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wow, pictures of this ones awaited soon as she on the roads!
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I don't mean to take anything away from this thread, or the potential buyer. But I have heard one too many rumours of potential Enzo's in India to be convinced....I'll believe it when I see pictures of it.

That said, I sincerely hope the news is true (really sincerely)!
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Check this Lambo superleggera.Sorry for the low quality pictures
Attached Images
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page 2 no pictures im bored already, its not coming
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Originally Posted by vamsi350 View Post
Hi Guys,
He already has 3 Lambo's, one is superlegra. he has 2 RR's panthoms, 2 Bentleys and many others.

Will post the picture of superlegra tommorrow.
Hoaaa!! thats alot of exotic cars man, i cannot even dream of getting the scale model as it will hit my pocket bigtime .. lol, awaitng for the pics buddy.

Last edited by Rehaan : 14th May 2008 at 01:48. Reason: Ramie, please use spaces after punctuation marks for the sake of readability. Thanks.
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will keep on checking this thread .... *every 10 minutes*
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I can still find a few Enzo's for sale.

1 in malaysia
1 in canada
2 in california.
I'm sure of a couple in Europe..etc.

so finding a second hand enzo is not a big deal.

they are all LHD and i was told that LHD is illegal in India.

so how is that going to work out.
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i hate these threads. we ask to see an enzo and are looking at a lambo. According to me there have been no enzo conversions in a while (lhd to rhd). Only two ppl in the world do it. so... whats the story?
would they allow a Mc L into india, being centre wheel drive?
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