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Default Restoring a Rolls Royce

I have a friend who wants me to help him restore his Rolls Royce. The car is not in bad shape or anything, just needs some work on the interior and electricals. It is located in Bangalore and I am having a tough time deciding where to get the electricals fixed. The issues are like some the seats don't move or recline or heat. Everything is completely elctronic.
This is a 1989 Rolls, and I want to find someone who will do justice to this vehicle, someone who has worked on Vintage cars earlier.

Any pointers ?

The things the owner plans to do are:

1) Fix the electricals

2) Change the entire upholstry and interior (Roofing / Flooring / Dash)

3) Archive the original woodwork and get new wooden panels for the dash and door biddings.

I need a contact for a very good carpenter who has preferably worked on classic cars.

We already have some people in mind for the Leather Upholstry, but any suggestions are welcome.

Few snaps of the car are below,
Attached Thumbnails
Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_163655.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_163702.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_163711.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_163717.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_163725.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_164040.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0529_164049.jpg  

Restoring a Rolls Royce-0531_182013.jpg  

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Can we have some proper pictures of the whole car please. I am sure Gogi(V16) can help.
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Satya, contact V-16, he has a similar car ('90 I remember) and knows inside out about it. As for the seat functions, in all probability the electric motors are busted (common problem I believe), replace them & they should be working fine again.
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Hi blueraven316.
It looks like a Silver Spur and should be a double carb. and not fuel injected. Can you give me the Vin no Ill tell you what year it really is. I reckon by the looks of it that it may actually not be a 89 maybe somewhere close to 81-82 but i may be wrong.
I think i know about this car. Was it recently purchased by your friend, say within a month? Through a guy from Chennai? If it is then I know what problems your car has.
Lets tackle the specific problems you have mentioned.
There are many specialists in the UK and USA for these kind of Cars. Since your car is a RHD, you should stick to the UK suppliers as the specs on the USA models differed vaguely.
I suppose the power seats would not work. These motors are not quite what they were supposed to be. You have to source new motors and they should cost you in the region of GBP 300-350 each. Yes thats a lot but believe me they cannot be repaired as they are generally discovered in pieces.
The upholstery, dont even try to get it made locally. Whoever claims they can do it, cant. You can order the specific colour which you have in your car from them and they will send you the entire set. You can then get it fixed here. I suppose that should also set you back a tidy sum (hey you bought a Rolls right?) I cant comment on the price as I have not needed to change this (thankfully so)
I notice the leather on the dash is coming off. See if this can be again put back by a good upholstery guy as this when fixing is done by a heat pressing system which i dont know if many people can do, reliably.
The carpets and roof can be done locally or can be bought again from the UK. I would not risk getting anything done here.
Again for the interior wood trim, (walnut veneer) dont try getting it done from a local carpenter. To me the trim looks ok. Maybe if you post some specific clear pics we would be able to identify the problem more accurately.
The interior trim can and must be ordered again from these guys and is very easy to replace.
Coming to electricals, I presume the battery wears out quite fast. This is a problem with this model and will do good if you see a expert electrician who will repair your alternator and repair it perfectly. If you want you may change the alternator with another one but I preferred to have my original one repaired. A good electrician will solve all the problems in this car as it does not have too many fancy electronics al la newer cars.
Another area is the power windows. Check the mechanism if the movement is slow. Chances are that they only need a good oiling.
Make sure you use the right oil in the car. Its a Hydraulic System Mineral Oil (LHM) made by Castrol thats what the dual reservoir label should say in the engine bay. This oil is the oil for braking as well as the dampers in the suspension. DO NOT use any other oil, whatever anyone may say as you will ruin your braking system and the suspension and that will mean a lot more expense which you certainly dont want. This oil is now available from Bombay for Rs-1600-1800/- per litre and comes in half litre packs with a snout. It is the same oil that Jaguar cars use too.
I feel your car may have a missing problem. Check fro any smoke and then the plugs for oil. If the problem is not to huge, clean the plugs once a few days and see the result. If it persists, change the valve oils seals. They should do the trick.
All parts of such cars are available and easily so. IF someone can ship them to you it would save you a pretty penny. Remember, smaller parts can be shipped to you via courier through the company that you purchase it from, and it reaches you, usually within 72 hours max.
Another pecular problem is that if you kill the engine in motion or if it somehow goes off, the brakes just dont work. Its a complete failure and this will get you in deep problems. So check that area first if you have a problem like that.
Then, if you are storing the car for long periods there is a battery kill switch in the boot. You dont have to disconnect the battery manually. You can just turn the switch off.
If you need an other help or have any questions please feel free to ask Ill be glad if I can help in any way.
Mu advice is dont use this solely as a one off rare occasion car. It will give you problems. Try to drive it at least twice a week for maybe a few kilometers as this would keep the parts moving and in check.
Meanwhile congrats with the restoration.
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Mods note: Thread moved to right section.
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From the photographs your car would seem to be a post 1986 Silver Spirit. The long wheelbase models were the Silver Spur's, the interior photographs show this to be a standard wheelbase model so I would assume a Spirit.
This would have fuel injection as standard as 1986 Bosch fuel injection and ABS were added as standard for all markets.
What is wrong with the leather upholstery?, looks fantastic in the picture. All you need is a set of cleaner and hide food and some leather oil which comes as a kit from Conally in the UK, last price I remember was about GBP 45 or so. Once you use that you will see what a great difference it will make. Just for the record a new set of upholstery for this car, from Conally Brothers will set you back by a mere GBP 12,00 -15,000 !!!
Your dashboard leather does need attention, but it seems that a good upholstery man can touch it back into place around the demister outlets without opening it up completly. V-16 is right, no one can give you the finish and attention to detail that this car came with from the factory. Try to stick with all original stuff to the maximum extent.
As for the seat motors your best choice is getting in touch with some of the many RR specialist breakers who can supply you a good and sound used motor for a reasonable sum of money. I would suggest the same route for the alternator as this will be a one time expense and also include peace of mind as standard!
Follow the good advice of V-16, drive it as often as possible, and congrats on your purchase.
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Rolls Royce
The Silver Spirit and the Silver Spur look very similar.The Silver Spur is the longer one. Restoring a Rolls in India is going to be difficult. But your car doesnt seem like it needs a complete restoration.
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Just went through my classic car mags

For parts

Flying Spares ph 01455 292949

They sell new/ recon parts

Leather Restoration

Furniture Clinic - Leather Care Cleaner, Furniture Repair & Restoration

Rolls Royce manuals are available for 300 pounds +
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Might as well close the thread. The thread starter has only posted one post on this thread (the starting post) and not even bothered to acknowledge the replies nor has added any information since over a year. Looks like he has lost interest.
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Originally Posted by blueraven316 View Post
I have a friend who wants me to help him restore his Rolls Royce. Few snaps of the car are below,
I'd seen this car on old madras road. unfortunately it was pulled over to the side of the road and was being worked upon. I was driving hence couldn't take a pic or stop by.

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