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Old 3rd December 2007, 12:17   #1
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Default Bentley Azure convertible and lamborghini murcielago

Yesterday I went to meet Mr.Bagla at his workplace and their I sighted this bentley Azure convertible standing for demonstration..On asking the sales person about details, he said only 500 will be ever made accross the globe and only 3 wil ever reach indian shores.No doubt it was a fantastic car and worths 3.8 crore (Basic model).It has approx 50 colours to choose from and many interior panels...Next to it was standing a brand new lamborghini murcielago in black colour...It was having black alloys and yellow brake callipers...It was also looking to good. Its for a buyer in mumbai (As per what they said), which means soon a new lamborghni murcielago is going to hit mumbai roads.Here are some pics..Sorry for bad quality of pics.

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Azure is cool but that LP640 is wicked. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
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no words for the beauty... mindblowing cars
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Cant wait to see that beast in Bombay....
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Old 3rd December 2007, 14:21   #5
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whoa THATS AN LP640...amazing..cant wait too see it..
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Old 3rd December 2007, 14:34   #6
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thanks for sharing the pictures carlover. the LP640 looks wicked and mean in the combination. the only thing i would like to change is the calliper colour to a red. but none the less the car looks wild. cant wait to see it on bombay streets.
the Azure looks good too and am surprised at the number of units sanctioned for india. somehow there seems to be some mistake. if i remember right Gogi bhai in one of his posts had mentioned that at the cars launch three were booked in bombay itself. india would easily be able to consume 10 cars atleast. if what you say is true then Rolls DHC would be the only choice.
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I am so floored by the LP640. Looks like its gonna pounce out any minute! beautiful!
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Old 3rd December 2007, 15:49   #8
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WHOA....a Lambo LP640 that too in my fav colour.!

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Old 3rd December 2007, 15:53   #9
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WOW ..The lambo looks gorgeous ..!
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Old 3rd December 2007, 17:16   #10
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LP640 looks awesome in black man.didt like the bentley too much.
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Old 3rd December 2007, 22:52   #11
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Nice find!
Wow..the Murci sure looks superb in black!
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Old 4th December 2007, 02:07   #12
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damn, even though the cam quality is horrible the lp640 is so mindblowing... I can imagine how amazing it would like in real life... damn.. what a colour too.
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Old 5th December 2007, 09:43   #13
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now finally people are buying lambos in colours other than yellow , any superleggera coming to india ?
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Default New possible LP640 spotted !!!

On my way back from a doc visit last night, passed through Jorbagh and saw someone really low and dark up ahead. Drove up to check it out and it was a black murci, possibly an LP640, black wheels and all. Also there was no number plate which probably means its new . There were no street lights and i didnt have a camera anyway so i didnt get a really good look but i think others should watch out for this one.

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Are you talkin about this? I thought this is going to Bombay
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