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Default First Trike In India

hey guys check this out. Its a rewaco 1800cc trike with 18" rims and 335/40 tyre. this is a fully loaded version and it has just been delivered to me

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Arre Bhai,
I want one Please
What did it cost?? and where can I see it??
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Hey Nice, Are the snaps in india. What does it cost and more importantly how doed it go.
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Old 8th June 2007, 15:10   #4
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Ho cool , the rear seats have seat belts ! .
Nice nice , more detailed pics .
Is that the other bike on the pic urs tooo ?
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Thats a cool Trike mate, congratulations.

They also got 2 seaters in the Trike's.

Hmmm no offence, but any reason you went for a 3 seater, I mean does it not give the impression of a Tonga ? Lol just kidding.

And Jeez, these start at $28,000... phew.....

Rewaco Trikes RF1

Enjoy your ride :-) must give a cool feeling, especially with the exclusivity of the vehicle
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Old 8th June 2007, 18:00   #6
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Hey Navs congrats , great trike. Btw whats that hiding in the 1st pic under the cover and some pic of the chopper parked next to it will be greatful.

Scooby Bhai do u really want one kya?
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Old 9th June 2007, 00:45   #7
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Congrats buddy. Neat Trike. Love the Exhansts. Whats the bike next to it in the pic? Is this an Australian Trike?
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Old 9th June 2007, 02:00   #8
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Sweet. What Model is this HS4/5/6?

I have been wanting to rent one for a while now. Next time I am in Vegas, I have got to get on one of these. At $120 per day, I am sure it will be a blast.
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Old 9th June 2007, 02:32   #9
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ive seen a trike in Germany. a couple of hippies riding it. was a 2 seater though. have taken a photo but its a good old conventional photo(this is 6 years back) on Kodak paper. so ill have to find it among the others and take a digital photograph of it to post it.itll be done. but not soon
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Old 10th June 2007, 20:40   #10
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This month's Bike magazine has the picture of this same make of trike at a motorcycle show in Dubai.
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awesome trike maan... Love the chrome all over it... Pics dont do justice to it maan....we want more pics of it in sun with all the bling bling chrome... Congrats mate
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hey u in mumbai rite...
where do u stay....
pm me i would love to pay u a visit and check it our...
that is if u don't mind...
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can we have more detailed pictures meter, rear end those pictures dont do any justice! but your one lucky guy i must say
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Is it road legal ?
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Originally Posted by supercars View Post
Is it road legal ?
Of course it is. Pretty common in the US. You'd get to spot quite a few,at the average weekly ride, amongst choppers.
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