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Default Pics: 2007 Porsche Cayenne facelift

Happened to see the new facelifted Cayenne in town. This was an S and looked brand new. Managed just one picture through the cell camera

I guess many more will be seen in the coming days

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Nice....needs bigger wheels.
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Awaiting Email Confirmation
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great car dude...and as for the wheels i think they're good enough for our roads in India dude, I think in mumbai its better if theres more rubber than rim in most cases,well thats my opinion not contradicting anyone though.
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I saw one at Juhu, but could not manage a pic.

The tyres are too high profile for a Porsche Cayene S
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Saw a black one with spinners in bandra
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Old 9th May 2007, 10:43   #6
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Hmm Interesting... Did found out from the porsche guys that the facelifted Porsche cayene was launched officially on 27th April, i guess to quick... that it is already on road...
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same engine options but with revised power and efficeny systems
Earlier version

Caynne-3.2 247 hp[
Cayenne S-4.5 L 340 hp
Turbo-4.5 L 450 hp V8

Facelift version

Caynne-3.6 290 hp V6[/COLOR]
Caynne S-4.5 L 385 hp V8
Turbo-4.5 L 500 hp V8

New feature of turbo S and Turbo model
That will also have a recalibrated suspension, 20 inch wheels, and larger brake discs. It lowers 27 mm above 125 km/h and 11 mm more above 210 km/h.

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Old 19th June 2007, 19:11   #8
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Hey guys I dont know which Cayenne is this..
But looked different to me than the rest I have I am posting it here..
Saw this one near Santacruz..
Had a 43 TRD reg..So was this a temporary no.??
Also can some one tell me What Model is this one?? Please..
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Old 19th June 2007, 19:13   #9
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yup SRK that indeed is the new face lifted cayenne. good find.
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Old 19th June 2007, 19:19   #10
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Wow...IMHO it Looks much better then the earlier one , good find SRK.!
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Old 19th June 2007, 21:54   #11
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yuck. it looks even more ugly now.
was never a fan of this 'thing'.
none the less, nice find

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Old 20th June 2007, 00:59   #12
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Look much better that the ealier one. The engine specs are much better too. great find!
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Old 20th June 2007, 09:14   #13
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Default Still Ugly

The new cayenne is even more uglier than the last version , the turbo is even more powerful though. The new X5 is coming , that looks much better , then there is the Q7 which seems to be a hit as i see quite a lot of them in south delhi
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Man this car looks awesome.. better than the previous one...
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whts with Headlights of the new.....there are not Signature Porshe ones ...getting more trapezoidal , i prefer the looks of the old one
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