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Default Nikhil's day out. 2 Ferraris, 911 turbo, 3 Carrera Ss, 1 Gallardo, 1 Bentley.....

Mods, a humble request. Please dont merge this with the "Supercars in Bangalore thread". It is quite similar, but this is of my experience also.

I was on my way to the swimming pool this morning when I saw one Porsche in the opposite lane. I stopped and admired it. Then, I saw one more. Then another. Then a Bentley Continental GT Speed. Then a Ferrari F430 Spyder. Then an orange Gallardo Spyder.

Ditched everything else and started following these cars. Took a few pics and some videos also. One guy driving a brand new C-Class saw me and told me to come to NICE road. I was already pretty sure these people were headed there, but followed them nevertheless. Somewhere

We go there and all the supercars stop. I also stop, get down from my bike and start taking some pics.

Theg uy driving the C-Class told me to get into his car and drive with him. He was really impressed with m,y enthu that I followed them foir 20+ kms. He must have realised that I would follow the cars to the end of the world just to hear the sound of the F430 and the Gallardo. He realised that I was a true enthusiast and asked me if I wanted a ride in one of the cars.

I obviously said yes. While we were talking, he was doing 220 in his C-Class and it felt like 60. All the more because the supercars were flying away into the distance.

Anyway, took a U-turn somewhere on NICE road and this guy drew up next to the Gallardo and requested the guy driving it to take me for a ride and he did !! What a drive it was. I was pushed back in my seat by brute acceleration. And the sound of the car !! I dont have words to describe it.

Of course, it sounds better outside the car, but still. Then we stopped at one place and the cars started their speed runs.

The drivers switched cars frequently just so that they could get to drive all the cars.

There was a red Ferrari F430, a black F430 Spyder, a dark green Porsche 911 turbo, a white Continental GT Speed(this is the latest and newest version of the Continental GT), 3 Porsche 911 Carrera Ss, one Porsche 911(996) Roadster and one Merc SL 55 AMG.

The 911 turbo touched 300 kmph on the road. That was the fastest anyone went today. At that speed, the driver (who was actually the owner of the silver 911 Carrera S) slammed on the brakes and the damn car braked without any fuss. All this is hearsay. All this happened out of sight of the group of us.

When the car got back to where we were standing, the brakes were smoking !!

I was with them for more than 2 hours. Because the Merc driver offered me a drive and all, the others were pretty friendly with me. I was even offered breakfast (of course, I accepted. It would have been rude not to :P ).

The guy who owns the silver Carrera S actually lives 50 metres from my house. I was talking to him on NICE road and was telling him that I had noticed his Porsche and I had taken some pics and everything.

When I returned home and parked my bike inside, this guys was right behind me and waved to me.

What a day !! Forget seeing these cars live and listening to their exhaust notes again and again and again as they went zooming past me on NICE road. I got to be a passenger in a Lambo which was driven hard !!

I have waaaay too many clips of the cars zooming past me. I cant upload all those files. they are really bad in quality.

But enjoy these pics for now. Will upload the best sounds soon.

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i see you you had some great time.
a very stunning sight in bangalore.
waiting for the video

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Sweet mother of god!!!! the first supercar owners club in india...
horrible colour on the 997 turbo. i have a friend who's got the same colour on a cayman!! ferrari's are gorgeous as always.
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Nikhil, where do you live ?

True. What a day it was for you. As I started reading, I thought you were writing about a dream you had. lol.

Good you were able to take pics. But do blank out the number plates (as we do here when it is not our rides).
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hey nikhil.. what a coincidence.. we met there and we dint know we were bhpians :-)
i only took your pic in which you sitting in between lambo and grey f430 :-)
man.. what a morning no.
i will post my set of pics soon !!
enjoy guys!
it was one hell of a morning seeing these exotics rip . there were so many cars doing more than 200. what a sight. can never forget this day !!

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What a way to spend a sunday morning ! Blissful !

Btw, i am sure someone is going to pop this question soon so i'll save them the hassel - Did you tell them about team-bhp!?
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Sure u had a good time Nikhil.Lucky you!Lovely pics.And i'm sure one of them will be your new desktop wallpaper
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once followed a gallardo, murcielago and a carrera 911 on separate occasions and was overjoyed. can surely imagine what you must have felt being surrounded by these cars at the same time. lucky you.

waiting for the day when i get to sit in a gallardo.
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What a fantastic way to spend a Sunday. One doesnt get to see so many super cars at the same time like this atleast in our country, not even at the Speed Runs.

Nikhil you must have had the ride of your life in that Raging Bull. I'm sure you'll be remembering it for a long time to come . Now how about some more pictures?

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Wow, I evny you brother! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us
Pictures/videos do make it all the more exciting
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That's a perfect SUNDAY !!!

WOW, WOW and WOW is the only word
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You have actually enjoyed an Ideal Sunday morning!

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Like a supercar club or something.Man your one lucky guy. GT Speed must be awesome.I simply love that car. Hey how about interior pics of ze cars.Hope i aint asking for too much. But Have to say these pics are a real treat. Nice going nikki.
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hey guys,
as nikhil has already posted individual pics im posting only the line ups !!
what a day guys!!
can still hear those cars roaring in my ears! :-)
enjoy !!!
will post a few videos soon!
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the ferrari looks stunning and the lambo vid super stuff
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