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Originally Posted by V-16 View Post
Akshay, this one is an American spec W123 300TD. Thats a 5 cyl turbo diesel engine and a very powerful one too. I have an identical car in the identical colour. Even my car has the Euro spec lights as in this one, which are wrong for this model. This model comes with two round sealed beams, in some occasions the fogs are yellow.
This car should have the following specs, Leather trim, Automatic transmission, and cruise control.
Bits and pieces from an American spec car do not fit in the European version and vice versa. There are also many extras in this car which do not come in the non American version. Common problem is the turbo usually some fault with it (mostly due to adulterated diesel) and thats really expensive to do. Let me know what parts are required.
I would like to get in line in case the car is for sale once it is clear whats missing and whats wrong.
Yup its the 5 cylinder one with leather interiors and automatic transmission.
as of now the owner has been neglecting it.
I will try and get all the details by tuesday
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Thanks bro. WIll wait for your report. Most of these cars have been tyo local mehanics who do a trial and error on them, thereby messing the car big time. My car had no cruise control lever and the cruise control module was disconnected. Very easy not to notice since there are hardly any W123s with this contraption available. I had to buy another scrap, non turbo american spec W123 to get all these little tid bits.
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And when are you going to search for a nice 240D for me?? Do you know about the Dark red one that is in the lane behind Don Bosco? Its in bad condition though!
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Originally Posted by PhantomLord View Post
Would 1985 300'TD' from Bangalore do? Apparently the owner(some old man) is looking for buyer who promises keep the car. I didn't ask for more details as I was not interested, I can ask and give you the contact if you want.
Has anybody else spoken for it yet ?
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is this guy in Jayanagar by any chance ???
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Old 18th December 2009, 15:50   #21
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Hi Guys,
I am based in Pune. I already have a 300D of W123 series. I am on a look out for another 300d of W123, most probably if its a automatic transmission.

Best regards.
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Old 9th January 2010, 14:10   #22
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HI Guys

Please let me know if there is any W123 300D Automatic for sale.
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Originally Posted by canonball View Post
Folks I am looking for a W123 300D Automatic. Anyone out here have any leads/can you help?

will a 300d manual with 5 speed do!
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What will be the price range for a 1982 single owner LHD American Spec W126 300SD in mint condition?
I am asking this because I have no idea about price of used mercedes.
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Anyone know where i can get the '300D' monogram found on the boot? Someone stole mine from my car parked in front of my house.
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Hi Everyone,
If anyone is interested to buy a W123 300D with A/T or M/T, feel free to contact me
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Originally Posted by canonball View Post
Folks I am looking for a W123 300D Automatic. Anyone out here have any leads/can you help?

Hi Canonball, I have a W 123 1983 model with 5 speed manual drive and had bought it from a BHPian.

However, once I bough it I have redone the full car.

Engine is superb.
Full new suspension, shock absorbers and cross members.
5 speed manual transmission is good and reconditioned.
Body is in excellent shape. Colour is Labrador Blue.
All interiors have been redone and seats recushioned. MBTX Blue upholstry is like new.
Front dash is excellent condition.

In addition, I can give you a W 126 Automatic Transmission and also a Turbocharger that I picked up from the Sharja scrap yards.

Im selling this as I have a parking problem and also got myself a Mini Cooper that will be on its way from Sri Lanka.

Price for all above expected 6.50 Lakhs.

Seeing is believing so you or your representative can contact me if interested.

You can mail me on

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Default The W 123 that I have put my heart into

Originally Posted by canonball View Post
Harshad glad to chat with you and sorry to hear of your misfortunes especially due to another tbhean who from what I can tell after our chat has cheated you = not ethical thing to do to a genuine fellow auto enthusiast who apparently used the forum to the same. I hope others here take the trouble of checking out the car on his gallery to know who we are talking about. Folks in my opinion this is a great car which should find a good home so lets harshad. Harshad better yet why don't you post some fresh pictures incidentely harshad just bought the car in Feb to make things clearer.
Hi Canonball & all,

I'm sure that my experiences of having been taken for a ride by one of our forum members, will help other TBHPians to be much more cautious in ensuring that any deals that happen do not violate the ethics of a strong fellowship where I had always thought that "Trust" was the only word to describe all our interests in exchange of so much information , including posting an classified ad.

We all see this fprum as a source of excellent rapport and exchange of ideas, buying cars and so much relevant to the joy that we have in our vehicles, maybe a car, bike or any other fancy vehicle.

Somehow, I have been at the receiving end of for having explicit faith in our fouum and this is my message to all who should not fall for any claims made by dishonest people who join our community.

Here is my experience that brought me to feel that the word "Trust" does not appear to have any importance in some unwanted members of our forum.

I had been on the look out for a W 123 300D for almost two years and wanted a car that was truly cared for by its owner.

I alreday have a few British cars like a 1957 Bentley S 1, Austin Cambridge 1961 and a Mini Cooper that is on the way 1998 1275CC.

My one desire to fulfill was to own a 100% pristine condition W 123 and after seeing the post in our forum, I got in touch with the fellow TBHpian.

The rest is a nightmare story and hope that my posts help us to be very cautious of such unwanted quick money makers as we are all commited to a cause to make our forum one that we can trust.

Its a long story and I am now poorer by a few Lakhs of Rupees in doing up the Car and please see my continued post from tomorrow a I will run your through a pictorial mail on what to check before buying a W 123 from unknown sources

Rest will follow tomorrow, otherwise you will all go to sleep.

Thank you for allowing me to make this post

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Default Queries on a Mercedes W123

Hi All
Been around for a couple of months but havent posted much. Been reading up on whats been written though.
In anycase, i am looking to pick up a W123 or a W124 merc in the near future. Have sourced a 1984 300D (123) 5sMT. I will be checking the car out next week.

However, on speaking to the owner he said that the car is in more or less good condition. Some things he admitted are at fault. Like the AC doesnt work, he doesnt know why.
He said he has done some patch work and repainting, but its accident free. (so rust?)
The rubber sleeve sitting with the gear stick is missing.
The speedo cable is unplugged.
All electricals otherwise are working.
He said he runs it twice or thrice a week, and its in good running condition.

I will get a more accurate picture when i actually see and drive this car, but i wanted to ask the merc experts if the asking price of 3 lacs for this car is acceptable??
Also, would the mentioned work needed on the car, what would be the damages and how difficult would it be to fix?

All and any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
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