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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Thanks to the Team-BHP fan (he prefers to remain anonymous) who sent this information in. Heartfelt gratitude for sharing it with other enthusiasts via this page!
It is not just Porsche that feels "what works in the world should work for India "
too. But if they still feel that after a decade then they should take a relook at their personnel. Many a time its the inability of the local management to convey the facts to their bosses. I have seen it happen to even Asian owned companies forget European or American firms.
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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

I don't think a traditional dealer approach will work for a brand like Porsche. They need to think of an alternative go to market model similar to the Middle East wherein distributors are identified who can run multiple showrooms across the country and manage the entire brand experience. Typically large conglomerates sign up for the distributorship who have their pockets across industries.

For example, Al Nabooda runs all the dealerships in UAE for Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen.
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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

Porsche should start to spec their cars better especially the Macan and Cayenne. I was browsing their Indian website and checked out the configurator. The prices for the options doesn’t make sense. Here are some of the optional items for the base spec Macan which starts at 70 lakhs exshowroom.

- Metallic Colour: 156,500 INR
- Partial leather seats start at 254,000. Seems like alcantara is standard.
- Electric seats in the front with memory package: 242,000 INR. ( Standard is electric for driver seat and manual for co-driver)
- Panaromic roof: 263,800 INR
- Porsche Entry and Drive: 115,300 INR (I think it is keyless entry and drive)

I don’t know about the discounts Porsche offers and if this is how we need to choose individual options or there are any packages available but with this kind of pricing and options, majority of the buyers would not even consider this brand however good the car might be to drive. Majority of the people in my circle I know who own luxury cars are not enthusiasts but just want to have a luxury badge in their garage.

If we were in the market for a luxury SUV, my family members wouldn’t even accept to look at that car. They would automatically compare it with Creta which offers a big sunroof while Porsche is charging 2.5 lakhs for a sunroof for a car that costs 70 lakhs. They might spend 90 lakhs on a Macan but they are never going to pay a single penny for options especially like sunroof, leather seats, powered seats.

I really like Porsche and I just wish they don’t mess up and leave our market. I wish all the best for the new dealer.
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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

Originally Posted by Turbojc View Post
Autocar India just published an interview with Manolito Vujicic, the Brand Head at Porsche India. Here's what he had to say about their dealer network:

Read the full interview here:

I can imagine this could be good for after sales service, but how is this making sense from a Sales point of view? Do people really buy cars without experiencing it in-person? Doesn't seem to work for even lower segment cars, why would it work in this segment?
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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

Originally Posted by rajivsj View Post
Porsche makes fabulous cars. But Porsche has treated it's dealers in India very shabbily. They do not care about the investment made by the dealer. It is truly unfortunate that a company that makes such awesome cars can't get it's act together despite being here for almost two decades. I had invested in Porsche Center Chennai and my investments were completely destroyed for no fault of ours. IMHO the consistent destruction of the investments made by the dealerships in India is not the fault of the dealers. I have seen this happen too many times over the past decade. I do hope that they realise that dealers are the face of the company and customers need to be able have confidence in the dealerships. It is certainly not an easy business. Company needs to support dealers to ensure that Customer remains the focal point. It is the customer who pays for the existence of the Dealer and the Manufacturer.

I am assuming you were the Managing Director of this when they launched. Can you give the teambhp community any more insights without getting into details of the high end dealership lifecycle from set up to possible improvements from Indian market perspective?
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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

Received the following mail:

We will continue to serve you. Every step of the way.

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx,

We wish to bring to your attention a development within the Porsche India family. With effect from April 1, 2021, Friendly Automotives (India) Private Limited, operating as Porsche Centre Bengaluru, located at 28 Lavelle Road, Bengaluru - 560001 and workshop at 16th D’Main HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bengaluru - 560008, is no longer our authorised dealer. This means, Friendly Automotives (India) Private Limited is not entitled or authorised to conduct any sale, provide any after-sales service, accept any bookings, or carry out any transactions relating to Porsche vehicles, parts and accessories.

To avoid any inconvenience, we have appointed EVM Premium Cars India Pvt. Ltd., our Authorised Porsche dealer in Kochi to support all Porsche sales and service-related requirements in Bengaluru and surrounding regions.

We are confident that EVM Premium Cars India Pvt. Ltd. will do their best to support you. The contact persons for Porsche operations at EVM Premium Cars India Pvt. Ltd. in Bengaluru are mentioned below:

Mr. Varghese Mathew
Mobile: (+91) 80861 31911
Mr. Bibith MK
Mobile: (+91) 80 861 41911

Should you wish, you may also contact Porsche India directly on (+91) 9607 187 911 or

We remain committed to ensuring you have an unmatched Porsche ownership experience, and we value the trust you have placed in us.

Porsche India
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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

Dealerships in the Indian Market are for the most part a pretty difficult business to be in. The challenges involved are quite cumbersome. Cost of Real Estate, Cost of Capital, The sheer number of compliance and regulatory requirement all add to a very high cost of doing business. The investments are very high and therefore it is a high stakes game.

The dealership business is highly dependent on the numbers and throughput. This is controlled by the manufacturer. Manufacturers use this tap ruthlessly and without rhyme or reason to decide one way or the other. While logic dictates that manufacturers need to supply vehicles to the dealer as per their order bank and customer requirements, this is not really the case in reality. There are always a mix of hits and misses from every manufacturer in terms of market understanding.

The dealer is the interface between manufacturer and customer. The dealer cannot provide service unless the manufacturer provides the spare part in a timely manner. Even on spare parts availability, manufacturer needs to support the dealers. As can be seen, without support on vehicle and parts supply, the dealers cannot survive. These are two areas that need a lot of in depth understanding of the market and customers.

For High End Cars, the market understanding of the personnel involved and the top brass in terms of the Indian Market can at best be described as intellectual. Unless there is a practical way for dealers to supply cars and provide quality service[Both of Which are dependent on the manufacturers ability and willingness to supply], the role of the dealer is limited to some Brand Building/Sales promotional activity and customer relationships. Even when the dealer invests in the above, in case the vehicles and parts are not delivered as required, what can the dealer do except to cut a sorry figure.

Dealers are dumped with excess parts and unwanted stocks thereby tying up their capital. Manufacturers sometimes "Magnanimously" offer to help by tying them up with financial assistance through their "in-house" finance that pretty much binds the dealers finances and the dealer no longer has control over the finances. Without control on finance, what control does the dealer have on the business? Manufacturers need to realise that the solution to the issues are basis providing a viable business model and ensure supply of vehicles and parts vide an in depth understanding of the market and supply chain.

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Default Re: Porsche's Bangalore dealership is shutting down

As GTO had mentioned long back, one can gauge Porsche's interest in India by the fact that they still don't have a dedicated website for the Indian operations. It shouldn't be this complicated. Volkswagen has already restructed their operations in India and they should just move Porsche from under Porsche Middle East to under Skoda-VW.

After 15 years in the country they should have been able to sort out their strategy by and filter out the bad apples in the dealership business.

There was a time in India when Porsche was selling almost 1000 cars per year. That was when diesel Cayennes and Panameras were flying off the shelves.
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