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Originally Posted by DKG View Post
I was refering to the Ferrari I would order someday...that I want in manual
Totally!! We can sacrifice a second here & there for the pleasure of movin' between the hallowed shift gates, right DKG?

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Originally Posted by GTO View Post
Totally!! We can sacrifice a second here & there for the pleasure of movin' between the hallowed shift gates, right DKG?

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You said it ! You know I always read about what a drag Ferrari gearboxes were, especially when cold. So the first time I drove the 308 I wanted to see if I could master the shift without grinding the gears. And the thrill when I got it right the first time..oh what a joy. And slotting it through that gateway is divine. The crisp clank as you smack it through, with the V8 snarling behind you...pure heaven!!

Its just so much fun, to manually blip the throttle as you down shift, who wants the electronics to do that?? The M6 does it electronically when you down shift using the paddles. I was following the M6 once on our bike rides and I complimented the owner on blipping the throttle before downshifting, to which he said "Oh it does it on its own!"

That said I can see where the dual clutch gearboxes are coming from. Its pure race pedigree. When winning races is all about lapping faster than the guy behind you you need that edge on gear shifts. I just don't see myself wanting it on a sports car.

I've driven a Carrera 4 cabrio in manual and a Carrera 2 cabrio in tiptronic and I utterly disliked the auto. In the manual when I stepped out of the car after the drive I was grinning for a full half hour not able to get over the thrill, what a rush!

Another thing GTO the GTR tag line is Anyone, Anywhere Anytime. The car in the hands of just about anyone would be devastatingly fast. Its more the car. But when you get it right in a Ferrari with manual shift cogs and the resultant music that emanates from fluid gear changes leaves one with no doubt, "Now that's a driver who knows how to drive the Ferrari" That's the difference.

My boss had come down to see the Ferrari and we took her out for a spin. After he had a go he asked me to drive and I took it around the KBR park and he simply smiled saying "Now that's how this car should be driven" Its like your soul connects with the soul of the car and the result is just so sweet to the ear. Man and machine.

With the GTR its machine all the way, but what a machine

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