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Default 17/7/07 : YES !!! I Drove The Ferrari F430 !! EDIT : Video Added In Post 1

Yes you all have read the thread title correct. Today the 17th of July 2007 will be the most memorable day of my life. This is because today I drove the..

Yes. I finally got behind the wheel of the Prancing Horse, the marque which I worship, the car which, despite driving other fast cars, they mean nothing to me once I see this. Today is the day I drove the Ferrari F430 Spider

I have always been in love with the F430 ever since it was born. I have seen the car in the flesh before but today when I came face to face with it, I went weak in my knees. I am in love.

I became still for 5 minutes as I sat in the drivers seat and had the Prancing Horse logo right in front of me. Put the car in Neutral by pressing both the paddles and then pressed the magic button "START ENGINE".

The engine just roared to life. I revved her a bit and ohhhh it was automotive orgasm. Put it into auto mode, and slot the car into first gear. The car doesnt move until you press the pedal. I started off slowly and picked up speed as I went through the gears. I couldt belive I was seeing all those buttons right before my eyes, something which I only saw Clarkson doing on TV. Did a short drive around the Juhu area. Did not venture far out since i didnt want to risk anything. Even slightly pushing the throttle makes it just shoot like a rocket. The attention you get is something special but is nothing compared to the V8 490 bhp symphonies you hear right behind you and more so when are driving with the roof down. Even just listening to car idling will wet your pants. I could not just believe it when I took the keys in my hand for the first time.

The key first time in my hand

After the drive. Boy am I excited

Yes I have done it

It was a drive that I will never forget in my life. Yes I may very well drive more nice cars in the future but they all come secondary to what has been a up close and personal encounter with the object of my desire. I have some pictures here. I shot some video which I shall put soon enough. Till then enjoy the pictures.

Today I have lived half my life.... Let's see what the other half has in store for me


Here is a small video when I began my drive . Couldnt shoot on the road due to privacy reasons. Thanks to Rehaan for the editing.

F430 Starting off

Hope you guys like it.

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Yay! Dippy!Im so happy for U!
When do i get to drive it??
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Nirvana is all I can think of. Lucky you Dippy and wonderful pictures.
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hey koool man !!!! i am very happy for u...
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i envy you.

I wish you get to drive all the cars which you dream about and try to hand over the keys of few to me as well.

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Whoa!! Way to go Dippy. Looks like that "mai chalaaoo" line finally paid off!
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A pal of mine who drove it actually said - "when you nail the accelerator, your co-passenger or you cannot lean forward to touch the dashboard.. the feeling is better than s*x!
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WOAH !!! Dippy ... Congratulations and i'm jealous
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Lucky lucky guy you are! Isnt she a seductive mistress or what?? God Bless.
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wow, super pics i am sure it must have been an awesome experience, like you mentioned an automotive orgasm..congrats dippy
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You are real lucky dude! Congrats!

When will my day come?
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"Mai Chalaoo" at its best dude!! Great pictures young Schumi
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Cool Dippy....the scarlet machine is a dream to so many of us...and lucky you..enjoy the ride and its for sure looking great and awesome pics ..
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Dippy I envy you ...F430 Spider is my favorite too. Congratulations.

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Dippy thats awesome..............dude you are too luckly to have your hands on that red warrior............
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