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Ive been a member of this forum for 2 years now , even though i dont post as much as im suppose to I still visit the forum atleast 2 times a day . But I still havnt figured out Why do some members doubt the others if they are telling youll that a certain car has landed in india or has been spotted , or sumthing or the other . Just because the car has not been brought up in the forum doesnt mean the car or bike CANT be in India . Ive seen quite a few cars all over india that are mentionable on the forum but arnt mentioned , like the AUDI RS4 for that matter .

And if the agent proves youll wrong and shows some good proof to back his statement , what are you gonna do about it ? Even if the enzo was in india , what can u do now ? Youll are arguing for no reason .

The agent has mentioned earlier that only a certain number of high profile guests were invited to see The enzo . So isnt it quite obvious that they did nt want the whole world to be there , therefore the press didnt know about it . (This is just my assumption )
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I'm gonna go by your sig on this one: "UW8NC"

I still say my favourite word though: mktngheadferrari
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The Enzo is S/N 136729 and its a Euro Enzo. Thats probably all you can make out from the pics.
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Saw the red maserati in Juhu last night.its housed behind Mahesh Lunch home in Juhu, Looks and sounds awesome. Should get pictures of it soon.
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Originally Posted by SohailPistawala View Post
MODS: If you feel that the name should'nt be out than i am cool with you guys deleting or editing.
Well if it was published in a magazine available to the public then it is fine.

Originally Posted by speedweednitro View Post
Why will Ferrari not make maximum publicity of Enzo if they brought to India?
For the same reason as why Ferrari dont ever advertise.

Originally Posted by aniguchisan View Post
I still say my favourite word though: mktngheadferrari
Kindof what we were scared of too
and fyi, its spelled - mktgheadferrari ....curios ones can use search.

As for agentFerrari, lets just wait till he gets back to this thread and see what he has to say.

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i dont get what the big deal is! i completely agree with mr.patra- lets stop arguing and instead share more info with each other and learn, thereby moving forward and not staying at a standstill over some detail or the other.
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Old 11th June 2007, 20:09   #112
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thats not india. because if it is, who everimported it got the Cycle imported too. thats not a desi cycle!
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Old 12th June 2007, 02:03   #113
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Originally Posted by redcandle View Post
I am sorry if my name calling has hurt / annoyed some readers. I was only trying to....if you like.... induce him to tell the truth. I mean how difficult can it be. And as I said...I will be the first one to take my words back if "Agent" has something (anything) to prove that the Enzo is in India.

With regards to thread closing in 5 days (if not proven) is the best thing i have heard in time. After all quite some time has been wasted on this Enzo issue. You know it is highly unlikely to be true, but you still come back because of the "what if" factor!!!


OK Then... I think its time for mods to ban "mktngheadferrari" or his follower "agent4ferrari" from Team BHP. Because this time around I have got proof that HE IS A BIG LIAR!!!!

The moment I saw the first picture posted by "Agent" I knew I had seen that picture somewhere. As it turned out it was the first time I had seen the Enzo (besides in crowded autoshows). The curiosity made me dig in my old photos which were archived away.

I went to Geneva in October 2005. There was this Ferrari dealer (dont know if official) 2minute walk from our Hotel. He had a collection of most of the Ferrari ever made. I had taken some pictures using optical camera (so the printed photos are somewhere) and one with my Nokia 6230.

Picture by agent:
And here is the picture (taken in Geneva) by myself....

what does this picture (despite low quality) prove to you. The funny thing is a cycle is still there. And the look at horizontal pattern through the cycle's wheels, on the building in behind..........same as the picture posted by "Agent".

And just to show you which showroom it is I have got some picture links off

HPIM1438 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Window shopping on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

PA011350 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

onde fiz meu Primeiro Test Drive de uma Ferrari. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

All these pictures are of the same dealer in Geneva!

So I guess we all can boot Agent4Ferrari out of this site for wasting 5 pages of thread and so much of everyones' time.

Thank you very much.

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Old 12th June 2007, 02:29   #114
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Ouch! Owned. Thank you redcandle. This thread is now closed. Suitable action for the agent will be decided upon.
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