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Originally Posted by BAD 130Y View Post
Super car king the difference is you may sell Ferraris for a living but i buy them as a passion. No im not in the motor trade if you must know.
I have owned Ferraris since i was 23 and about 10 years ago i flew to India ( Bombay ) and how many people do you know fly a Ferrari 348 on the same plane as they are. So i think i have made my point and enough said.
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Originally Posted by Raj1008 View Post
In North America we have carfax and carproof which gives you total history of the car. It gives you when and where it was registered, renewed, if the vehicle was flooded, branded, engine work done and sometimes even oil change. If its stolen or hot it will sure as hell show up there! They even have a warranty when if they miss a major issue they pay you back upto a certain amount. I am sure you have a similar thing in EU. Its no rocket science. You can also get detailed information about a car from VIN number including where it was made, color, engine, variant, year, which dealer it went to. Internet is a wonderful thing! There are sites that also give you what a car is invoiced to dealer and incentives they get so you can negotiate better. They even back it up with a quote from a dealer who will give you best price or match it!Sorry to steal your thunder!!
What you mentioned is standard in any developed country and again if you are smart you do not need to be given this information if you know the car you are buying.
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Contributions from fellow members enlighten us on things we didnt already know.Thats the essence of this forum. I wonder what could be smarter than sitting in your arm chair on a Sunday after noon and with a few clicks you get guaranteed details of the car for like $20. I am really curious to know how else you would do it.It would help me when I am going to buy my next car. Hopefully you wont say numerology
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