490.jpg

Here's the Volkswagen T3 Vanagon parked outside St. Peters Church.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20161210_122408729.jpg

The C5 Audi A6 abandoned at Carter Road. No longer there now.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20170814_122423857.jpg

This C4 Audi A6 was getting some work done right opposite Star Bazaar, Andheri W. The Audi showroom is walking distance from where this C4 A6 was spotted.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20171104_142533259.jpg

Never expected to find an Infiniti in Mumbai, but here's a FX30d. My friend's dad bought one in Muscat last here, sold as the QX70.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20180825_071249631.jpg

This Infiniti G37 was spotted outside Azad Nagar Metro station in Aug 2017. It's on sale on OLX India for Rs. 19 lakhs.
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-img_20170824_160737119.jpg
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Had spotted this 488 Pista which belongs to Gautam Singhania a few weeks back on the sea-link. But I don’t know why the dude can’t wait for his chance in the line. Comes at full speed from behind tries getting in front of my car with his security Scorpio pushing me out of the line, then his security gets down and pushed aside the barricades blocking a closed booth and zoom past without having the decency to close it or pay the toll amount!
Attached Thumbnails
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-2cac6db8e76c4a82b372266d5a04ed1e.jpeg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-28b54b47651f4801978216748ace891d.jpeg  

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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Originally Posted by CEF_Beasts View Post
Had spotted this 488 Pista which belongs to Gautam Singhania a few weeks back on the sea-link.
He also need not worry about paying speeding fines on the Sealink since I don't think Mumbai Police has a mechanism in place to generate e-challan for foreign registered cars!
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Re: Supercars & Imports : Mumbai

Few Pic's of the 2012 BMW 330d convertible spotted in Juhu. Nothing like a good ol' drop top.
Attached Thumbnails
Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-bm3-.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-bmw-3-b.jpg  

Supercars & Imports : Mumbai-bmw-3.jpg  

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