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Default Pics: Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Accident in Bombay!!

Guys this has to the most sensational news that is not on Team BHP!

Got these pictures of the Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 crash in Bombay. I searched Team BHP but could not find it anywhere.

Would this be the most expensive crash in India?

I have hidden the number. Can post it if moderators allow me to!

The number is quite a famous one.

Source: Random Googling!

Name:  lambo.jpg
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Name:  lambo_02.jpg
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Name:  lambo_03.jpg
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Name:  lambo_04.jpg
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Name:  lambo_05.jpg
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Name:  lambo_07.jpg
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Name:  lambo_08.jpg
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Name:  lambo_09.jpg
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Name:  lambo_06.jpg
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Last edited by Rehaan : 7th August 2008 at 01:27. Reason: Please provide a link to source of pictures.
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Ouchhh !! that must have hurt !!

Is sure one of the most expensive crashes, a Ferrari crashed and totalled a couple of years ago on the ECR (Chennai) which belonged to a Leather trader.
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Please do post a direct link to the site where you found these pictures.


Last edited by Rehaan : 7th August 2008 at 00:48.
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HOLY! man this car looks like a mess!

Looks like he ran it up the pavement.
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Holy crap!! What a waste of a beauty!

As for being the most expensive crash, I guess it's a fight out between this & the Arnage that was crashed in Mumbai last year by the owner's favourite driver.

P.S. And the Phantom crashed in Pune last year.

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one thing tough... where did the front wheels of the car go??????

it looks as if someone tied the front axle to a truck and pulled it out of the car by force!!!
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Please give more details...
When did this crash happen?
What happened to the people in the car? Are they safe?
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Ouch!! Looks really sad. Really hurt to see such beauty being crashed like this :(

Any idea what exactly happened?
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Ok the owner should be jailed for cruelty to the Raging Bull!!!

I cried when I watched the new Batman movie...what a way to treat an LP640. Similarly I'm tearing now...The saying is true

"You don't know what you've got till it's gone"
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The way the front portion is damaged looks like it'll be declared a total loss if at all any insurance company in India had insured God wonder what must be going through the mind of the owner!!!
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That would hurt?
What about the owners. All fine?
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Holy Crap!! .. now is that a total loss?? or it can be fixed?
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This is certainly gonna pinch, furthr details on this please?


p.s. Bike in the second picture looks like a GSXR 600 SRAD.
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3 words...ouch,ouch,ouch..btw where are the wheels??
hope the driver was not injured..reminds me of "Burnout Takedown"
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Holy Cow!! What a waste!!

He lost control and spun hit something sideways.
The place looks like suburbs. Can see rickshaws. Is it Bandra? W.Express Highway?
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